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Captured at the Carolina Raptor Center / Charlotte, NC.


Pictured here is a portrait of one of the Carolina Raptor Center's Golden Eagles... This fellow's name is Zlaty, meaning "golden" in Czech. Zlaty has been with the CRC since his placement back in 1985.


At the time of shot, Zlaty was focusing in on his next meal, and wasn't about to be distracted by any nearby photographers. ;)


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"Laser Focused" is a non-HDR that was processed using a combination of ACR, Photoshop, and various Topaz Labs plugins (including: Adjust, AI Clean, Glow, and Impression).


From the depths of our Fairelands has come Krom, a warrior in search of new adventures. Still do not want to reveal what sim is coming, but surely they will be a formidable champion in the quest of 2019 ...

The style card and credits here

For Macro Mondays - Handle With Care

A 1.5mm high intensity laser beam that needs to be handled with care, it can burn! I used a small smoke machine to highlight the beam.

Happy Macro Monday!!

“Out here in Hibernia, we repurpose all sorts of machinery for work on the newest frontier. This laser-powered mining vehicle is an ex-military laser mounted on an old mechanised infantry support vehicle that last saw action in the Summer Colony uprising. The powerful laser cuts through the icy rock like a knife through butter, while the caterpillar track base is rugged and near indestructible, making vehicles like this the backbone of the vehicle pool in Hibernia mining operations.”




Hibernia is an awesome new worldbuilding collaboration started by some really talented builders. Really excited to join and start building. Imagine OG 50s sci fi/Tintin vibes meets Titanfall meets original Lego aesthetic.


Feeling crazy inspired - big stuff is coming!

I stopped for a minute to take this shot since the greenie was focused on something, but I didn't bother to see what had his attention and continued on my walk. But when I looked at the image on the computer I saw what he was interested in... a dragonfly nymph. Since dragonflies are my favorite insect I was a bit dismayed when I saw his intended snack. Wildwood Park, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Just playing around with a green laser, a prism and a bit of smoke... and once again proving that you can bend light with a piece of glass (but of course as photographers we all knew that!)

A fun weekend in Wales with some excellent company, We had hours to play in this bomb store, daytime LP is always good, Here is one shot straight out of the camera with Tim as the silhouette, I had been thinking about this laser set up for quite some time and was pleased that it worked out well

SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence)


The best way to find laser flashes from an alien civilization is to look everywhere, all the time, and a new project aims to do just that.

The SETI Institute, in Mountain View, California, has created a system which it calls "Laser SETI" which consists of eight cameras constantly observing the universe.


"The universe we call home is vast! It's also nearly 14 billion years old, so it's very difficult to imagine that we are alone.

Yet extraterrestrial life still eludes our efforts to find it. Now we have a chance to be a part of the technology that can change that forever." —said SETI Institute President and CEO Bill Diamond.


"Laser SETI is the first experiment to circumvent this assumption —Diamond adds—, because it's designed to find a very short ping that doesn't stay on all the time: it can detect a laser flash as short as a microsecond, and one that might not repeat for days, weeks, or even longer."


Watching All the Sky All the Time!


“The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together.” ― Carl Sagan, Cosmos.


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Take a seat, the Doctor will be with you in a minute

"Laser Diffusion", droplet collisions with laser intersections.... one of the "Stay At Home" series of "Table Top Photography"

Lasers shoot out of the robot’s eyes as the sun sets beyond the wall.

Nagoya Central Park, Aichi-ken, Japan

One single long exposure. No photoedition : straight out of the camera except for contrast/crop.


Model : Sébastien Cerisier

Lights : Grégory Lamouline & me

Assist : Fabian Viroux


Light painting session with Sébastien Cerisier, Grégory Lamouline, arnozpictures, Fabian Viroux


Cobra Laser Trooper.


Found this guy locally over the weekend, along with a Lamprey and a few other goodies.

I thought this female Anna's Hummingbird looked so laser focused. Probably bent on protecting her patch of flowers.

My kind wish for my Dear friends and all who like my photos . Thank you very much all for big support and lovey comments .

Laser Bowling April 11 2010 P1130790

They didn't explain she shouldn't bring real lasers!


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Flashpoint Role Play

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Photography notes:


The ray gun was put together by Morgan Talbot from the graves G552 Tempest outfit, taken out of the holster, added SFX

Pose created by Morgan Talbot, inspired by Bauhaus Flying Daggers pose 2

Photographed at Drune, SciFi sim,

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taken at Marina Bay, Singapore

Marina bay, Singapore


Thanks for visiting my photostream

Kai-tak Cruise Terminal, Hong Kong.

Some good old lightpainting fun with my brother after a long period of recovering and coping with my lower back hernia.

It's done with mirrors (no smoke, sorry!) and beam splitters. Follow the numbers for the path of ruby laser light to the ultimate destination.



Theme: Contraptions

Macro Mondays


ISO :100




This heron was laser focused on some prey under the water. He didn't notice me at all.

For FlickrFriday theme “MotionBlur“

“Loco( )Motive“ sending laser beams ;-)

Kai-tak Cruise Terminal, Hong Kong.

A white piece of paper in combination with a laser pointer.

If I was smart I would have set up my tripod and shot this at a longer exposure and lower ISO, but it's partially broken so I didnt bother. This is a shot of a laser christmas light projecting on my house from the inside. There was just enough mist in the air to allow the lasers to really stand out. I may post a color version of this later. This looks really cool in color but B&W always stirs my emotions more than color so I went with the usual conversion.

Strong sun laser beaming in on just one Indian Blanket. 20160507MuleshoeDxLr2v3

playing around with lasers and long exposure

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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