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Be vigilant fellow citizens of processed sugar world. Worrying news has reached us that infiltrators who have learnt our geometric ways but do not share our sweet values are now living amongst us in secret.

The air was thick but the light was incredible! The small cubby hole type windows were covered in stained glass which let in some light along each side of the pews. Further up there were confessional booths on each side that sat in front of a large stained glass window which the light just poured in from. But the best part of it all in my opinion was the various coloured cube windows all around the alter. This was such a unique design & really makes for an incredible shoot & location!




You can take this as a small reference to Rick Nunn and his passion for "Coffee shots". His work is very interesting and I learnt quite a lot from it during this year. :-)


Setup shot HERE.



Cactus V5s

1 LP160 @ 1/32th, 24mm camera right.

1 LP160 with full CTO @ 1/8th, 105mm behind, on top.

1 Canon 430Ex @ 1/16th, 24mm camera left.


Canon EOS 5DmkII with EF 100mm f/2.8 macro @ 1/160th sec; f/20; iso100.


Twitter - Getty

Jordy Zipdash - born 09/08/2008


So Linden Labs, In 6 years I have...


Learned how to dress myself, make my own shape, learned how to teleport (after being stuck in a skybox for close to 4 days).


I have at least 273.000 hours of drama on my cards. I can gesture spam on demand, use a pose stand, fiddle with Huds, giggle at noobs.


I have been Bloodlines bitten, created content, made my own profile picture repeatedly, suffered the embarrassment of default Linden feet, rezzed several cubes (and linked them), eaten several keyboards in the frustration of severe lag, danced in clubs (with the sound off and quietly reading a good book) and figured out what "LOL" means


Now where is my service medal ? :P

Couldn't manage to get my ass in gear for the first Dedpxl assignment but here's my first submission for the second - Repetitive shape & form, pattern, rhythm.


Took some time to wander the mean-streets of my home town with a completely open mind and my newly acquired little Fuji X-Pro1 camera, shooting with this months assignment firmly in mind.


Love how Zack's taking us all back to basics with his fantastic new Dedpxl project - learning how to see: we all need a bit of that in our daily lives so count me in!

This was taken from the 27th floor of the Hilton in Niagara where we stayed.

I wasn't about to get frostbite!!!

Made up of about 100 real sugar cubes, not glued or anything. These sugar cubes are actually called light because they supposed to have 50% less calories. Inside the cube I placed a 5W light bulb. Shot with my new Olympus 12-60mm 1:2.8-4 lens.


Update (11/9/2009) - Included on at Number #1. A great place to learn about photography.


This photo was used, with my permission, for the cover of a book about SugarCRM Development


This photo was used, without my permission, on the CD cover of My Broken Valentine by Bjorg Schlügendorfen. Which part of Copyright don't they get?


Shot for Macro Monday's "Hot/Cold" theme.


I had bought alphabet ice cube trays for the little ones to help them learn their letters. When I saw the theme I thought this would make a good shot. These little letters melted so quickly without the flames and moved when they were melting. I think this was the fourth and final attempt. The fire is fueled by vodka.


Thanks for viewing and happy Macro Monday!

Still getting used to this new camera. The low brightness on the camera screen is messing me up later when it's too bright. This one was the correct cube exposure but the light on the walls is off. I got the walls better in later shots, but proceeded to turn the cube's yellow and red to white. Always learning.

L'Epicure, EPFL/UNIL, Dorigny

A haunting, profound movie about loneliness, loss, love, self-identity. See it with original English theatrical subtitles. Or better yet, learn Swedish.

On Friday evening, I thought I saw the beginning of a beautifully foggy sunset from the window of my cube. I couldn’t see exactly why it was so foggy all of the sudden, but I guessed it would make for a photogenic and memorable end to the day.


I jumped up, packed up, and headed out to take some photos.


It turned out that the fog was actually smoke. A bus stop down the street had caught fire and firefighters were mopping up the mess. It looked like a garbage can had met it’s end, but thankfully the bench next to it had survived. It could have been worse. I decided to continue driving out to the coast to see what the sun was planning for an end-of-week finale.


I got down the road a bit and there was this gate. Closed but not locked. Barbed wire at the top, sending a message that I wasn’t allowed on the other side.


I’ve never been big on being told what I can’t do. I believe if you walk lightly and respectfully, there are many places in this world you can explore without permission. So, I found a way in and carefully snapped a few photos. After snapping 10–12 photos, I put my camera away and just stood there in absolute silence for a couple of minutes. Dang. I love earth.


Even on the tiny screen of my camera, I knew this was the photo I wanted to post when I told you about those few minutes of my Friday evening. It’s quite rare for me to like an image that much before processing, so I knew this was the one. I bumped the exposure a little on this, but otherwise it’s SOOC.


I also knew I would be posting this to Flickr and no where else. I may share this page in other places, but this photo and this story will permanently reside here on Flickr. Because there is no other place to share something like this.


Sure, I could post this on Facebook and get a bunch of Likes and maybe a few comments. But that is not where I go to share a photographic timeline of my life and the more profound thoughts and feelings I experience. Facebook is where I drop the crumbs of my daily existence for others to pick up and enjoy. They are entertaining (I hope), but short-lived and quickly moved on from. There are very few serendiptous discoveries after the fact on Facebook. There is just now. When it is no longer now, most of the content on Facebook is forgotten. That is not a complaint, just an observation about how Facebook works and the reason why I post photos on Flickr if I want them to remain findable for longer than a couple of days. Facebook has done a lot of work to improve their photo experience in the last couple of years. But I remain somewhat disappointed with the loss of quality (and exif data!) when I post a photo on Facebook.


Perhaps I could have posted this on Instagram, otherwise known in some circles as the Flickr killer. Instagram is the place where I post artfully-filtered, modest-quality photos from my phone. At times, I have posted photo essays on Instagram. But because of the way the service is setup and used, there is no way for you to find those photos without asking me for a link or thumbing through my archives. When I post a photo essay on Instagram, I always go back and archive the photo and words into my personal journal offline so it isn’t lost and I can find it later with little effort.


Flickr is not Instagram. And I’m damn glad it isn’t. Because I love them both for very very different reasons. I like the immediacy of Instagram. And I cherish the timelessness of Flickr. I cannot see why or how one should become or try to defeat the other. That is a false argument in my mind. I’m grateful for both.


Flickr remains the place where I leave big things to be found. When I find just the right camera settings for the amount of light available to me, I share it here for you to see and offer your advice/critique. When I hope you will be as moved as I was by a photo, I leave it here for you to find. I come here to share and learn about this art form we all love. And I learn so much from you all. I see what settings you used to capture your magic moments and that helps me improve and understand this art form. I come here to see how you describe what you felt when you saw that image pop up on your tiny screen.


I come here, to Flickr, to share and be moved by what I see, because there is still magic here.

Check out the #1 Photo Essay on for 2010!

25 Lessons I’ve Learned about photography Life!


The Real March Madness


Wednesday (Workday), March 29, 2006: It is a beautiful day in New York City—fair skies, 59 degrees, crisp and clean air.


I noticed a fresh splash of bright yellow in the backyard, for Spring has sprung and the daffodils have begun to giggle like a gaggle of teenage girls again. I yearn to see my regal iris germanicas bloom—blossom, flourish, resume their running about, amuck in the yard. They’re quite like rabbits you know, and seed and root and sow their big ball bulbs exponentially each year.


My walk to, and wait at, the bus stop this morning was rife with thoughts that ex-pats like me often have: “California Weather.” Spring and Fall are the saving grace for those of us who have been transplanted to the East Coast from the idyllic hills and valleys of Northern California, for they help us forget the bitter winters and oppressing summers we must otherwise endure.


