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First shot with new LED strip and some of my custom styled domes.


'Long exposure light painting photography'

Electricity makes LED roses bright at night.

Thousands of luminous roses.

자체발광 장미꽃밭.

led colour changing umbrella

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Led light hung from the ceiling with string. Push it and see what happens :)

hanging LED bulb to ceiling fan

You really don't want to get caught trying to get a shot like this.


Taken whilst scouting a location this evening in order to shoot a rare daylight image with an accomplice the following day. I thought I'd try a few test shots to save some set up time, the sun was setting under stormy skies and it felt just right. Sun in one eye and balloon in the other "click" check the display bit of wee for confirmation and it's in the bag during the reconnaissance visit!


Shot in auto mode as it was intended only as a comp prep shot. Nikon 18-200mm at 60mm with CWB @ 2500k and cranked up vivid and saturation settings. Strangely enough the result was the same settings I use for my nocturnal escapades - f5.6 ISO 200 1/125s. Spooky.


Straight out of the camera, no cropping or shopping.


No refreshments. to purchase the actual work.


So the little led book lights they sell Ocean State Job Lot. Well those are on top of this rock ledge illuminating this awesome piece of graffiti.


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Playing with light with the Night Nutter’s


I will have very little Flickr time for the next few weeks but when I have a spare 5 minutes will be popping in and having a look at your latest uploads.


Wire Wool Spinning Video

Graffiti in an abandoned stable


Both mini darts now have Hanover LED displays fitted, seen here this afternoon is the lime, most Go North East branding has been removed from this one however some old route points can still be seen on the side.

strip di piccoli LED spillata sulla pallina

One of the newer streetlamps outside the TAFE Art College on Light Square.

LED Downlights, LED Ceiling lights, RV and solar ready LED fixtures, lighting for cabinets, shelves, and under counter.

A shiny new LED street lamp and its neighbour as shot from the top of the railway bridge over the Goodwood Train Station.

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An experiment with a carnival light stick I bought this year. Has promising effects to exploit but I need help from a friend to do more with it, especially since my remote shutter stopped working for some unknown reason. More to come in the future, when I con someone into helping me.

LED Night Light of Burj Al Arab in Dubai

pretty much the sweetest pup ever.

(took this photo around early summer. just uploading it for the announcement below :P)


so i randomly set this shop up or whatever and it'd be really cool if you guys were somehow interested in buying any of my prints. i've never tried this- so what the hell do i have to lose? if you really consider buying them though i'll srsly love u forever.


click here to purchase prints.

*it would only let me upload 5 photos. so i chose my favorite ones. but if there are any in my photostream that you'd like to purchase, just send me an email or shoot me a message through flickrmail.

I've been quite busy with work lately and suffering from photo withdrawal and it occurred to me that no-one seems to have tried light painting Olympic Rings. This is unashamedly photoshopped!

I am very proud to announce that I am now officially sponsored by Led Lenser, this is a very proud moment in my life and I only have good things to say and many thanks to the people at Led Lenser, within the sponsorship deal they send me torches to help with my work and help promote their products.


This is an honour for me, to be sponsored by the worlds best torch company. So Thanks Led Lenser, I shall be doing product reviews on all of Led Lensers products on my Youtube channel, to help light painters making the right desicion before buying a torch.


Thanks to my wife for helping me with the lighting and light writing.

I think I am going to have to write a book on the 101 uses of the new led lights...LOL

The color on Flickr stinks......


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Where does time go? I find it hard to believe that it has been two years already since my trip to Alaska. So many Images from this trip I haven't shared, and nice to be able to return to my Lightroom catalogs to re-live the memories from this trip and look back on all the other cool places I have visited. Here is an image of an LED orb and somewhat of a self portrait of me creating it. These kind of images are always fun to shoot.


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Canon 5D MK III

Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 Fish-eye

Anchorage, Alaska

LED ring in hand.

Waving a white LED light-strip around infront of a GF1 + Pinwide on a lengthy exposure.


Not much post-processing, mainly just deepening shadows, boosting contrast a touch and smoothing out noise.


Saturation was boosted in LR, but I have no idea where those colour gradients are coming from!

Some indoor experimenting, trying to catch the pulse of a led strip.

Around 30 minutes after sunset on the flooded plains. The grass was painted with an LED torch, with the beam spread out for the closer grass, then light beam narrowed to concentrated beam on the trees. Only the faintest of colour in the sky at sunset. Lots of mosquitoes to keep you company tho.

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Uguali a tutti gli altri anni.


Le fantasmagoriche illuminazioni del Led Fest,

non sono poi così fantasmagoriche.

Dance performance by Wildfire (Singapore) at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre during Flipside 2015.

LEDs in a Chauvet Vue 2

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