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I built a lil electric gas station for Scotty's Wobblypeds

I LOVE Scrat, even if the movies are barely decent.


I've had the idea for the snout for a while now, and I just noticed the movie opens today, so I built this really quickly last night. I'll probably finish the body and have an acorn for him to hold on to eventually.

I <3 Lego.


Inspired by Squieu.

Designed to be the frontline brawler the Sandpiper could never be, the badger was considered by most to be a success in it’s day. Well, mostly…


Learning from the mistakes made with it’s sibling, the Badger received a lower stance and a sturdier frame on which was hung heavy armor plating. To move all this mass, the engine output was upped significantly and everything was geared very low.


The result was basically what had been expected- heavy footed and ridiculously slow but well armored and significantly more agile than a tank. It was this unexpected “slow, stable, agility” that really ended up defining the Badger and its role in the war. Instead of duking it out right up at the front line as was originally intended, the Badger became a supremely agile mid range artillery platform.


Able to traverse any terrain and climb almost any slope, it could strategically position itself atop ridges, hid in dense forests, and even occasionally navigate its way to the upper levels of a crumbling building. To fire accurately from these superior vantage points, the Badger was fitted with a new long barreled, high velocity 37mm gun as well as the absolute state of the art in targeting hardware.


But it was this complex hardware that proved the Badger’s Achilles heel and not, as some had speculated, the exposed belts on the lower legs which were small enough to rarely be hit by enemy fire and supremely easy to replace in the field. No, it was the targeting system that, when functioning properly proved to be highly effective, never the less broke down almost constantly. Modifications were made to try and remedy the problem, but by the time they finally got it right, the war was all but over.


So the Badger never truly got its day in the sun and we are still left without the elusive “frontline brawler” walker the brass is clamoring for…




So…I have to be honest and say that I did not wake up this morning expecting to post a lego creation or even touch the bricks at all. And yet, here I am. Not sure if this is and end to my recent dark age or not, but I’m hopeful. And there is certainly still that veritable mountain of WIPs that has been staring me in the face for the past year, so…


After half of year now I'm back,

now I can enjoy playing lego and my lego won't be put away anymore. =")


The "Reaper" battle mecha is about 25cm high, and the main weapon is 40mm canon , and the Infrared homing missile launcher on the back which have 4 inside of it. Secondary weapon is the 15mm machine gun on the left arm. What's more, it can fit one minifig.


The concept was inspired by the AMP suit in Avatar and some MS of ZEON in Gundam.


Thanks for your watching,

and constructive comments are welcome. =")

I'm re-publishing old lego creations on flickr.


Lugnet post.


This is Eiretech's Heavy lifting ship, Bison. It carries special or unique cargo within a star system.


This particular unit is carrying a living habitat for a monk.


The monk has just had all of his religion's holy texts uploaded directly into his brain. For the next century he will do nothing but meditate and sift through the terabites of sacred data in his head. To do this he must live alone in solitude. He is being taken to live on a sleeping comet deep inside the star system's Oort cloud.

So yeah I got the free one from Lego and then couldn't stop myself from making more of them.




This is my entry for the Lego House competition held by New Elementary ( I built 4X versions of the 1x1 plate, 2x2 corner plate, 1x2 brick, 1x3 brick, and the cheese slope. Total part count is 250, though I could easily bring it down with some larger plates.

Please Comment if you fave, C/C are appreciated!


From the day I saw the rubber Kraang, I new I had to build it a suit. And while I was at Lego I finally got the chance. Based off of the TMNT: Smash Ups game (fun game btw, literally Smash Bros with TMNT). In the EGverse, he really has the same backstory as in the old tv show. I may do start doing "Criminal Profiles" where I really go into some character's backstories and relate them to each other in the EGVerse. What do you guys think of Kraang? The Criminal Profiles?

If the LEGO bunny would fit in the hat, I would have done that one instead!


This is the fourth of my collectible minifigure scenes.



First Look at LEGO Scooby-Doo 75902 - The Mystery Machine:


Pieces: 301


Available: August 2015




More information and pics up: THE BRICK TIME


Be sure to visit the BrickLink-Shop: THE BRICK TIME - Store


Have a look at our LEGO Ideas Projekts

LEGO mixels series 3 Wiztastics MAX moc


LDD File:

I finally completed this. Thanks and all credit to p_o_s_t_y for doing this originally and posting the breakdown pics. Some of these parts were hard to find .. but its done.

"EMO's" Emotional LEGO Characters.


The life of a Goatherder is not as lonely as one might think. The relation between goat and herder bears a striking resemblance of a married couple...

Just found this guy, you know, taking a stroll.

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

This build presents the main Pyramid building techniques, playable and educational.


If you like it, please support it at:

Thank you!

Lego Minifigs! Same picture, but using Lightroom to make some adjustment.

Micro scale version of set 79003 An Unexpected Gathering.

My entry for the Eurobricks Christmas Raffle 2014.


Built in LEGO Digital Designer and rendered with LDD to Pov-Ray Converter.

This was my model built for LEGO Sweden's event at Tekniska Muséet in Stockholm June 1-4 2011.


The Robertson family enjoys their Martian colony built by the Futuron Corporation.


Includes agriculture module, kitchen, sleeping quarters, laboratory, communications tower, entertainment area, and mineral excavation vehicle.

5 May 2015 | Lego Challenge 125/365


No more exams for the rest of my life, it's time to go on an adventure!


Yeah right. It's time to start to start worrying about this jobless state and feeling even more insecure.

The AV-14 Attack VTOL, colloquially known as the Hornet, is a United Nations Space Command airborne assault vehicle. Also seen on

Back/Side View. Add comments on main pic

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