Although I’m already running late, I’m sure that it is best that I walk from the bus terminal to work today, so that I might, I may, enjoy the refreshing turn of the seasons just a little longer - before I seclude myself inside and succumb to my obligations.




When The Trouble Begins


On a day like this

it is hard not to feel

a happy delirium.


Alas, i am late



Thus, and then,

this is when

the trouble begins.


When fine weather

meets whether or not

the boss notices.


When the revelry of Spring

and lackadaisical flings

butt up against

closeted and cubed expectations,

holed-up-in-concrete obligations,

and other compulsory things.


It is no wonder

that so many of us get pulled apart;

that we begin to regress,

that we start to diverge

and develop this compulsive urge

to behave awry and think askew,

until, some of us, ultimately, inevitably,

bid adieu—to sanity.


And it is no wonder

that some of us

rely so heavily on vanity—

to make meaning of why we toil,

if only, so that we have more spoils

than him, her or them.


Yes, this is when

a positively charged day such as this

gets in the way

of progress, and progress

gets in the way

of a positively charged way of life.


This is when

husbands stray away from their wives

and wives finally say goodbye to their husbands

parting over a cumulation of little things,

all the little things, that, like Gulliver

make us feel tied down.


This is when frowns readily replace smiles,

and deadliness defile organic glee;

When hustle and bustle muscle in on spontaneity,


And when,

alas, again,

the trouble begins

(for me).




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25 Lessons: The Art of Living


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The Chariot, ז) & 7) - by Levi.


& Flannery O' Connor- "Everything that Rises Must Converge"..

& - yes BP is still EVIL - VERY evil, are they going to clean up long term?? Or what?


& - Taraf De Haidouks -





Weapon, sword, cherubic sword of fire, the sacred septenary, triumph, royalty, priesthood.


Hieroglyph, a CUBIC CHARIOT, with four pillars and an azure and starry drapery. In the chariot, between the four pillars, a victor crowned with a circle adorned with three radiant golden pentagrams.


Upon his breast are three superposed squares, on his shoulders the URIM and THUMMIM of the sovereign sacrificer, represented by the two crescents of the moon in GEDULAH and GEBURAH; in his hand is a sceptre surmounted by a globe, square and triangle: his attitude is proud and tranquil.


A double sphinx or two sphinxes joined at the haunches are harnessed to the chariot; they are pulling in opposite directions, but are looking the same way.


They are respectively black and white. On the square which forms the fore part of the chariot is the Indian lingam surmounted by the flying sphere of the Egyptians. This hieroglyph, which we reproduce exactly, is perhaps the most beautiful and complete of all those that are comprised in the Clavicle of the Tarot.


THE septenary is the sacred number in all theogonies and in all symbols, because it is composed of the triad and the tetrad.


The number seven represents magical power in all its fullness; it is the mind reinforced by all elementary potencies; it is the soul served by Nature; it is the SANCTUM REGNUM mentioned in the Keys of Solomon and represented in the Tarot by a crowned warrior, who bears a triangle on his cuirass and is posed upon a cube, to which two sphinxes are harnessed, straining in opposite directions, while their heads are turned the same way.


This warrior is armed with a fiery sword and holds in his left hand a sceptre surmounted by a triangle and a sphere.


The cube is the Philosophical Stone; the sphinxes are the two forces of the Great Agent, corresponding to JAKIN and BOAZ, the two Pillars of the Temple; the cuirass is the knowledge of Divine Things, which renders the wise man invulnerable to human assaults; the sceptre is the Magic Wand; the fiery sword is the symbol of victory over the deadly sins, seven in number, like the virtues, the conceptions of both being typified by the ancients under the figures of the seven planets then known.



Balance, attraction and repulsion, life, terror, promise and threat.


The link to this excerpt/description is censored & removed by Flickr every time I post it- so it's in the tag at right- if it disappears from there, email me for it..




The writer should never be ashamed of staring. There is nothing that does not require his attention. -- Flannery O'Connor




Late in her life someone asked the American writer Flannery O'Connor why she wrote. She said, "Because I am good at it. "


She was good. Yet, she was not always as good a writer as she became. She improved because she listened to others. She changed her stories. She re-wrote them, then re-wrote them again, always working to improve what she was creating.


Flannery had always wanted to be a writer. After she graduated from Georgia State College for women, she asked to be accepted at a writing program at the State University of Iowa. The head of the school found it difficult to understand her southern speech. He asked her to write what she wanted. Then he asked to see some examples of her work.


He saw immediately that the writing was full of imagination and bright with knowledge, like Flannery O'Connor herself.




Mary Flannery O'Connor was born March twenty-fifth, nineteen twenty-five, in the southern city of Savannah, Georgia.


The year she was born, her father developed a rare disease called lupus. He died of the disease in nineteen forty-one. By that time the family was living in the small southern town of Milledgeville, Georgia, in a house owned by Flannery's mother.


Life in a small town in the American South was what O'Connor knew best. Yet she said, "If you know who you are, you can go anywhere. "




Many people in the town of Milledgeville thought she was different from other girls. She was kind to everyone, but she seemed to stand to one side of what was happening, as if she wanted to see it better. Her mother was her example. Her mother said, "I was brought up to be nice to everyone and not to tell my business to anyone. "


Flannery also did not talk about herself. But in her writing a silent and distant anger explodes from the quiet surface of her stories. Some see her as a Roman Catholic religious writer. They see her anger as the search to save her moral being through her belief in Jesus Christ. Others do not deny her Roman Catholic religious beliefs. Yet they see her not writing about things, but presenting the things themselves.




When she left the writing program at Iowa State University she was invited to join a group of writers at the Yaddo writers' colony. Yaddo is at Saratoga Springs in New York state. It provides a small group of writers with a home and a place to work for a short time.


The following year, nineteen forty-nine, she moved to New York City. She soon left the city and lived with her friend Robert Fitzgerald and his family in the northeastern state of Connecticut. Fitzgerald says O'Connor needed to be alone to work during the day. And she needed her friends to talk to when her work was done.






While writing her first novel, "Wise Blood", she was stricken with the disease, lupus, that had killed her father. The treatment for lupus weakened her. She moved back to Georgia and lived the rest of her life with her mother on a farm outside Milledgeville. O'Connor was still able to write, travel, and give speeches.


"Wise Blood" appeared in nineteen fifty-two. Both it and O'Connor's second novel, "The Violent Bear it Away," are about a young man growing up. In both books the young men are unwilling to accept the work they were most fit to do.


Like all of Flannery O'Connor's writing, the book is filled with humor, even when her meaning is serious. It shows the mix of a traditional world with a modern world. It also shows a battle of ideas expressed in the simple, country talk that O'Connor knew very well.




In "Wise Blood", a young man, Hazel Motes, leaves the Army but finds his home town empty. He flees to a city, looking for "a place to be." On the train, he announces that he does not believe in Jesus Christ. He says, "I wouldn't even if he existed. Even if he was on this train. "


His moving to the city is an attempt to move away from the natural world and become a thing, a machine. He decides that all he can know is what he can touch and see.


In the end, however, he destroys his physical sight so that he may truly see, because he says that when he had eyes he was blind. Critics say his action seems to show that he is no longer willing to deny the existence of Jesus but now is willing to follow him into the dark.


The novel received high praise from critics. It did not become popular with the public, however.




O'Connor's second novel, "The Violent Bear it Away," was published in nineteen sixty. Like "Wise Blood," it is a story about a young man learning to deal with life.


The book opens with the young man, Francis Marion Tarwater, refusing to do the two things his grandfather had ordered him to do. These are to bury the old man deep in the ground, and to bring religion to his uncle's mentally sick child.


Instead, Tarwater burns the house where his grandfather died and lets the mentally sick child drown during a religious ceremony.




