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One of the great egrets at Audubon Park taking flight to find another stick for the nest! Ardea alba.

Castaways restaurant/bar in Bay City, Michigan, seems to be a popular launching and stopping spot for snowmobilers on the frozen Saginaw River.


Happy Fence Friday, everyone!

I really liked the futuristic look of the Canary Wharf tube station in London.


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A boat is ready to launch in Riomaggiore, Italy.

This little male came launching out of this tree so fast I almost missed him. What an interesting species.

From the series Aqualorée vol II :


Leman Lake, France 2009

:copyright: 2009 All rights reserved by JulioC. (available for licensing at Getty Images).

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5th photographic meeting / 5.º meeting fotográfico

Ilustrar Portugal group◄

Location: Cais Palafítico da Lagoa de Óbidos (Portugal) - 2009, October 4


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The balloon launch this morning was delayed a few times because of weather again. I parked myself on the west side of Prospect Lake facing east.

Tech Details:

Nikon D300

Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4.5 @ 17mm

Exposure: 121 sec, f/16

ISO: 200

B+W ND110

Cokin 0.9 Grad

CS3 Ext & Silver Efex Pro2

Long exposure shots of Sheffield's trams are a current project:

the joy and colour of a father helping a 5 year old daughter learn to catch waves on her boogie board!

An unusual vantage point--an egret taking off as seen from underneath a tree in Santa Rosa, California. There are some risks to standing underneath a tree to photograph birds! I did end up with some extra laundry, but the camera didn't fare too badly.



Marin County Fair, Juried Photography Show, 2014, Honorable Mention.

Northern California Council of Camera Clubs, June 2014, Monochrome Print Competition, Honorable Mention.


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This is the arched hallway of the City Hall in Santiago de Compostela in Spain. It's simply a mirrored image of the top of the hallway and it's rotated 90 degrees. You can note the lamps at the top of the archs. Then I added the lights effects through the columns.

Happy New Year, Hoping 2015 brings you happiness and great photos.

I was heading back to the car on Saturday when i thought i would try and get a shot of the famous launches and rowing boats at Keswick.I had to settle for these two as the place was inevitably swarming with more togs.Still i had this little piece to myself and with the distant pink clouds in shot i wasn't really complaining.


EXIF....F11....0.5 SECONDS....ISO 100....21MM....LEE 0.9H ND GRAD + KOOD ND4


explore #128 11-oct-09


The inflatable pillows at the West Beach Holiday Centre provide hours of fun. More to come, my niece wanted to get involved too.

Shanghai Natural Museum.

A canoe and kayak launch just north of my home in Hudson, Florida. There is still lots of fall color here thanks to the red maples.


One of the little known facts about Florida is that it is a paddlers' paradise. Florida has the longest paddling trail in the continental United States at 1,550 miles. It starts on the Florida / Alabama border, continues around the entire coastline of Florida and ends at the Florida / Georgia border on the Atlantic. You're never far from an easily accessible river or lake.

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Happy furry Friday.


The Red Baron likes to use this pole sticking out of a flower pot as a look-out post and launch pad into the fir tree above. See the video here

This is where the Blue Water Bridge departs and arrives in Sarnia, Ontario, across the river from Port Huron, Michigan.

A Sandhill Crane makes its launch to gain flight. Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico, USA, November 2014

Sanctuary, Saskatchewan


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February 23, 2015


A Flicker propels himself from the frozen ground toward a suet feeder hanging above. When they suddenly take to flight, their yellow feathers are brilliant, and it looks like someone is flashing a bright yellow light at you... Maybe that's why they are called "Flickers?"


Brewster, Massachusetts - Cape Cod



Canon 7D

Photo by brucetopher

© Bruce Christopher 2015

All Rights Reserved


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Metropolitan Hotel Ikebukuro.

Explored October 11th.

Sick yellow Scud missile chilling at the Oakley HQ with some friends. Went a bit crazy on this one; that being said I quite like how it came out. Thoughts?


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Inside a beyond massive closed factory that is likely going to be demolished. Several million square feet that was still powered, heated & patrolled by security. This place is filled with tracks, conveyors & some robotics.


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These are the remains of the launching blocks for the Sunderland flying boats made at The Blackburn Aircraft factory during the war.

Just realised you can see the water trails from his feet.

Looks good on black (thanks Dave H).

a small toy boat is placed in the water at sundown at new brightons boat lake, wallasey wirral uk.

Merger of two images from the launch and reentry segments of Space Mountain.


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central perth;


the daylight version is here

with different focus ;-)

Yashica T5 | Fuji Superia X-TRA 400

Southwold 2010. © Theo Hiley

Out on the ice in the harbour, all alone.....definitely time to get back to shore and hide from that guy with the big lens.

(Shortlisted for Landscape Photographer Of the Year 2013)


As an island nation, we in the UK are blessed with an incredibly diverse and unique coastline. It's in fact impossible to live here and not be affected by the sea - even if just as a means of commerce - but for most of us there is a huge, irresistible pull purely by the sheer delight of being beside it. In writing this narrative I did a little research, and although figures vary greatly dependent on the source it would seem (at least according to some of the most trusted), that we are surrounded by 19,491 miles of undulating shoreline. This includes that encompassing principle islands, although there's some dispute over what actually constitutes one of these. I've come across accounts of there being anywhere between 803 to 7,747 landmasses off the mainland that could technically be classed as islands! Apparently, you'll only ever be just 70 miles from the coast - and if you happen to be so then you must be in the vicinity of Church Flatts Farm, which is just outside the village of Coton in the Elms (how English does that sound?!) in Derbyshire.


For a landscape photographer this abundant strip of water creates near limitless possibilities, although the vast majority of us will only ever visit a fraction of it. We may believe we know the stretches about us, but often this isn't truly the case. This was highlighted recently to me by Trevor Cotton, who visited south Devon - my home - and took a number of excellent shots. I recognised each of the locations, until this one cropped up, which then had me scratching my head as I had no idea where it was. Trevor, I'm sure, would have been kind enough to tell me for the asking, and had in fact already revealed to me that he'd stumbled upon this wonderful scene. I'm yet to comment on Trevor's shot however - and wanted to see if I could work out exactly where it was first - which I managed with the help of co-conspirator Keith Aggett. The beautiful image Trevor captured so well (despite very trying conditions I know), is just 10 miles from me, yet I'd never explored the stretch of path he took to it. Inspiration being what it is, I have to confess Keith and I visited the spot early this morning and, I must also admit, attempted to shoot our own interpretations of the scene. Whether they will see the light of day or not I don't yet know - but if they do it will be thanks to Trevor.


Of course, there are also vistas that are so well recognised they've become almost iconic landmarks about the nation. The image above is my version of what I would consider to be one such - yet I'd guess there will be least one or two of you who won't be familiar with it. Should that be the case, then this link will reveal all - along with the associated video for those with access to 4oD. I'd recommend watching it, as it provides a fascinating insight to the lengths some people will go to achieve that which I mentioned initially - the sheer delight of being beside the ocean.




More from the Top Secret Mother Ship!


I still cannot believe they let me in... Look here for a Large view, and behind the scene stories! and the Making of..


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Can you spot the OSHA Violation?


I was inspired to try this with my own guys.

Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron boat launching rail in St Kilda harbour.

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