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Raouché pigeon rocks during sunset

hl 9orah 9wrtha b Lebanon..al9ra7ah ma kent atw8a3 anha bhl rw3ah..


enjoy da pic


have a good day

Byblos is the Greek name of the Phoenician city Gebal (Greek: Βύβλος), (Arabic: جبيل‎), (Phoenician: ). It is a Mediterranean city in the Mount Lebanon Governorate of present-day Lebanon under the current Arabic name of Jubayl (جبيل) and was also referred to as Gibelet during the Crusades. It is believed to have been occupied first between 8800 and 7000 BC, and according to fragments attributed to the semi-legendary pre-Trojan war Phoenician historian Sanchuniathon, it was built by Cronus as the first city in Phoenicia.[ Today it is believed by many to be the oldest continuously-inhabited city in the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

i took this photo at byblos port using long exposure, what kept me amazed is the fishermen in the middle of the photo, don't know how they got there but it is totaly amazing, as they stand at the high end of the stagnant water

وجنيت .. ~

* I saw you with someone else and I felt crazy .. =P


Taken by : Me

With : Nikon D80

Model : Yousef

Mashalla its must

Edit : Me ..

Location : lebanoon ;)

after the telefreek view ,, x_x


* .. Hope u all like it ..

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Today's view from my room!!!

thunder night over Mount Lebanon and Beirut city

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بحبــك يا لبنان ..

ماتستاهلين اللي يصير لج ><

'Thinking more and more about less and less.'

منظر طبيعي في لبنان


†hekn BЧ ----> ME

зϊĐΐ ρФΐ ßΫ ---->ME


stop see and start write


Detected to JOOOOOOOOOOJJJJ Shrektii <333333333333333333


cuz i ddnt meet you there V_V :) :'( :'@ !

Captured this Lebanon Oregon sunrise yesterday morning.. :-)


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lebanon <33, Summer 2008 ; )


**3shankum Candii&Mocha :P<33333


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Becharre - Liban


Canon 6D - Canon 135mm f2 L


Lebanon - Cedars montain - les cedres


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