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Happy Friday for all my friends and for all who like my photos .

Will not be long now ... hard to believe Summer is about over. Liked the view of the sunlight through these leaves.

Pretty lighting on these leaves that were peaking in color last weekend here in Baltimore.

Rombergpark Dortmund - leaves in spring. :-)


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I love this atmosphere ..


Happy new week for all my dear friends :)

Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm ƒ/2.8 Alu 1Q (8 blades, 1960)

wide open @ƒ/2.8 | no tubes or bellows - just MFD 35cm

available light at sunset | manual exposure and focusing


Lens EXIF written with ExifMixer | ExifTool

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Many thanks to all for your views, faves and comments –

truly appreciated

Another in the same vein [excuse the pun] .... the leaves are roughly 1 1/2" long !

Leaf in a fountain_ Mendoza, Argentina

The autumn leaves of red and gold against the sunlight,

I really enjoyed my walks in autumn with my dog Oscar,

The autumn colours are just beautiful around the neighbourhood at the moment,

Next weekend they may be gone, I love seeing the leaves falling .......


Have a lovely Weds!

Ok, no more leaf shots for a while - I'm ready for holiday pics!

New growth on a maple tree. Taken during a walk in the woods in May.

I have taken so many snaps here and don't know which one to upload. --- I'm heavily addicted to autumn leaves!

Today was a day that I felt like I had never used a camera before so I am being my own worst critic but have too much to do today to reshoot.


I loved the magical morning light in this shot.

(best viewed on black)


I got this first thing this morning on my way to the basement. Hmmm......does that sound like there's a tree growing in the house? Actually, we live in a very old house and the only access to the basement is to go outside and go down the old cellar door. It's kinda cool.......until I have to go down there on a winter night when I have to flip the circuit breaker switch.


The tree is very old and thankfully survived last winter's ice storm. The leaves are only just beginning to turn colour and there was such a variegated appearance to these ones I just had to fetch the camera.


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Todays challenge on was "leaf"

Now I poppe dout to the backyard where we have plenty of leafs and got a few shots, one I really liked, but I relized after processing it thats its mor eleaves than Leaf, so went for this one where clearly the subject is Leaf


Hope everyones weekend is going or has gone well, have a good week ahead

Red prunus leaves pretending to be the colours of autumn.

. . curling into itself, holding onto branch and raindrops

Leaves in the sun,


Thanks for all your visits and continued support:))

:copyright:please do not copy or use without permission. shot in our garden on a sunny afternoon.

The red leaves of a Maple tree behind our house dance in all directions against a soft wind.

Thanks to 'playingwithbrushes' for the texture...


Please do not use this image on websites, blogs or any other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved

pretoria, south africa


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