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image taken with canon eos 5d mark ii with lens ef 8-15mmL fisheye @ 15mm.

three images -2, 0 , +2 EV used with photomatix to create hdr and final brushes with Ps5.


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1/8 sheet

Arches 140#CP


I was reading a book by Ewa Karpinska on wet in wet applications - she painted a viewon which this is based - but I changed the colors and landscape a bit to show more of the scene from my window .....the chartruese and bright green of spring tree foliage against the greys of storm clouds arriving over blue skies. Grasses line the roads in uncut waves as cold temperatures and back-to-back days of precipitation have kept most folks out of their gardens and away from their lawns.


With more rain in the forecast for all day today as well as tomorrow, It looks like our art dedication will be postponed until next week.


Classes last night went well- just a long, long day - mirrored by another one today ...


Stay well and dry!

Coyotes are well adapted to urban environments and have made Vancouver their home since they first arrived in the 1980’s. Now they are a permanent fixture in the urban landscape, and can often be seen in parks, school grounds, golf courses and neighbourhoods of Vancouver 土狼,一種膽小的野狼,一般在郊野公園,甚至學校操場出現,以覓食小動物為生

Dunnotar castle in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire.

I took it last year when had a vacation in yellowstone 這是去年渡假的產品,翻出來覺得不錯和大家分享。

seen in upper swabia, germany

in Oberschwaben, Deutschland gesehen

the horns of the paine at the first morning light

This winter in Toronto started in the middle of December and finished… just before Christmas. In a sense that the snow was gone by then. Afterwards, we’ve seen a dark semblance of winter, so on the last weekend I decided to go up North in search of winterscape… I had to drive at least 50 km before I saw a thin layer of snow in the fields. I knew that another 100km would probably be enough to end up in real winter – but I wanted a beautiful winterscape, not just winter. So I spent some time driving and walking and driving again… and this is the best landscape I could find. Not overly impressive – but at least it was a nice clean white winter day I wanted.

Those clouds....Is that not a HAARP effect? Are they busy again? Or is someone warping on a large scale? Who Knows?


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Watch -


Is it HAARP that is attacking? Or did the TPTB invent new WMD's?

Landscape Dhaulagiri & Tuckuche peak from Titi village on the Annapurna Circuit Nepal

misty morning




Playa of Tengradin, Noja, Cantabria, Spain 25th October 2012


I took a very peculiar shot of the beautiful Beach of Tengradin, Noja. It was not long before dawn and that particular light made me feel I was in a different planet, which is why I chose a photoshoped accentuated post with long closed shades and an electric blue that accentuated the "alien" feeling.




Playa di Tengradin, Noja, Cantabria, Spagna 25/10/2012


Scatto molto particolare della bellissima Playa di Tengradin di Noja, mancava ancora un po' prima del sorgere del sole e la luce particolare mi ha proprio dato la sensazione di essere su un altro pianeta, per questo motivo ho deciso per una post un po' spinta con le ombre parecchio chiuse e un blu elettrico che accentuasse la sensazione "aliena".


Thank for your visit and comments I appreciate that very much.

Large Lavender Field at Hitchin Lavender, Ickleford

If your ever in the Snake River Valley traveling by Twin Falls Idaho, you owe it to yourself to stop in and see the "Niagara Of The West"


Shoshone Falls is an amazing place and there you will see the entire Snake River tumbling over the huge cliffs to the massive splash pool below.


Please enjoy the view. :-)


Nick Boren Photography :copyright:


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Thank You..

... cycling again on the Panoramic road (1000 m altitude)

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