Critics say Tarwater's violence comes from his attempt to find truth by denying religion. In the end, however, he accepts that he has been touched by a deeper force, the force of the word of God, and he must accept that word.


Both of O'Connor's novels explore the long moment of fear when a young man must choose between the difficulties of growing up and the safe world of a child.






Flannery O'Connor is at least as well known for her stories as for her novels. Her first book of stories, "A Good Man is Hard to Find," appeared in nineteen fifty-five. In it she deals with many of the ideas she wrote about in "Wise Blood," such as the search for Jesus Christ.


In many of the stories there is a conflict between the world of the spirit and the world of the body. In the story, "The Life You Save May Be Your Own," a traveling workman with only one arm comes to a farm. He claims to be more concerned with things of the spirit than with objects.




The woman who owns the farm offers to let him marry her deaf daughter. He finally agrees when the mother gives him the farm, her car, and seventeen dollars for the wedding trip. He says, "Lady, a man is divided into two parts, body and spirit. . . The body, lady, is like a house: it don't go anywhere; but the spirit, lady, is like a automobile, always on the move. . . "


He marries the daughter and drives off with her. When they stop to eat, the man leaves her and drives off toward the city. On the way he stops and gives a ride to a wandering boy.


We learn that when the one-armed man was a child, his mother left him. Critics say that when he helps the boy, he is helping himself.




In nineteen sixty-four, O'Connor was operated on for a stomach disease. One result of this operation was the return of lupus, the disease that killed her father. On August third, nineteen sixty-four, Flannery O'Connor died.


She was thirty-nine years old.


Near the end of her life she said, "I'm a born Catholic, and death has always been brother to my imagination."




The next year, in nineteen sixty-five, her final collection of stories, "Everything That Rises Must Converge," appeared. In it she speaks of the cruelty of disease and the deeper cruelty that exists between parents and children. In these stories, grown children are in a struggle with parents they neither love nor leave. Many of the children feel guilty about hating the mothers who, the children feel, have destroyed them through love. The children want to rebel violently, but they fear losing their mothers' protection.


In nineteen seventy-one, O'Connor's "Collected Stories" was published. The book contains most of what she wrote. It has all the stories of her earlier collections. It also has early versions of both novels that were first published as stories. And it has parts of an uncompleted novel and an unpublished story.


In nineteen seventy-two this last book won the American book industry's highest prize, The National Book Award. As one critic noted, Flannery O'Connor did not live long, but she lived deeply, and wrote beautifully.






This Special English program was written by Richard Thorman. I'm Shirley Griffith.




And I'm Ray Freeman. Join us again next week for another People in America program on the Voice of America.






British Prime Minister's words fail to placate US's anti-BP sentiments


Messy cleanup of BP oil spill damages the Gulf


By CAIN BURDEAU (AP) – 29 minutes ago


FOURCHON BEACH, La. — The 5,600 vessels taking part in the oil spill operation on the Gulf of Mexico make up the largest fleet assembled since the Allied invasion of Normandy, according to the Coast Guard.


Hordes of helicopters, bulldozers, Army trucks, ATVs, barges, dredges, airboats, workboats, cleanup crews, media, scientists and volunteers have descended on the beaches, blue waters and golden marshes of the Gulf Coast.


That's a lot of propellers, anchors, tires, and feet for a fragile ecosystem to take, and a tough truth is emerging: In many places, the oil cleanup itself is causing environmental damage.


Part of that is inevitable — the oil has to get cleaned up somehow, and BP and the government will be subject to second-guessing no matter what.


"Absolutely nothing you do to respond to an oil spill is without impacts of its own," said Lisa Jackson, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.


Since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded April 20, killing 11, and oil began gushing into the Gulf, federal, state and BP officials say they have been guided in their response by picking the less damaging cleanup method.


Still, environmentalists and veterans of other spills say the torrent of untested cleanup methods rushed into practice by panicked officials and unqualified experts is wreaking havoc and, at least in spots, may be unnecessary.


"The more you disperse (with chemicals), the more you bring in these big machines, the more you bring in inexperienced people and the more sand berms you build, the less chance you have of letting Mother Nature and skimmers and booms do the job," said Mike Brewer of Buras, La., who ran an oil spill response company and is working on the BP cleanup.


For starters, the EPA allowed BP PLC to spray a chemical dispersant, a product called Corexit, to break up oil right as it came out of BP's broken well nearly a mile below the surface. The idea is to save shorelines from being clobbered with vast waves of crude.


In practice, the use of dispersants that had never been tested that far beneath the surface has made the oil much more difficult to track than it would have been in a single, massive slick. And environmentalists and marine biologists still aren't convinced the chemicals are safe for sea life.


The EPA halted underwater spraying while it tested samples collected by BP, then allowed it to resume once the results came back to the agency's satisfaction. Further tests are ongoing, and crews quit spraying dispersant once the well was contained this week, Jackson said.


"Basically, we conducted uncontrolled experiments in the open ocean — that does not seem like a good idea to me," said John Hocevar, the oceans campaign director for Greenpeace USA.


Jackson said there was little evidence that the chemical dispersants had caused damage and called their effects "relatively mild."


Eager to be seen as taking charge, Gov. Bobby Jindal began building a series of untested sand islands and other barriers along the Louisiana coast, making construction of these berms a personal crusade. In theory, sand berms and jetties will stop the oil from entering sensitive estuaries.


But berms and jetties interrupt shrimp and fish migrations as well as tidal flows; the work can even undermine what little is left of Louisiana's gooey and sediment-layered shoreline.


"None of the coastal scientists have signed onto this thing," said Leonard Bahr, a former adviser to both Republican and Democratic governors in Louisiana on coastal restoration issues.


Fishermen and locals, however, almost unanimously agree with Jindal's unorthodox barrier plans.


"We know these (berms) stop the oil. It worked on Fourchon Beach," said Windell Curole, a levee manager in south Lafourche Parish, an area long struggling with erosion. "The people that are pushing for these things are more invested in it than the scientists."


In a move that put its compensation costs toward curtailing the spill's environmental effects, BP hired truckloads of inexperienced oil spill responders — shrimpers, unemployed workers, college students, and migrant workers. The manpower is essential, but their footprint can be huge, especially if they're not used to watching their step.


"It was like the Wild West there for a while, and it still is to some degree," said Drew Wheelan, a wildlife biologist with the American Bird Association Inc., a conservation group.


Wheelan said cleanup crews trampled on numerous nesting bird colonies, including at least one batch of least tern eggs he saw. Wilson's plovers and endangered black skimmers on Louisiana's Grand Isle and East Grand Terre islands were threatened by intensive beach cleanups.


"The whole entire area in the past two weeks has been completely crisscrossed by tire tracks. The entire cleanup there has been entirely sickening," Wheelan said recently of East Grand Terre. "There are tire tracks from the low tide line all the way up into the dune vegetation. Not an inch of that frontal beach has been spared from traffic."


Out on the Gulf, BP brought in a super-sized skimmer from Taiwan — the "A Whale" — capable of sucking up 20 million gallons of water a day, aiming to corral huge quantities of oiled water at once. Like some of the other methods, it had never been tested and scientists worried that it could cause serious damage.


"It will suck in a lot of biology," said James Cowan, a Louisiana State University fisheries scientist.


Coast Guard officials questioned its effectiveness, noting that it would be better for attacking a single huge slick than for the countless smaller pools that the dispersant helped create. Authorities announced last week that the massive ship was dropping out of the spill operation.


Forrest Travirca has seen the cleanup's side effects up close as a land manager for the Wisner estate, a public land trust that includes Fourchon Beach and a large marsh area that has seen some of the heaviest oil so far.


