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some people will do almost anything to take a photo up a girls skirt

DJ extraordinaire


at the Laughing Squid 10th Anniversary Party

I had to get better shots of the hat.

Comments sent to me by Aaron much later were hilarious, about how HE's not a hipster, just an everyday San Franciscan...

From the Laughing Squid 10 party. Image courtesy of the Photoboof archives.

The guy in the safety jacket set off the "cauldron" to explode in flames every few minutes or so.

Irina takes Jacob Appelbaum aside at the recent Laughing Squid party to probe him on his roboerotic ways.


watch - 3' 49 QT

Laughing Squid celebrated 10 years of freaky culture and hosting in SF last night. Here's a few highlights.


03:07 QuickTime

It's a bronze chicken head, with a fire pit inside.

great shirt. it made me smile as soon as I saw her. She let me take a pic as we waited in the bathroom line.

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