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The evening before I did the sunset at the Lake and the next morning the sunrise.. even did n't sleep that night.. but I would not have missed it....

... and no I did not stay at the Lake. Living close by..., went home on the bike and came back the next morning... LoL

Wet Collodion on Clear Glass

18x24 cm Ambrotype


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Nienoord is een landgoed in Leek, dat vooral bekend is van de voormalige borg Nienoord (historische naam 't Huis de Nyenoort), op de plek waarvan zich nu een 19e eeuws landhuis bevindt. Verder zijn het Nationaal Rijtuigmuseum, het Zwemkasteel, een camping en het Familiepark Nienoord op het landgoed gevestigd. In de geschiedenis behoorde de borg bij het dorp Midwolde, maar tegenwoordig wordt het meer gezien als onderdeel van het dorp Leek.


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Another shot from my evening on the Roaches escarpment. Taken looking towards the Staffordshire Moorlands and the market town of Leek. The body of water is Tittesworth Reservoir.


ISO 400; f/20; 1/4s; Lee hard NDgrad.


I would like to thank contacts and visitors to my Photostream for your time and comments over the recent weeks. I shall be off on a short 'Jolly' for a couple of weeks and so may not be able to visit your photos as often as I would like, depending on internet access.

Some leeks fresh from the market.

I know, im a couple days behind. Ill get caught up one of these days. haha :)


Koriyama, Fukushima

iPhone 4S






Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum - The plant this flower came from was started from cuttings from Leeks bought at a market. The cuttings were rooted inside then planted outside in a flower garden. Green, straight, flat leaves were located at the base of the plant stem. The Allium flower bud head formed on a long stem. This flower bud head was knocked over by wind during a rain storm. If the buds flowered they would've formed a large, pale lavender, very attractive flower ball. After that, the top will die down, and many seeds will develop from the flower heads.

To see the Leek flower head from a distance follow the link below:

Just kidding.....

I was preparing the meal and when I cut the leek it looked like a head with hair. So I cut nose and mouth, drew the eyes and took a picture..........

sempervivum - my garden.



"Gorgeous hair is the best revenge." Ivana Trump


Strobist: two Yongnuo YN460II with grids from left and right.

Leek flower - Fleur de poireau.

22 mm largeur du tube sur la photo. Largeur a la base du poireau 55 mm, longueur environ 1 mètre.

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'Leek in Gloom' Large on Black


Gloomy view towards Leek, Staffordshire from the Winking Man Rock Formation on Axe Edge Road.

I'm bored as you can tell.....

lovely herbs they are, so short lived, too bad...

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Loosely based on a tutorial in Practical Photography, June 2013 (UK magazine) using two off-camera flashes and a container of water. There were lots of mis-timed shots before I got this one! I'll try again with some other objects when I have time.

Another vanished independent operator is Boydons. AEC Reliance PFN791M is on the ramp, Plaxton bodied Tiger MIB4964 is also seen, alongside other unidentified vehicles. I love the Avenger with the festering door panels and wheelarches, I had one just like it, great engine, but dropped to bits.. Photo taken July 1991.

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