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When I saw the new Avengers sets I immediately knew that I wanted to use the Loki headgear in a custom build. So, I decided to do this with a color variation that's a little different than we usually see on Loki. This is Loki Unleashed…he is at the height of his power and the forces of good better beware! :-)

- Photo Update 9/28/11 -

When I first saw Hazel's new minigun I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. The squad needed a heavy gunner and this was the perfect weapon for him to use for mowing down enemy troops! ;)


This is also another one of those armor builds where a lot of customizing had to be done, including grinding down the base armor, using putty where needed and working the adornments and other parts into the mix.

"We are the slayers of kings, the destroyers of worlds, bringers of ruination and death in all its forms. These things we do in the name of the Emperor and in the defense of mankind. Let none stay our wrath."


This is one of those builds where the question of scale was even more important than usual. In Warhammer 40K the banners are fairly large in relation to the figures (some actually being as large as the figure itself). So, it would stand to reason that these would not work at all for Lego minifigs due to the difference in size. However, when I thought about it objectively, without using 40K as a reference in this regard, the banner (even at this size) seemed to fit well with the look I was trying to achieve. After all, these builds are not supposed to be representative of 40K as far as accuracy goes, just "inspired by". So, I went with it and this is the result.

A veteran Captain, preparing for battle.


Just when you thought I was done with the Warhammer 40K-inspired designs. ;)


This one took me quite a bit of time and I'm very pleased with the results. I started out with an armor frame and used a dremel to grind it down to a very basic shape. From there I applied the shoulder pieces (TLC parts) and chest adornment that I wanted to work with. Milliput was then used in various areas to fill gaps and shape the armor. Some sanding finished that phase. The rest of the armor decorations were then applied. Now it was time to start painting...and many sessions later (making a long story short!), it was done.


I still have some other ideas for designs in this series, so you will most likely see those in the future as time permits...


Had to get one of the troops together. This one kind of reminds my of Red vs Blue in Halo.

Red Tiger camouflage from Modern Warfare 2.

"We are the slayers of kings, the destroyers of worlds, bringers of ruination and death in all its forms. These things we do in the name of the Emperor and in the defense of mankind. Let none stay our wrath."

Branch: Strategic Ground Operations (SGO)


SGO Light Desert Infantry are built for quick strikes. They wear medium-weight body armor. This armor also includes an advanced environmental control system, which alternately helps to cool the core temperature during the harsh heat of the daytime and provide heat, as needed, at night. Their helmets are also designed to deflect heat and provide the soldiers with protection during extended periods in direct sun.


Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol: LRRP (pronounced "lurp").

I finally got a chance to use Hazel's UNSC Marine helmet. The color scheme is a slight variant.

Branch: Strategic Ground Operations (SGO)

Some of the armor configurations in 40K are very large, almost to the point of absurdity. So, my goal with this one was to create the largest, most bulky armor I could without the figure actually falling over! In order to do this I also tried something else new, which was basically an armor build from scratch. I used Milliput for fill in certain areas, along with various Lego and non-Lego parts in the process.

My version of the blue tiger camouflage from Modern Warfare 2.

MMCB, Brickforge and Little Armory.

Dramatic view.

The third solder in my squad. The idea for the goggles of course goes to the community - a bunch of these have been done, but I needed some of my own. :)

I decided to do a series of Modern Military customs and here is the first photo. Basically everything except the helmet has been painted.

Teroch is a truly imposing individual, standing at 6'7" in height and seemingly as wide as an APC. He prefers close quarters combat and uses his incredible strength and massive size to clear a path through the battlefield. He likes to seek out the strongest opponents in any conflict and get to them as quickly as possible. One such conflict was especially notable when Teroch found himself one-on-one against a large butcher, armed only with his own blade.


In a surreal moment, the larger battle itself came to a halt as combatants from both sides stopped to watch the struggle in awe. In an unparrelled display of ferocity, Teroch took the creature down in a bloody tangle that lasted several minutes until the final conclusion. Never before had anyone seen a human defeat one of these huge creatures in single hand-to-hand combat. At the sight of this, the enemy ranks collapsed and a full retreat was in effect. Since that time, Teroch has dispatched other boomers and butchers in a similar fashion, demoralizing opposing forces, and often turning the tide of the battle.

Branch: Strategic Ground Operations (SGO)

Branch: Strategic Ground Operations (SGO)

(best viewed in large version)

Wolverine has been one of my favorite comic book characters for about as long as I can remember. He and the X-Men have provided many hours of entertainment and great stories over the years.

I used a Brick Affliction jacket here (slightly modified) and sharpened the claws to get the look I wanted.


"I'm the best there is at what I do. And what I do isn't very nice."

- Wolverine


Into the breach...


The MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/V variant, more commonly known as Extra-Vehicular Activity Armor and usually referred to by the acronym EVA Armor, is a type of United Nations Space Command body armor.


It is specialized to improve survivability of SPARTAN-IIs when performing extra-vehicular activity in a vacuum. Pictured with Assault/Sapper Chest piece.

...and the entire, motley group. Try not to run across these guys when exploring forgotten places on alien worlds... :)

MMCB, Brickforge and Little Armory.

Commander, Heavy Desert Troopers


Branch: Strategic Ground Operations (SGO)

Branch: Tactical Space Command (TSC)


TSC Galactic Troopers are used for various types of operations. One of these is the boarding and takeover of enemy ships. These troopers are skilled at locating critical systems and control stations within unfamiliar ship architecture, then securing these areas as quickly as possible.


Galactic Troopers are also used as security on away-teams, which explore the surface of planets discovered during TSC exploration.

After quite a bit of work, the Crysis Nanosuit is now complete! The sculpting was done by Andrew over at Brick Affliction and is one of his best pieces to date. For the bow, I used a Brickforge compound bow and made some significant modifications. I wasn't going for perfect game accuracy with the bow, but wanted something that would fit well for the character. I'm pleased with the way that turned out.


I've always liked the designs of the Crysis Nanosuit (especially version 2), but I have new respect for the details now after working on this piece. Overall, this has definitely become one of my favorite customs.

Heavy Assault Teams are deployed in extremely dangerous situations, against overwhelming odds. Their armor provides full protection in toxic environments, and includes breathing apparatus and other on-board sensor equipment. They can absorb an incredible amount of punishment in battle.

Armor: Brick Affliction

Weapon: Brickarms


The Hunters in Destiny are sometimes referred to as "gunslingers", so I wanted this one to have a bit of western flavor. Hope you like the result.

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