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Lasooni Dal Palak (Garlic flavoured lentil and spinach soup) -


No well-balanced Indian meal is complete without the protein rich lentil dish or dal. Simple tadka dal features most during busy weekdays where a cooked dal is tempered with spices, but combining vegetables with lentils/beans can make any dish a powerhouse of nutrition. Like this bowl of Lassoni Dal Palak is going be one hearty and healthy bowl of goodness that will put a smile on everyone's face when you all sit down for a meal. This recipe of Lasooni Dal Palak or garlicy lentil soup with spinach is one of the best tasting dal recipes ever. The spices used are minimal, making it a nutrition and flavour packed comfort food and that for me is the next best thing to a mother’s hug!

The festive thali that made us snooze all through the Sunday afternoon… What is festival without some delicious food that reminds us of home and connects us to our roots?! Today is Holi, a Hindu festival of colours and love which marks the beginning of spring. Although in South India it is not celebrated as fervently as in Northern parts of India, we Indians never miss a chance to indulge in some good food whenever such opportunities arise! :) So here is what I cooked today; nothing fancy thali, but something that we all love.

From left to right:

Aloo Gobi (Simple stir fry of potatoes and cauliflower flavoured with aromatic Indian spices) -

Sweet and Salty Pineapple & Cucumber Raita (flavoured with kala namak/black salt) – Since none of us were in a mood for something sweet, this sweet and salty raita won our hearts and bellies

Lasooni Dal Palak (Garlic flavoured spinach and lentil soup) - #recipe coming up next on

Achari Paneer (Paneer/Indian cottage cheese cooked in a creamy onion and tomato gravy flavoured with pickling spices) -

Spinach, Sweetcorn and Peas Pulao (flavoured with whole spices)

Whole Wheat Garlic and Coriander Naan -


Here’s wishing you a Holi filled with sweet moments and colourful memories to cherish forever… A very Happy Holi!


Succulent pieces of chicken flavored with garlic.


Thank you very much Mr. Gary Wise for a wonderful lunch!

Lasooni Wild Tiger Prawns, Red Pepper Chutney

Lasooni Wild Tiger Prawns, Red Pepper Chutney

Garlic butter naan

Fire Indian Dinner 2010-11-08

A stupendous meal but then again, so was this!

The only dish tempting us at Tamarind was lasooni pasliyan: grilled lamb cutlets marinated with garlic, chili, lime and black cumin seeds, served with salad. The lamb was tasty and properly spicy, but salad? Some random lettuce leaves. Two stars for the lamb.

Lasooni Gobhi prepared by Chef Vikas Khanna at Foodhall, Palladium, Mumbai

Dinner of parwal ki bhaji (wax gourd), paneer butter masala, Gongura chicken (Andhra style chicken, whatever this meant), lasooni dal tadka (lentil with mustard and cumin), mutton biryani, turai tamatar (ridge gourd in tomato sauce) and khumb palak (mushroom shag) with raita

Chicken marinated in coriander and yogurt and grilled

Lasooni Methi is fenugreek leaves cooked and spiced similarly to saag, etc but with oodles of garlic. This mango salsa had sweet red pepper in it besides the carrots in escabeche I always put in.

Grilled lamb cutlet marinated with garlic, chilli, lime and black cumin seeds, served on mixed salad.


Lunch Session at the Taste of London Festival - 19th June 2009

One of the most common delicacies of South India!

Lasooni Saag Panner (no, not meconium) at Amber India

Laal Maas (curried lamb), Butter Chicken and Coastal Fish Curry with Naan and Basmati rice. We also had Lasooni Cauliflower as an appetizer.

Shot for Mantraa Restaurant, Thane

Shot for Mantraa Restaurant, Thane

Lasooni chicken tikka, Delhi Cuisine and Bar, Kelowna, BC. Everything we ate there was amazing.