On an airboat cruise through marsh, signs of the messy cleanup jumped out. Reddish-brown and sticky tar coated the blades of marsh grass behind a beach lined with sand baskets brought in by Army dump trucks. Absorbent boom lay washed up against shorelines. Crews had staked down shade tents every few hundred yards.


Almost as soon as he stepped onto the sand, Travirca saw something he didn't like: Two ATV tracks meandering carefree across the sands. Someone with the cleanup had strayed from designated traffic corridors.


"This really upsets me," Travirca said, standing over the fresh set of tracks. "They're not supposed to be driving back here. They've got to drive along the front of the beach. Birds nest back here."


He walked a few paces away and pointed out another set of ATV tracks he discovered a few days before. "This track here was inches from a tern nest with eggs."


At least now, more than three months after the spill, the cleanup is becoming more organized.


In the beginning, he said, the beach "looked like the autobahn."




Taraf De Haidouks - Turceasca -


Sooo brilliant - listen!!! You will DIE!! It's one of the most beautiful songs on earth!! - :


Taraf De Haidouks - Doina, hora si briu




I always wanted to learn how to finish a Rubik's Cube. Im still determined to figure it out

I have been helping one of my dear friends to learn how to do a cube and I hadn't done one in ages so thought I had better do one to make sure I could still do it... Guess it will do but I am thinking that I might have chosen something a little more appropriate to do... LOL !!!

.. children always want to learn and it's so wonderful to see how they do it when they are curious .. you can't stop them anymore :))

I've been to Birch Aquarium before but this was my first time seeing the Infinity Cube. I've always loved learning about science, and seeing these bioflourescent creatures being turned into a form of art was exciting and fun so I decided to capture it.



In the beginning, Flash Photography evolved, basically, as a substitute for sunlight, when one had to shoot indoors and sometimes at night. Flash as a photographer's tool, has also come a long way now, from burning a combustible power in glass bowl to highly computerised flash units, which have prohibitive price range though, but amazing tools of a good craftsman. There are many varieties of equipment for flash photography and it can be amazingly creative. There is a very wide range of flash accessories to control and correct the output of flash light in studios.


Most of us are familiar with camera built in `pop-up flash’ (tiny ones), to be mounted on cameras, etc. One can have a set of flash units, which makes a set up for studio photography and then hundreds of accessories for this kind of work. But there is one limitation in this case that these are very expensive and are not portable. Usually, this kind of set up is used by photographers who do fashion, industrial, etc. The wide range of accessories of these flash units, are known as `tools of correction’ i.e. soft box, beauty dish, snoots, honey combs, grids, and travel photographers always were envious and jealous of fashion photographers. So, some innovative and enterprising photographers started producing commercially the home made accessories which are used with portable flash units, mounted on the cameras or held `off cameras’. But still not many products are for portable flash units, in the market.


The best accessories for portable flash units are manufactured by Speedlight Pro Kit. - proudly a Malaysian innovation, designed by the professional photographers who aimed at simplify photographic accessories, giving the off camera flash era a new definition with a world of creative lighting techniques and shooting convenience. These are the most suited products for travel photographers, in the market today i.e. collapsible which could be stashed alongwith your clothes in your travel bag, unbreakable (flexible material), light weight, etc.


Speedlight Pro Kits are practical, inventive and easy to carry reflectors, diffusers, honeycombs and color gels for speedlights; designed for professional photographers and enthusiast alike serving a rapid growing Strobist community.


What else a travel photographer needs !


In this photograph, I have used Canon Speelite 580 EX, snoot and honey comb manufactured by Speedlight Pro Kit. Also, placed the subject on a plastic dark gray background.


These wonderful accessories from SPEEDLIGHT PRO KIT are highly recommended for amateur and professionals as well.








Set of 2 Cubo Storage Cube and 1 Half Size Storage Cubes with Foldable Fabric Bins in Truffle/Teal

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Quite possibly the coldest photo I've ever done in my life. It was -20 when I set out to take this and after spending about 45 minutes without gloves on I was pretty much a walking ice cube. I like how this turned out though, so it's all worth it, even if my hands froze to my tripod ;)


I bought these canning jars from a thrift store today and the older lady working there was so happy when I brought them up to pay, she assumed that I was learning to make jam but when I told her that I was using them to put candles in she said "Oh...well that's good too". One of the jars actually exploded ( the one on the far left) which was a little scary but thankfully I was standing near my camera when it happened.


It was fun walking home from this set-up, I put all the jars in my bag but decided to walk by lantern light home through the felt magical.


Item Collaboration: Candles

After having learned a lot of photoshop making things in layers.

I only once decided to get some great pictures together in a nice collage

hope you like it, and soon a lot more because i have used it for my website


Ukiyo-e, skp

Still learning this new app, ukiyo-e

i've been tagged. thanks to abbylanes, twk333, and amy mcgibbon.


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=== 16 things =====


01... i received a gun for christmas.

02... i hate stepping on the bb's barefoot. they fuckin' hurt.

03... i only cuss now when i'm angry, but it used to be part of my vocabulary.

04... i've had a crush on robert downey, jr. since watching Only You in 1994.

05... "virginia" is my real name.

06... for years i wanted boobs for christmas.

07... this virginia is starting to believe there is no such thing as santa.

08... i have a flat ass, thanks to the gene from my dad.

09... i have no waist, thanks to my real mother.

10... at 5 feet, i am shaped like a cube, not an hour glass.

11... i have 8 piercings.

12... 3 ear piercings for each time my heart was broken. i was going to get the 'broken heart' piercings just on the left ear, but thought it might look too unbalanced. everything is even now.

13... i (10-pin) bowled a 230 once, but my average is 110.

14... i have a $200 velvet dress sitting in my closet for over 12 years now. i don't know when i'll ever wear it again. i bought it for a new year's eve night on the town. strapless, knee length, bolero jacket. it's a size 6. i'm a fucking size 12 now. ha. (lol)

15... i've owned 15 sets of tungsten darts. i gave all but 3 sets away.

16... i learned to swim when i was 19.





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um, yeah, just to clarify things, i only got a bb gun for christmas. another name for it is an airsoft gun.

My daughter whom is 3 12 years old absolutely loves Froggy Feeding Fun. This particular set is in a must have product for your preschooler. The two rubber frogs included are made to emphasize proper handwriting position in developing thumbforefinger strength by squeezing the frogs mouths to open! How neat is that Along with those awesome muscle building frogs in the set, 60 flies, 1 number cube, 1 color cube and Activity Guide are also included. Children can develop number sense, color, and counting recognition. The activity guide gives several suggested activities and intervention strategies to do with your child in getting the most out of the Froggy Feeding Fun Activity set. My daughter and I have been sitting together a few days a week and playing with this set together. Weve right now been rolling the color and number dice and feeding our frogs that particular number to see who can fill up their frogs mouth completely first! Shes been having a lot of fun with it. I have seen great results in her pencil holding and also in her counting ability, both things she was struggling with before! Theres nothing I dislike about this set. The recommend age of use is for children ages 37 and I would say with the numerous ways you can use this activity kit thats about perfect. This product is great for home or classroom use! I would highly recommend anyone looking for a fun way to teach counting, colors, taking turns, and looking to develop fine motor skills in a exciting way.

7/365 - Americans Today (2015): Television's Impact


This photo was taken from the April 4th, 2015 Concept Collaboration Los Angeles meetup. The model is David Talley's father, David Talley.


I feel like the concept is fairly obvious (especially with the title) so I am not going to bother explaining the concept in this description.

This photo was a big one for me, first time using legit props and a model. I couldn't have done it without the help of my cousin Steven Harris, Splatito8127, and -simplicity. Those guys helped me shoot the photo and were all with me while I was struggling for four days straight trying to get the color grading down-- so thank you guys for the helpful collaboration!!


