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... the slow flatters of Sea ...

Legend : Latin snake !


Idea: Latin snake !


Taken By : My Bro A7med

was going through all of my Holga shots last night and organizing them [finally].... came across this one and realized I never posted it. Can't believe these two legends are both gone now... ☹

I believe this shot was taken in 2005?


♥ Las Vegas, NV

♥ Holga

♥ Fuji NHG II (?)

...what is worth we are here if we don't know where we are...


musta na mga flickr friends ko. Its been a while. :). Sa lahat thanks for all the comments.


Medyo pinagsama ko na mga pics to save space. amateur pa rin account ko.

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Legend has it; Shasta’s icy crevasses gave host to a species long since departed. Amid polished walls, exhibiting veins of gold, silver, copper, and precious stones, an underground haven had been carved by tall and agile descendants of passed on travelers.


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Sorry it has been so long since I’ve been around the Flickr community. Things have been very crazy and stressful with work, getting ready for winter, and the upcoming show in November. I promise as soon as things slow down a bit, I will get to your streams and try to be a more involved and supporting contact once again. I really miss browsing around all of your beautiful and inspiring work and I hope to get there as soon as I can. Please just know that I really appreciate your support and encouragement.


If you are interested, below is the flyer that I created from this image from the upcoming show entitled, ‘Landscape Astro-Photography.’ If any of you are in the area and would like to join me for the opening reception, please do not hesitate to contact me,, as I would love to meet any of my Flickr companions.


This image was a huge challenge to get just right. The timing of the year, timing of exposure, getting to the area, dealing with all the smoke/haze in post processing… it was all a major challenge. This is the first time that I have ever ‘zoomed-in’ to the Milky Way but I strongly felt that it was necessary from this specific viewpoint. This was taken around the beginning of the Dollar Lake fire in Northern Oregon. A few days later, I could barely see the mountain from 5 miles away due to all the smoke and haze.


Thank you again for all of your support and hope everyone is doing well.


**Please do not use my images on blogs, personal or professional websites, or any other digital media without my explicit permission. Full resolution images for publication use can be provided upon request. Thank you.**

When I looked at this pic the night after I took it,I noticed what seemed to be the outline of a lady's face burned in the wall between these two windows. I suppose you could come up with a legend of a previous owner still watching over her home many years later...or just a water mark molded into the decaying wallpaper.I think I'll go with the face explanation,the mood inside this decaying old house matched it....


The holiday season hasn't been very bright in this old house for many years.Here's hoping yours is much better and have a great window Wednesday!


“Other people may be there to help us, teach us, guide us along our path, but the lesson to be learned is always ours.”





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For Jen Brook's Dream Catcher Project


Check out Jen's blog post on this photo…/107605191…/legends-live-on


Photographer: Rebecca Bathory

Model: Jen Brook

Designer: Molly Mishi May

Assistant: Richie Gowen

Assistant: Darren Smith


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Shot with Mamiya 645DF+ Body & Leaf Credo 80 Digital Back, Schneider Kreuznach 80mm f2.8 LS Lens.


Using 3LeggedThing Frank & Lowepro Protactic 450


Available as Limited Edition Signed Prints, Please message me for more information Available in small size in editions of 15, medium size in editions of 10 and large size in editions of 5, printed on art paper and all come with a hologram certificate of authenticity.


Shares, likes and especially comments are appreciated so much, I love to hear what you think of my artwork and sharing with the world, helps my page to grow, thank you so much.

Here in the trees it was much easier to believe the absurdities that embarrassed me indoors. Nothing had changed in this forest for thousands of years, and all the myths and legends of a hundred different lands seemed much more likely in this green haze than they had in my clear-cut bedroom.

Bella Swan

Stephenie Meyer


tones: AllEdges and Bärbel's PS/PSE actions

texture: kim klassen


hbw :)


NEW: "i love your work 77"

Glastonbury Tor with the tower of St Michael's church still standing, ruined in a 15th century earthquake (i think).


My light hearted photo pass sometime...

I was on a photo tour with wohlaRts last year. We visited the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. It was really great! :-D


Have fun!


Press "L" to fire up the lightbox.



