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I had fun with this image. Used just about every technique that I know of including a Black and White version. This barn sits in the path of high winds ALL THE TIME coming down from the Canadian Rockies. West of this location are many, many windmills "using" the wind while this barn resists the wind.


A real tribute to the familie(s) who built these amazing structures that continue to stand today.

~ a concert on the green ♪ ♫ ♭ ♪ ♫

My lawn and Mr Nikon shutter included Mrs Aperture edited:))


Thank you for all praise encourage, I always appreciate:)


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Lawn Fawn March Inspiration week - Wonderful Window


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The lawn sanctuary in Wolmyeongdong after snowfall

Cockatoo Island for 19th Sydney Art Biennale 2014

One of the best things in the world to be is a boy; it requires no experience, but needs some practice to be a good one. Charles Dudley Warner

"Sierra lawn" in a small glacial cirque.


Ansel Adams Wilderness, East side of the Sierra Nevada Range.

near the ranges crest. Weather remains my favorite

"contrast-reduction filter" for middle of the day landscape photography.

Hard to find sierra lawn these days without visible "social" trails.


The sun was out yesterday afternoon so I thought I'd spend some time kneeling on the lawn. Aaaah, the wet knees.

I really ought to mow the lawn but the daisy are just looking great.

Rattlesnake Grass casting off seeds.

The lawn sanctuary in Wolmyeongdong during summer

My lawn is full ow moss and mushrooms. For Flickr Lounge weekly theme bokeh.

and 100x the 2014 Edition




About ninety percent of the insects on my 'stream were captured in the beautiful little yard at our old house, but our new back garden is nothing but grass. My wife sees it as a blank canvas and will eventually turn it into a beautiful haven for wildlife!

Here's another ornament from a yard in Paradise Valley.

Might look nice as a print over a couch.

These small fungi are popping up all over my overgrown lawn at the moment......I have no idea what they are called??

This thriving travel stop rests about 20 miles south of Moab, UT at the La Sal junction off of Hwy 191. A double-wide trailer has been placed on the property in just such a way that the wonderful structure in this picture is located right in the middle of what most people would consider a front yard.


As Murphy would have it, said trailer home blocks what naturally might be, in my opinion, the single best angle from which a photographer could shoot at picture (note: it's important above to distinguish "my opinion" from whatever opinion would be held by a photographer that was actually good at the craft). That said, in my frustration at being unable to get the shot I wanted, I did briefly consider going up and knocking on the door of the trailer, inside of which the lights and TV were still on.


I imagined the conversation going something like this:


Me: [knock, knock]


Occupant (frustratedly mumbling): What the fuck?!


clink-chunk [sound of shotgun being cocked]


skiff-clunk skiff-clunk [sound of my rapid, clumsy footsteps and the tripod banging against my leg as I dash as fast as humanly possible to the car].


Vrooooom! [car removing me from shotgun range and allowing me to die instead from heart failure a few minutes later].


And thus, I convinced myself to be satisfied with this shot, and I quietly made my way back to the car and continued down the highway.

My prize to myself for getting through 6 months of the business? An 85mm 1.8.


My prize to myself for getting through another editing session? Editing some of my own.


Boy, I know how to LIVE...


(Not actually a meadow, our lawnmower is broken...) ink%20Flamingo/11/237/21

Remnants of a more attentive times.


Finally was able to mow my lawn this spring - need to do something with the grass!

Happy Bench Monday! Let's hope for a fun week ahead!

Early morning sunrays in the Lawn Woods Old Town Swindon

Lawn Fawn February Inspiration week - Gleeful Gardens


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The lawn sanctuary in Wolmyeongdong during spring

Two affectionate little lawn daisies - bellis perennis

Lawn mowing Sheep in Tuscany.


While driving on the Road from Siena to Asciano, we suddenly saw the sheep on this hill so i quickly turned the steering wheel around and went onto a gravel path. Our car is not really made for such roads, so it was pretty bumpy, but finally we got to this vantage point - it was worth it!


Looks way better on black


Have a nice weekend!

Almost HBW... I spotted these small flowers among the Daisies in the front lawn. Their complex design was lovely

The Solstice-class ships of Celebrity Cruises are the first ships to have "real" grass growing on its top deck. The half-acre Lawn Club on Celebrity Equinox invites guests to enjoy bocce ball and croquet, or simply feel the grass between their toes, while sailing the oceans of the world.


View the entire Celebrity Equinox cruise here!


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Polkovice, Czech Republic

March 2014


I plan to print some of my photos for personal use. Just to archive them and have something that I can actually touch. I realized I have majority of my images only in digital. I almost forgot how it is to see them printed.


But I am thinking about the form. I was used to order classic dimensions 10 x 15 cm (3,9" × 5,8") and put these prints in classic photo album that are sold in drugstores.


A printed photobook seems to be a way, too. But I have no experice.


Just thinking out laud. I am having this in my head for months and just can‘t move forward.

When we went with my family to the photographer to have our family portraits with kids taken,the guy told us: „nobody prints pictures today, everybody wants to keep them only digital to share them on Facebook“.


Thanks for favs and comments!


Lawn Fawn February Inspiration week - Scripty Sayings


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A house I visited in the town of Mineral Springs that had some veeery interesting things on the grounds.

This was one of them.


*Does anyone else think the new Flickr layout sucks or is it just me?

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