I feel like with the title of this image I am now obliged to turn the "Americans Today (2015)" into a photo series... Well I have a 365 project to finish so I may as well??? Right?!


Anyways, I need to go work on my next photo for my 365 (this photo doesn't qualify as a 365 photo because this was taken 4 days ago (last Saturday) and today is now Tax Day, Happy Tax Day everybody!! such fun).


I am so releived to have this photo finally uploaded after such tedious and painfully disappointing editing... I must say that I am still unsatisfied with the image... not good enough for me. I still have a lot of improvement to work on including learning how to color grade properly, and shooting the image better. I look at the image right now and I say to myself, "this came out so much better in my head..." I look forward to the one day in the future when I will finally make an image that I will be proud of.


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This is a smoke photo that I shot with an industar 50-2 attached to my Sony a330. I was testing out some effects for an upcoming project. I wasn't sure how the effect would work so I decided to test it out on one of my smoke photos. I learned a lot while making this image.


I made this by opening up my photo in photoshop masking out the smoke with a soft brush till there was no black along the edges, then mirroring the smoke into a four sided pattern. Once masked and mirrored I saved the file as a PNG to preserve the transparency.


Then I took it into gimp and ran the mathmap plugin and used it to create the droste pattern. I exported my droste pattern. While still in gimp I ran the cubism filter 4 times with various settings exporting the results each time the filter rendered it's result, then hit ctrl-z to remove the filter and run it again with another setting. I took the 5 PNG's that I exported from gimp and brought them back into photoshop as layers and masked out each layer to cause the cubes to look as if they were increasing in size towards the outer edge.


After it was all masked out I did some processing in photoshop and cropped the image so it was pretty much half of the pattern. I took my image back into gimp and ran the mathmap plugin to create the sea, then exported the sea and took it back into photoshop to compose my scene and add some vignetting.

To learn more about this artist see Mary-Anne Kyriakou's web page.


Oops, didn't I say this was a kite festival? If you look at it in 3d you can see the people. I deliberately decided to leave them in.




SSWUG vConf – Analysis Services End-to-End

Running across the roof top of the Grand Bazaar pretending to be Daniel Craig in Skyfall.


The young man leads us away from Terlikçiler Street deep inside the Grand Bazaar where we had been enjoying our Turkish Coffee and Spiced Apple Cake. He leads us swiftly past covered streets lined with rug emporiums and shops selling silky pashminas and richly embroidered cloth. A riot of colour swirls around us. We dodge tourists ambling along and catch our eyes on the porcelain shops. The colourful bowls towering up in dangerous minarets. We pass shops full of glittering glass lanterns, beaded bracelets and silver and copper kitchenware. Shop after shop of trinkets and treasures. We turn into Yaglikçiler Street which seamlessly spills into Siphai Street before it crashes headlong into Kalpakçilarbasi Street, I blink at the flashing gold jewellery shimmering like the baubles of Aladdin’s Cave in the shops that line our way. I take note of the ceiling designs as a reference, so we will be able to find our way back... a trick I learned in the Medina of Fez in Morocco. I have a great sense of direction but this will assist my efforts in re-tracing our steps later. It is my surest way of finding my way around, that and taking note of the slope of the floor.


Our young man leads us out of the Grand Bazaar, turning left into an open arcarde of shops, then left again into another, then right into a lonely alleyway lined with half mannequins (the bottom halves) standing in a silent vigil... each one sporting a different style of jeans. We dive diagonally across a narrow courtyard, dodging a lonely black dog and follow our guide up a narrow flight of concrete stairs. I step to one side to let a tea-boy through with his tray of little glass tea cups. They are empty, tinkling on little red and white china saucers as he descends the stairs, the remnants of the sugar cube packets scrunched up on the sides.


We are in the heart of wholesale land now, there is no romance here. An old man sits in a dimly lit corridor with a cigarette balanced between the fingers of his left hand. More topless mannequins line the halls. A fluorescent strip lamp hangs limply from the ceiling and a spaghetti of electrical wires skim around the top of the dirty white walls. Air-conditioning units jut out at odd angles. The murmur of the markets is a distant hum.


We are led to a dark corner where our guide knocks loudly on a rusty but solid green metal door. It clanks open to reveal our destination, a dusty icon shop. Dark wood panelling lines the walls and a beam of light from the solitary window washes over the walls of icons. Jesus stares at us blankly from a myriad of plaques. I stare back blankly. My eyes still adjusting to the darkness of the room.


I am keen to leave this darkened room and investigate an even a narrower set of concrete stairs I saw leading upward.


Later we will carefully pick our way up these stairs and find ourselves on the roof of the Grand Bazaar. Its red terracotta tiles speading out at our feet like a counterpane. One of the oldest covered Bazaars in the world, construction started in 1455, it is now home to over 3,000 shops along its 61 covered streets.


We marvel at its history and resist the urge to run across the rooftops like stuntmen from the movies Skyfall or Taken 2. It is blisteringly hot on the roof and we retreat to the cool interior, once more losing ourselves in the melée of tourists.

PA_633 [30 points]

This Rubik space-invader is located at Quai de Valmy on the corner of the Point de Ephémère.

To view the scene at Canal Saint Martin.

Note: this space invader was long time numbered PA_631 (also on the site of Invader that time), since the book l'Invasion de Paris 2.0 is published we learned that this is number 633.


Date of invasion: 15/12/2005


DELETED (May 2009)


[ Visited Rubik PA_633 only 3 days after invasion ]

Early in 1724 Sir John Vanbrugh, an English architect sent Lord Carlisle some designs for a pavilion for the south-east corner of Ray Wood, and shortly afterwards he was pleased to learn that the Earl had at last chosen the Temple with four Porticos.


Known originally as the Temple of Diana, the building - a cube with dome and porticos - is modelled in part on Andrea Palladio's famous 16th century Villa Rotonda in Vicenza. By the time of Vanbrugh's death in 1726, the Temple was unfinished and another ten years were to pass before the interiors were finally decorated with scagliola in 1738 by the stuccoist Francesco Vassalli.


Beneath the temple is a cellar where servants would have stored and prepared food before serving it to polite company above. Used as a place for refreshment and reading, it commands impressive views, and to the north, a quarter of a mile away, is the site of Hawksmoor's Temple of Venus.


This had been built in the 1730s in the form of an open rotunda of eight Tuscan columns under an octagonal entablature and dome, but it collapsed in the 1940s. Vanbrugh's Temple narrowly avoided a similar fate before it was restored in 1955, one of the first of the major restoration projects undertaken by George Howard after the Second World War.


It is hoped that Hawksmoor's lost temple can be rebuilt. In 2001 the base of the Temple of Venus was cleared revealing a low octagonal plinth and surrounding walkway. The original statue of Venus has survived and is today located in the Venus Rose Garden.


Looking beyond the temple there is an expanse of some of the greenest fields you may ever see, they sweep majestically down to the South Lake with it's steep bridge. Visibly sticking out from behind the trees you can see the grand Mausoleum which is one of the finest free standing examples in Northern Europe., Is 3x3x3 MHZ blind six color maze cube- NIB - white is meant for the blind, or those willing to learn brain and test this blind solve.

This is a ball run that I created over a year ago and have shown at various public events. It uses the Mindstorms ball bearings as the balls which run on flex tube track. It is not a GBC module and does not fit with the GBC standards nor will the soccer balls run on the track. It is a completely closed system.


Some may remember the 'Nebula' logo that I posted a few years ago. That was the failed brainchild of the CUB3. I learned a lot from my mistakes with it and fixed them with this version.


The run has four separate paths that the ball can follow and has two conveyors to lift the ball to the top.


A huge thanks to Paul Vermeesh for his assistance in filming and editing the video and also to Ian Spacek for writing the music for the video.



