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Happy New Year everyone! To another year of photography! Nothing starts the new year right like a sunrise, although I'm usually not awake for then. This photo was taken at Lake Artemesia.

Back to nature for a bit!


It looked too cool in person to have not taken a photo.


This week is my last year in high school and it's rather daunting. Although it's still very stressful; with AP exams and finals all over the place, I would prefer to sleep. I actually have my AP Statistics exam tomorrow, which I didn't really have motivation to study for...I'll do it in the morning. But it was also really exciting to get my Differential Equations exam back and see that I passed with flying colors! It saved my grade for the semester, which means I don't have to take the final!


Also, I have decided I will be doing the 365 project. I have also decided to do it based entirely on conceptual/people stuff. I will likely start on May 26, or around that time (probably later), but I'm super excited to announce this to the five people that bother to read my descriptions!

Lake Artemesia

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I captured this Wood Duck hen leading her six ducklings to a feeding spot at Lake Artemesia in College Park, Maryland. I saw several broods of varying sizes but these guys were the youngest by far. It was morning and I was fortunate to have them pick up some sunlight before they swam into the shadows. I'm so pleased to capture images of the ducklings while they are still so cute.


Taken 26 June 2016.

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Explore #19 October 3, 2008


well come to Neptune one of the coldest planet with a surface temperature of

around -300°C

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While at Lake Artemesia in College Park, Maryland, I observed a small group of Redhead ducks. After some diving for food they got spooked by some folks running by. With a female in the lead, they formed a convoy and headed for another section of the lake. I managed to get even with them to snap this photo. What beautiful creatures they are!


Taken February 22, 2016.

Explore #53 February 24, 2009

Continuing with my blue theme...

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Explored 2015-08-23: Highest #87 Stable #160

I spotted a young man enjoying the sunset at Lake Artemesia in College Park and had to ask him for a photo.


My blog post about this photo:

At the water lily pond

Lake Artemesia

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"we are ready"

I went to Lake Artemesia in College Park, Maryland and wasn't expecting anything, but was richly rewarded to see several Wood Duck females and their broods. Here is a close up of one of the ducklings as they foraged among the Lilly pads on the lake. Such a cute little thing!


Taken 6 June 2016.

Canon AE-1

FD 50mm f/1.8

Agfa CT Precisa

Double Exposure

Unicolor C-41


This was a double exposure of a rainbow gradient, but for some reason only the green showed up. Still pretty neat!





I see the Pied-billed Grebes have their summer bills back, that distinctive silver and black bill. This adult has caught a small fish on one of it's many little submarine dives and is ready to knock it back (so to speak). Such cute small birds! I saw several on my walk at Lake Artemesia this morning.

Path leading to Artemesia

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Nikon d300

Manual Mode


50.7 seconds/exposure


Single RAW file

Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G ( My new lens... really awesome lens! )

Hitech Graduated Neutral Density (ND) 1.2 and 0.9 Filter


The cute Wood Duck duckling was swimming with it's mama and siblings. It was going from one area of Lilly-pads to another, crossing a small stretch of open water by itself.


Taken 6 June 2016 at Lake Artemesia in College Park, Maryland.

I captured this male Blue Dasher at Lake Artemesia in College Park, Maryland.


Taken 26 June 2016.

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The Gazebo at Lake Artemesia in College Park, MD


See my Rokinon 8mm Lens Review here:

Lake Artemesia

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OK ready...

yes ready..

ok! one.. two.. three..

hmmm nice. not bad

let me see..

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