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No leaves, yet loads of tiny white blossom, was this a consequence of the indian summer that we experienced ? These are the natural colours, the wind was blowing a lovely gale making the challenge of getting focus a little more interesting.



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°°° the beauty of a straw flower before autumn aster bokeh°°°




Wishing you all a happy blue monday and a sunny week



jensen.pernille said:

" Spreading so much joy - you are -with you kind and friendly way of commenting -

and especially with your beautiful captures -


You can really see the spirit of the plants and flowers - and catch

the beauty plants and flowers are meant to spread... "


- - - - -

thank you dear Pernille !


see her wonderful fotos here:



It is never too late to be what you might have been...

George Eliot


more archive cleaning:)) it was a lovely night early in august:))


hope you like it:))


have a great weekend everyone:))


thanks alot for stopping by and for leaving comments and faves, much appreciated:))

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The walking path near "Willow Springs Ponds" in Fountain, Colorado on a late September afternoon, 2007


Better Seen Here...

Kverntjern. Halden. Norway

Hasselblad 500C/M + C80 T* + Portra160NC


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Crannog reconstruction at Llangorse Lake

Sunset this evening with my son and a good Friend.


This colour appeared well after sunset, just as we were considering packing up.

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Eilean Donan castle in the late afternoon sunlight, Highlands, Scotland.

Last weekend was pretty hectic and the same will be for the next couple of weeks, so I might not be doing as much flickring as I would like to. Hope all of you have a wonderful start to a new week!!

Still working over some landscapes from my May trip to Sedona. The light was spectacular on the red rocks, and I like these more in black and white than color, because the red of the red rocks is overpowering to the great subtleties of the light and shadow.


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The tree in the corn field again...close to my school so I stop there occassionally if I think there may be a nice sky..


SuperTakumar 105mm F2.4

Kodak Portra160

10" x 13" Watercolor

Arches 140#CP

The temperatures, after our brief kiss of snow, warmed to the 50s and 60s and have been mighty pleasant. But this 'dip' into warmth will end tomorrow when we are plunged into the wintry temperatures of the rest of the country -- mid 20s and 30s .... Unseasonable for the North Carolina Piedmont. But that blast of arctic air gives me hope for another dusting of the white stuff, and gives me another week of hibernation.


Of course, this is also the time when seed and nursery companies send their incredible, air-brushed, magnificently colored catalogues, beguiling us with dreams of having the 'best garden,' producing the 'top vegetables,' enhancing our property with the 'best performers,' all to make us dream our way into spring-- neglecting, of course, to burst that bubble with the reality of the work, energy and sweat equity that comes with it.


I can't deny that I'm infatuated too with such promises and tempting photographs, but after years of gardening, that impulse to buy every seed in the book, accept all the accolades of this that or the other 'best', or convince myself that THIS year I will win the war on weeds, insects and heat, I am happy to dream in color catalogue splendor, while I enjoy a bit more of winter's rest and the leisure time at the art table.


Growing older has a few advantages .... Like experience.


Have a great week!



Made it to the home page of the group 'Nature is.... THE TOP...'. Link: Thank you indeed for all the appreciation!!


A cold late Autumn afternoon at Epping Lake. The last hint of sunset was there and I stood stunned, feeling the chill of the coming cold days. It was calm and it was peaceful. Don't know if I will ever get the chance to come back in here.. I will miss my London days...

Looking up river in Middle River under late day lighting on lovely evening with very little winds. Pretty for November.

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