I can not stop myself, I know I will do it again, by the dead stones by the bridge, in the trembling lights surrounding us and the students inviting you to come visit the campus, explaining with their broken English how funny the students are and how beautiful the town can be with the good friends and you cannot be sad because it's home.


I can not stop myself, I will do it again, walking with you in the park under the bridges line, silver sparkles the waterway, down to the bridge, shaking the money, yelling at the bus skipping like stones, screaming out loud and I don’t know what you are talking about.


And I can feel your mind decaying, only inches away from me.


Everywhere waves of little bodies scattered go and noisy and laughing at the slow ride. Things are almost getting better, dressing better, tossing sugar-cubes and smiles over our shoulders and I was somewhere else all the time and now I'm still somewhere else and Muse, she got her job, she gets tired, lazy and sweet as she is.


I can not stop myself, I will do it again, smile, light up the room, laughing is contagious, light up on the inside, no one would know. At heart you are fanatical.


Your speech pattern has changed. Words are clipped and the pronunciation precise. I enjoy your seductive voice, it conveys that you know what you want. A quick dip under and it's clear, feminine, green, half submerged gestures ticking "OK", opening in a "V", more structures that I can describe. Just like everyone I want more time.


I remember sketching for you, nailing a good geometry, fitting and folding, taping and learning, Bach, a turn of other feelings. When I catch you walking in spreading the noise, clothes, faces, then leaning down Gare Montparnasse. Stand still, leaving a round of buses, planes, the cartoon treatment. I ask you for postcards. Right out of St. Michel and along Left Bank, the stands I caress, your carcass, the tiny people exchanging and talking politics and the bookstore right on Deux Magot.


And I'll take care of you, I promise, when you come back.


Chinasky was downed yesterday, you do not know. The guns are shining, quietly, humming and keeping me company. I will not miss. When you come back. And I will do it again.


Note for Group Admins: The author of this text is myself.

Tonight was supposed to be a movie and game night with my wife and a friend. However, things did not go as planned. This was not a problem, especially since I had not figured out what I wanted to shoot for the day.


So, when my wife fell asleep, I decided to play around with some DIY continuous lighting and a little water. For this image I set up my trusty old lava lamp base to the right of the glass. My DIY Pringles Can Light was positioned to the left of the glass, but aimed behind the glass to bounce off the backdrop.


Please tell me what you think. Like I have said before, I am using a good portion of my 365 for experimentation. Throughout this experience I have learn by trail and error.


Press "L" to see Larger and in Black


View my 365 project here.


Explore # 397.


There's something just so great about solving a rubik's cube in a bathtub of roses.

A personal goal with the picture of the day challenge is to learn to see beautiful things in everyday life. I go past these boxes every time I take the train to town. They aren't exactly what you'd call beautiful but I like the fact that each and every container has got a unique color. Today I tried to capture this and also play with some geometry.

Picture above shows a Nikon D800E equipped with Phottix GPS and wireless RF trigger. The back of the camera is equipped with a Hoodman loupe to be able to critically focus using live view on LCD screen. The lens used is a Mamiya 645 Manual Focus A 150mm f/2.8. It is mounted on the camera via a PSA (Panorama Shift Adapter) from the company Zoerk (Zork) custom made to accommodate Mamiya 645 lenses on Nikon F body. The adapter has a tripod mount and can accommodate a L bracket shown here. The whole assembly is mounted via a Novoflex plate (QPL2 in blue color) on an Arca-Swiss compatible tripod head. I used here a clone of the Arca Swiss Cube for maximum flexibility and accuracy of positioning. In the picture above the lens is shifted horizontally to the left of the camera of approximately 10mm. This assembly is no longer a point & click camera but the digital equivalent of the old view camera, designed to meet or exceed the largest Digital medium format output.


The purpose of using a Mamiya lens on Nikon FF body is not just the latest fad to mount third party lenses on a Nikon body. Mamiya 645 lenses are excellent medium format lenses which have a diameter much superior to the 135 format lenses. It allows to take several photos shifted within the diameter of the lens optics. This is made possible because the 75mm diagonal of a 645 medium format lens gives 32mm of additional space (shift) compared to the 43mm diagonal of a 35mm format camera sensor. This is why we can take 3 photos shifted (one with no shit, one shifted left, and one shifted right) and still be within the diameter of the medium format lens. Using this technique the stitching is quasi perfect with no need to crop due to loss of coverage in the upper or lower section of the image, usually created by a a curvy horizon when panning/rotating with a non perfect leveling.


The resulting image that can be produced with this setup is the equivalent of a 80 Mpixel camera depending on the orientation of the D800E sensor vs the direction of shift! Superior resolution, higher ISO and less noise than all the current Digital medium format cameras sold $20000 and more! Yes, it is possible to do it with an investment inferior to $4000 if you count the purchase cost of the D800E. I will concede that the Mamiya 645 lenses, although excellent, will not quite match the performance of the Leica S lenses. Note however that a Leica S lens is usually > $6000 vs a used Mamiya 645 lens (55mm, 80mm) which can be found on ebay for $300 or less!


The German made Zoerk (Zork) adapter is unique as the Mamiya lens is fixed during the shifting: it is the body which moves behind the lens! Unlike most Panorama adapters allowing the rotation through a difficult to find nodal point , the Zork adaper eliminates any parallax issue since the lens is fixed vs the subject. This is particularly useful when you have a near and remote subject aligned with the camera: any rotation outside the nodal point will ruin the alignment and makes the stitching impossible. Therefore the Zork design results in a superior accuracy of the stitching of the photos where technically 2-3 pixels overlap is enough for a perfect stitch. Rotation based Panorama requires usually min 20% overlap to account for distortion/parallax issues, and the final image needs cropping due to curvature movement of the rotation if tripod head is not perfectly leveled.


Another huge benefit of the Zork adapter: it shifts horizontally 20mm with camera sensor in landscape mode. One limitation in vertical shift: the prism/flash housing of the D800 or D800E limits the vertical shift with sensor in landscape position (approx 14mm). It is better than the max shift of a Nikkor PC-E lens (approx 11 mm). With the camera in landscape mode and a vertical shift (up and down) or with the camera in portrait mode and a horizontal shift (left/right) you achieve the biggest file enlargement. With a Nikon PC-E lens a maximum 11mm shift will give you a 92% increase of the photo. With the Zork adapter a full 20mm shift (possible on Canon DLSR and Nikon pro bodies without built-in flash) will provide a 167% enlargement (yes 2.7 the original pixel size!). It means that a 36Mpixel camera like the D800 will provide a 96Mpixel file with the Zork adapter fully shifted. On Nikon bodies with built in flash like the D700 or D800 however the full shift of 20mm is not possible as the flash housing in on the path of the shift. It seems that the shift is limited to 14mm which provides an enlargement of 117% (x2.2 Mpixel increase).


For Panorama shots where the camera orientation must be the same as the direction of the shift (landscape/Horizontal shift or portrait/Vertical shift) the aspect ratio is spectacular but the Mpixel increase is less:

- On a traditional Nikon PC-E lens with 11mm shift, the Mpixel increase is 61% with aspect ratio of 2.4:1

- with the zork adapter using full 20mm shift (possible on all Canon and Nikon DSLR even with the D700/D800), the Mpixel increase is 111% with aspect ratio of 3:1! more information is available at the following link:


Tilt movement is not possible with this adapter and in general with Mamiya 645 lenses tilt can be achieved but you lose the ability to focus at infinity as the registration distance between the rear of the lens and the sensor would be too long with the additional tilt movement.


Although a sturdy design that reflects German engineering, the finish (look) of the adapter looks as a hand made prototype. The demand is not high enough in the market to mass produce this custom made adapter (the model I purchased use only Mamiya 645 MF lenses but the manufacturer can sell you one adapte for Pentax 6x7 or Hasselblad lenses to be mounted on Nikon or Canon bodies).


