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…Like landing in pink lemonade for a thirsty hoverfly, who’s just about ready for those sweet little sips… ;-)

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This is just a phone shot.


I don't take still life as I can't set up. I always mess up.

In this cafe, everything is how it looks like. I only move around my drinks. Sometimes coffee is upside-down.


Cold drink this time (It's called Lemon Mint Crush in this cafe)


at Care Once Upon a Time (album)

On both :

Dress : !gO! - Tamara. I am wearing the group gift, Duchess is wearing the pale yellow dress (reduced price). All new in !gO! main store.


Kynne (left) :

Mesh head : Genesis – Anis bento (rare). From the Mossu-Genesis gacha pack

Genesis x Mossu Collaboration - "We Want Summer" GACHA. At The Epiphany.

Skin : Genesis – Deli applier. At Shiny Shabby.

Hair : Mina – Molly. Availabe at Uber.

Hairflowers : Lode – Gerbera.


Duchess (right) :

Mesh head : Catwa

Skin : Essences – Tania applier. At Shiny Shabby.

Hair : Exile – Lush Life. At C88.

Sunflowers : Avenge – Sunflower headpiece (white, red, violet pack) At Shiny Shabby.


Pose : Purple Poses – Friends Pose 191


Décor :

Tia - Kelsey's Summer Deck (including daybed, sunbed, shaded deck, trolley, lemontrees, lemonade in dispensers, tray with glasses). At Shiny Shabby.


It ain’t like I was bored or nuthin’. It’s just like I’ve said before, “there’s always something to shoot,” (“photograph” for you slang-challenged stay-at-homers). – Julian Bliss, Mozart Clarinet Concerto


I was going to make some lemonade. And, of course, one must use real lemons to make lemonade, not that reconstituted lemon juice in the plastic bottle, which is what too many lemonades taste as if they are made with. ~ View On Black (large if you can).


I don’t know what constitutes a reconstituted lemon. How does one lose one’s constitution in the first place? Is it something like “Beam Me Up, Scottie,” with a transporter scattering one’s atoms all to hell and back? I’m not sure I wish to know. I just know lemonade made with real lemons tastes really yummy. There ain’t nuthin’ wrong with stuff in a bottle, mind you, it’s just that I believe, if it ain’t quite real food, try not to eat or drink it.


And one should make that ”ade” with real sugar too. None of that Frankensteined-powdery confection stuff one could use to cut cocaine or heroin with either (no offense to Herr Doctor Frankenstein).


But before I could start to prep the lemons, the sun came in through the window. PHOTO-MOMENT!!!!


A simple top-top arrangement came to mind; empty pitcher, lemons, neutral backdrop (sheet of printer paper) and bright, but natural light.


I took 64 images of the pitcher and a lemon on the kitchen table; varying the arrangements, moving things around as the beam of sunlight moved across the table’s surface. I had my trusty small piece of aluminum foil covered cardboard to serve as a reflector fill. I had to hold the reflector in one hand, the camera in another, trying to compose and not jiggle as I was still determined to shoot at ISO200 (D300 minimum) to get the sharpest images, regards of the shutter speed so low an iso can compel.


The sun moves its own circumference across the sky every eight minutes, so it was tracking its way across my 3.5-foot kitchen table at a fairly good clip. Set up fast, find the comp fast, shoot fast before the sunbeams went or one of the lemon halves decided to roll out of the frame (which one or the other did with what can only be described as almost a sense of self-awareness).


I tell you what: trying to balance a rounded, spherical-shaped, piece of cut fruit on a smooth surface is a bitch. Next time: superglue.


The memory card read “Full.” I thought I had captured some good stuff; but I usually think that and then file the images away and forget them.


This time I left the folder on my desktop. But, wouldn’t you know it? Some of the stuff I shot last, just trying to finish out the memory card with a couple of simply composed throw-off shots before the sun went bye-bye, turned out to be one of the images that caught my eye first. Yeah, one of those “just-knew-as-we-shot-it; it-was-gonna’-be-a-recycle bin” images.


But you just never know, do you? Glad I kept shootin’ as long as the feeling lasted.


I was in a “fly-papery” mood as I shot this, but I had no specific texture in mind as I shot. Ended up with: “Nostradamus” ~ used three times (as layers in various ways) ~


Note: Paul and Jill are able to use multiple, differing textures in one image to great effect and with great skill (man, they must never get up from the computer). I’ve tried that, but I’ve found I can more easily control things if I use one texture multiple times, varying color, hue, sharpness, rotation, blur, layer position, and blending options, etc. to get differing effects.


Raspberry lemonade, yum yum!!!

Welp.. I had this done buttt....


than i tried to go pick up my dog,and my computer came with my headset cord..


and welp.. it almost broke,so had to redo it..


hope ya'll love it anyways!!


SwimSuit by Teefy @ Uber (atleast when this was posted.)


accidentally broke my fav mug, and decide to make lemonade out if it ; )




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Serie del tipo ....come fotografare un limone!!

Choose your company before you choose your drink.

Author: Proverb

Cold Combes, South Downs National Park near Kingston, East Sussex, England.


Single exposure


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A little texture aid from now I am going to need some blending training.

Macro - lemonade bubbles + lemon slice

First day of spring...and it snows. It was the beautiful white fluffy kind. I stopped on the way to work to take a shot of this tree I have been thinking about. It has been on my mind so to speak. It's white, I make it yellow. They give me lemons, I make lemonade - LOL

Cold Combes, South Downs National Park near Kingston, East Sussex, England.


Stitched from 9 vertical frames.


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When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade

[Tia] @ Shiny Shabby


[Tia] Kelsey's Potted Lemon Tree

[Tia] Kelsey's Ribbon Shade Deck

[Tia] Kelsey's Service Trolley

[Tia] Kelsey's Lemonade Jars

[Tia] Kelsey's Sunbed - Adult

[Tia] Kelsey's Daybed - Adult

[Tia] Kelsey's Lemonade Glass Tray



[Tia] Joon's Rose and Hydrangea Cup

[Tia] Joon's Tarnished Chandelier


Shiny Shabby

Tia Mainstore


hive // gracie's gazebo

Hive Mainstore:


3. Nutmeg. Memoirs Diaries set RARE

12. Nutmeg. Historian Paper Rolls


Nutmeg Mainstore:

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or award, all are appreciated very much.

film, SOOC

ran through my pentax k1000 and then my honeywell pentax for the second exposure.



Lemonade on a summer day is always refreshing! Have a great Monday.

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