Nikon D700; ISO1000; 1/125s ; f3.2 at 20mm (Nikkor 14-24mm 2.8)


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A host of Legend People stand petrified, until time wears them down and quarries them away. It seemed very easy to find oneself getting too close to the edge of these vistas while searching for an exciting vantage point, all the while exhorting the children to "stay back." And, it turns out, the surface can be rather slippery.

Van Morrison @ Music Legends Fest, Sondika

I've been gone from Flickr awhile and hoping to get back into the swing of things soon.


I was taking pictures of this kit getting ready to move it on to someone else (not sure I want to do that anymore. They sound fabulous.).This pic would not be ad worthy but I was struck by the weird angles and thought I would share.


Happy Holidays to all of you celebrating at this time of year!

What do you guys think of the upcoming Legend of Chima sets? Personally, I think they're based on the same concept as Ninjago, but with a flavorful, Mesoamerican twist. What are your opinions on it?


Image courtesy of Brickset




LENDA (legend)


It is said that this incrustaded cross was found intact standing on this small wall after the Earthquake of 1755 had destroyed every single building around including a small chapel of N. S. of the Conception of Aboboda.

Since then the legend says that to touch the cross is receiving a Blessing and a Miracle. Amen.


Capela de Nossa Senhora da Conceiçao de Aboboda. Aboboda, Cascais (Portugal)



“(…) Apesar de não ser conhecido com uma total exactidão o ano da fundação da ermida de N.ª Sra. da Conceição da Abóboda, tomou-se o ano de 1579 como a primeira data de que há notícia segura; contudo, Frei Agostinho de Santa Maria, no seu Santuário Mariano assegura-nos ser a fundação da ermida cerca de três gerações anteriores a esta data”. Assim o diz Fernando Gomes no seu trabalho, a pág. 12, que tem por título exactamente a ermida de N. Sra. da Conceição da Abóboda. (…)


(…) quanto ao topónimo Abóboda explica Frei Agostinho de Santa Maria (Santuário Mariano, tomo II, Lisboa 1707): “nos tempos antigos houve naquele sítio alguma arca, ou casa de água, ou outra coisa semelhante, de que há muitos exemplos; de onde se conduzisse a água de alguma fonte…”, referindo-se o auto depois à explicação do Prof. J. Diogo Correia, que, aliás, reproduzimos, e é muito semelhante.


Vários foram os acontecimentos que ali se deram, asseverando-se que o “Prior do Crato” (quando andava perseguido pelos esbirros filipinos) se refugiou na ermida de N.ª Sra. da Conceição”, o que “é bem possível dada a grande afeição dos Almeidas Azevedo para com o chefe da resistência portuguesa e a região, pelo seu isolamento, ser propícia para um refúgio”.


“Nos princípios do ano de 1670 foram realizadas ampliações na antiga ermida, tendo sido construído um pequeno convento que, em 1673, foi ocupado por um pequeno grupo de frades da Congregação dos Agostinhos Descalços (…)”.


Estes frades foram auxiliados por Manuel Ribeiro Quaresma, capitão do navio “Conceição” que por ter salvo de vários perigos no alto mar quando navegava do Brasil, resolveu fazer vários melhoramentos no convento. Contudo, em 1676, por ordem do Desembargador do Paço, os religiosos foram expulsos dali por já haver sido atingido o número máximo de licenças para a edificação de casas religiosas agostinhas.


Na sacristia da ermida encontra-se um “ex-voto”, a óleo sobre madeira e com uma inscrição relatando um milagre feito por N.ª Sra. da Conceição e que diz o seguinte:


“Milagre que fez N.ª Sra. da Conceição da Abóboda ao Dor. João Princípe e sua mulher. Estando ambos sem esperanças de vida. Recorrendo à Sra. ficarão livres de queixa que padecião em Julho de 1754”.


Seabourn Legend is a Cruise Liner, constructed by Schichau-Seebeckwerft in Bremerhaven, Germany. She was formerly Royal Viking Queen, and Queen Odyssey.

Construction started in 1990 and she was launched in May 1991

He Is Legend | Aftershock 2017 | Sacramento, CA

He Is Legend | Aftershock 2017 | Sacramento, CA

It does not matter ... protecting or being protected, the important thing is to have someone by our side.


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