Cost $750 including the L bracket that allows the adapter to be mounted with flexibility in any position on a tripod head.

more information can be found on the manufacturer website:


I have put a lot of effort to research and understand the Tilt and Shift world which was new to me, and although there are a few books on view cameras, T&S lenses and the Scheimpflug principle, I could not find any practical information on using T&S adapters like Mirex and Zork on Digital cameras, using large diameter Medium Format lenses. Forums seem to provide some partial information with little experience with Nikon DSLR which are less friendly to shifting in the direction of the built-in flash. So I decided to gather all the information I have learned and summarize it in this single post, which you can bookmark or save as a favorite for future reference.

An example of a photo taken with this set-up with explanations how to use Photoshop for Panorama stitching and focus stacking is given in the comments area of this link:


Final question you may ask and which I already asked myself since I own the Nikkor Micro PC-E 45/2.8: why not use a simple dedicated Tilt and shift lens from Nikon?

It turns out that using a dedicated Nikon PC-E lens is not any easier and still requires to manually focus and fix the exposure manually. A the same time it costs $2000 to get a single T&S lens. With the set-up described in this posting the investment is limited to the adapter ($750) and the Mamiya lens ($300 on ebay for each focal length like 55mm f/2.8N, 80mm f/2.8N, A 150mm f/2.8). Investing in a Nikon PC-E lens makes sense if you use the tilting function for creative effect or as a landscape photographer. But I would argue that using Focus stacking you can achieve an ever better effect than with a Tilt lens if your goal is to achieve maximum depth of field in a landscape or in a macro shot. The real advantage of the PC-E lens remains when you need to reduce the depth of field and create special effects (like miniature rendering, or tilted plane of focus). This becomes a very narrow application mostly for professional photographers who need to sell a unique look in their pictures.


I hope that you found this compilation of data instructive, even eye opening. Let me know if you appreciate the sharing.

Topic: use repetition today.

Topic: use repeating subject today.

Topic: Make a photograph of something cold today. Ice cubes, frosty beverages, or the freezer aisle at the grocery store.


Strobist info: on-camera SB800 in repeating flash mode 10 times per second, 1/32th power, bounced off ceiling.


Practice photography at Daily Shoot. Learn to light at Strobist.

I bought a few cubes of Sculpey III a couple weeks ago when it happened to be on sale and today I finally tried fooling around with it. I've never made any kind of model before so this was definitely a learning experience. I think I will try some of that Super Sculpey next time though!


(also included at bottom is session 1) [ To see the rest of this, if it gets cut off, go to ] HIP-hop session #3 of 3 (B. Santelli leading) : [he's reviewing some books as I arrive] ...Tricia rose, hop hop wars..I took her place at rutgers....another..written history of.."big payback"...also nelson George..fellow journalist..jersey,,opinionated, but well-written.I was a rollng stone writer..

'500 greatest albums"..not many hip hop..very white..mtv did a series on greatest hop hop..wanted to go over greatest emcees. 10) ll cool j, 9 eminem, 8) ice cube 7) big daddy kane 6) krx-1 5) nas 4) rakim (william griffin, aka ra) 3) notorious b.I.g, aka biggie, 2) tupac

1) jayzee [conversation]..rock roll hall fame..they put us rolling stone writers..together..sppsd to pick 500..sppsd to be fun, wed we were @ eachothers throats..who's missing? No females. Lauren hill? ..[what about lil wayne?]

...& the albums? 10) pub enemy, nation of millions 9) tupac 8) 7) nwa 6)jayzee 5)run dmc raising hell 4) biggie, ready to die, 3). ..2)? 1)paid in full (eric b. & rakim [spare, stripped down..rhyming, flawless,..his fav, raising hell ..6 of 10 from gangsta rap era ..[has this guy abandoned anglos..has he caved? Or is he speaking to his primary audience ? Only a handful of whites in the room of maybe 50]...hip hop orig was new york 50's in memphis & orleans..but now things changing..begin. here in L.A. large af am pop in late 80's..lot of kids rapping , deejaying..public enemy (long island), ..why so amazing..first bl roots of hip hop ..we mentioned gil scott herron..changing..g.master flash.. some enemy brings it back.chuck d. Knows his enemy makes a political mess. ..from a white perspective..bob dylan...Fear of a black planet..nation of millions..huge..brought over to white...white intells..get more intrsted..then nwa and tupac..gangsta rap..west coast..using what pub enemy doing back east..more outrageous & angry than pub enemy..

...What we hear..chuck rock of fame..had him come & lecture ..he said it was a refl of blues..language previously able to scream it..listen to tupac, ... in panther..he was deep into it..early life a mess..what tupac ... shakur.this man had a..he was a 5 tool player....genuine anger..he was intelligent..bitter but intelligent..most important..listen to cadence of words..anyone can rhyme..but cadence.....Eminem..too many words..don't apprec his stuff as much..tupac best ever..right in middle..perfect storm..east west..1990's..mid 90's..bitter rivalry east v west ..ironic ...and tupac ...then ----- killed..neither murder solved..//Why a feud ? East jealous? Tupac..death row l.a..; bad boy 2 diff schools forming..

Then puff daddy..sean combs (aka diddy, p diddy, puff daddy, p daddy) .west... tupac....2 "m words" .1) MEDIA..hip hop mags..source..vibe..'88 mtv raps ..2) MONEY ..early 90's..can make money..on radio...mtv..also white element..beastie boys..middle class white kids in suburbs..

...Bold personalities..incendiary..tupac murdered..later biggie (notorious B.I.G, Real name Christopher Wallace, aka biggie smalls) gets hold of it ..society says its out of control....when Biggie dies..album..double platinum..

Also the tree..acid jazz, socially conscious hip hop, funk jazz, trip hop, some from england ..england didn't embrace hip hop at first ....Arrested development..? Hip hop? Some music lost relevancy..blues, big band ..glenn miller..ragtime..some become "historical"..mid-90's..hip hop not dying, but branching out..moody blues..I hated it...but difference between hating versus respecting [I actually liked moody blues & saw them @ hollywood bowl]...Who else ? Outcasts, wootang, lords of underground, onyx,.[several others shouted out] .hip hop 90's taking over...Now beyond nyc & LA..master orleans..tree exploding..geographic connections..diff sound..good businessman..he also played b-ball..also south, but northern sensib.,,,also $ business..mainstreaming of hip hop,,,gangsta rap dies out...invention, re-invention.....also, rise of detroit..eminem..major figure...brings detroit to forefront..making detroit hip..and then kid rock ..real..metal..fringe genres..coming together w/ hop hop..limp biscit, korn,...Today? Hip hop becoming irrelevant? ..making lots of money..stop changing..less experimentation..less bold, from hip hop ...u know u become mainstream when grammy recognizes u..heresy for me to say but....Recording academy..being in biz..producer, writer, ....[Plays vid eminem & elton jon..given hip hop's homophobic culture..this was seminal] [ was it a seminal moment as the beginning of the END of hip-hop, as it lost its verve?] ..2006 nas comes out saying hip hop dead..didn't want to stay stuck in rut...had nas here....rock hall of fame brings in hip hop, grammy knows hip hop

...After we did whitehouse thing..state dept..calls..cultural diplomacy..obama revived it.. they asked me to organize hop hop to go to muslim countries.[hip hop to muslim countries as a form of diplomacy ?! Please explain how that would appease muslims or appeal to muslims who already think of America as godless] .as did armstrong & ellington 50 yrs ago ...I couldn't run it....Where is hop hop now ? Ring tone..commercialize..sound same..its on life support now..homogenized..mentions nicky menaj opening for britney spears in upcoming tour..360 degrees ..piracy..economy ....Country music still buys cd's ..loyalty..not download..not w/ hip hop....need audience with means to support act ..when economy of art form goes away..trouble ..younger gen doesn't feel the concept of spportin.."////BELOW are the NOTES from SESSION 1 of 3

(I missed session 2 )



3/29/11 NOTES FROM HIP-HOP SURVEY COURSE (1 of 3) taught by Bob @ GM: "...learn more abt music hip hop..whats a middle age white guy teaching hip hop..I'm a musical am music my specialty..not hip hop.this class not like the elvis class.this is a survey course..3 periods as an overview..will have other courses..hip hop america's pop music now last quarter century..its a survey class..people who live this culture..if u want to add, embellish..can never learn too expertise. Af am music..also reggae..after hip hop comes bob marley exhibit..a hip hop museum ready to bronx..I'm on board...maybe russel simmons on board..anybody see him here a few weeks ago....others coming chris blackwell, ..pbs special..kate..@ whitehouse..kate did this exhibit..don't need to agree..its interpretive..subjectivity..otherwise just read in book ..used to teach @ rutgers..this is not academia..try to do this in colloquial way..not preach to u..meant to be entertaining..some here b/c I asked u to come..I didn't come quickly to hip hop..even tho I was there in the early 70's...think of 20th century..america's century..come to age as superpower..after fall of comm ..also musically, no country can touch what we have given to the world musically in 20th century..separate bl & wh culture..look @ af am to amt..# of new forms..brilliant artists..overall impact.entire world..not all clear cut..jazz black music form..but dig down.others contrib too ..but in general..louis armstrong et al..blues blues jazz, soul, funk, r & b, disco, hip hop, bee bop swing, cool, fusion,,of all these forms..all given due..endorsed exported..except hip hop until now...revol music..challenges..polit..most recent..hasn't gotten its due.celeb gospel blues...maybe too controversial to get credit..still...what made it so..give & take of african cult..also anglo irish..also racism..extra & wh celbr..where r we now..first ams bouncing ...haven't had major music..lately..last was grunge..late 80's, 90' slowed down ?ess imp..25% decrease in concert to ..soul music..motown..also...and atlantic..golden age..also rock roll..then 1970's..chronolog..musically '63 to '73..that's the 60's music era..hip hop..not 60's go from soul funk...I don't know re hip hop in '73 ..have to wait 6 years..before recorded artifact..rappers delight ..sugar hill gang..why in this ? .69 71 motown losing lustre..stevie wonder..migrated..motown leaves detroit comes here..but not like it used to be..sly & family stone..loses sensib as..couple key bands & artists..2 huge..gil scott herron ..last"when revol comes.."..gangsta rap..not on radio..last poets..many blacks didn't even know of this music..marvin gaye..more known..cnsdrd greatest of all times..70-73 ..clip.."far too many of u dying.."...[red hat]..also "sounds of philadelphia"..the oj's..signed in cleve but rcrded in phillie.."love train" ....revolution vs love..this is backdrop to bronx q..rock surfaces memphis ..why hip hop fr to be created & sustained..not just artist but was like beirut or baghdad..suffered incredibly..ny in bad condition..bronx pushed aside..gangs ..drugs..south bronx..maybe mother cabrini projrcts chicago..maybe south l.a....become so isolated..create in a vacum w/o outside interference or ack..seattle..grunge..a seam..pearl jam, nirvana..already formed b/f world knew..a lot carribeans settled nyc ..jamaicans..brooklyn..1962 jamaica indep..many got out..s. bronx...late 60's..kid campbell..clive ..from jamaica..brings..reggae..sound systems..everything outdoors ..disc jockey....toast over dub plates..jamaicans come to usa with this..clive campbell..longs for jamaica..wonders what he's doing in bronx..sound system..he didn't know he was creating history...invit..come to dj cool hercs party set up jamaica style..earliest hip hop...rap..part of af am cult..verbal at herks ams and jamaicans together..'73..sudden concept of spinning records..unique way, art form..74 75..another frm..also hispanic & gay..disco..gets no respect...but it was important..w/o disco no m. Jackson, no manhattan..records..disc spun..if white grate dead, almond bros,..underground movement, black hispanic again..mixing..never leave dance floor..77 sat night fever..mst imp of all time..j. travolta..exported disco cult..drugs..all this happ.. bee gees..trammpps...burn baby burn..disco & white outfits..early hip hop would borrow from.some day will do disco shoe exhibit....or pistols.springsteen..u had to select what u would embrace....people dressed their music..


Then bob sensib..lively up yourself..all this happening..rappers delight..sugarhill gang....soul train on tv..imp for black..this was seminal..just happened to catch it on camera..not the best


Three main entities..curtis blow..then up to run dmc ..hip hop is developing a consc style.that will explode...grand wizard theatre..scratching..then grand master flash. Popularized it..then .barbada (?)..flash a seminal giant..


Dj & mc..back then dj..was the guy..age of mc in future..dancing why they're spinning records..bee boy bee girl..bboy break dancing..some of best break dancers were latino ..


Tagging..grafitti..becomes part..cey dams..tagging did a piece here ..been dodging cops for 3 decades...there's a f you mentality in bronx..didn't want to be part of discos..taggers..socs & psys studied.. I was in zurich..most expensive place in wall..


[He periodically makes some of his prejudices "conservative zurich"..wouldn't apprec it in des moines iowa.."no offense to des moines"..let's "rock n roll"..(it was a term for sexual icourse)..he's talking to white christians....jazz also fr black culture ..means sex icourse.."

I learned a new trick today. Read about it on DIYphotography.

Tagged ~ 16 things about me:


1. I'm a minimalist, just not a very good one.


2. I live in a 550 sq. ft. house with my daughter and dog. The love and joy we share is astounding.


3. Used to own a Publishing company, (newspaper, magazine, print shop, design studio), a heating and air conditioning company, chiropractic office, and worked as a real estate agent (not all at the same time).


4. Know the words to every song I ever heard from the year 1965-2000, but sometimes can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.


5. Everybody in Boulder has an "inner child". I have an "inner sweetheart" and he buys me jewelry and shoes.


6. Read 15th century poetry for comfort and love loud rock and roll (especially in the car where it can't get out)


7. Type 145+ wpm, it's a curse.


8. Love the snow, can walk barefoot in it. Last time I skied I broke both thumbs.


9. Domestically impaired and occasionally swear (only two bad habits, not bad)


10. Grew up the daughter of a single father who owned a steel contracting company and a scubadiving shop, he flew planes, always had big boats, raced cars every Sunday night and played all night poker every Saturday. He always took me and my sister with him. Our only female influence (until I was a teenager) was my head librarian grandmother. Kat and I spent the summers with her, 9-6, 5 days a week, in the Public Library.


11. I haven't slept for 3 months. (might be because I miss my sister) Might have to try sleeping on the roof. It's a great place to hide and stay cool.


12. Embarrassed by the fact that I have asthma ~ keeps me from dating, mountain climbing and oil painting.


13. Love games and kill at poker. Can't do Trivial Persuit or Rubik's cubes.


14. I am an incredibly kind person, an excellent friend, and will always be there for you if you are one.


15. Fall in love at the drop of a hat, but learned not to do anything about it.


16. Have an almost magical sense of intuition.


Realize I left my son off the list. I'm incredibly proud of him, his music, his photography, his intensive travel, and his brilliant mind. He considers himself a "lucky monkey". I consider myself a "lucky mom".


I've been learning 3D modeling for a week or so, and I wanted to try mixing a photograph with a render, to see if it was possible. What do you think?


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Llevo una semana y pico aprendiendo a diseñar en 3D, y quería probar a integrar fotografía con un render, por ver si era viable. ¿Qué os parece?


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