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I'm a little behind this week, been out on a mini tour with the band. Here's a nice photo of Lola looking out to sea near Boscastle in Cornwall.

Such a cute dog. His eyebrows just kept going up and down as if to say, hey no, not another photo op!!! All the best to all for the first of Maz.

Australian labradoodle

Brinkley lounging in the sun

These two look trouble eh? Obviously Lola is on the left, on the right is Layla and she's the fur child of our buddies Shaun and Heather. The window is part of an an old, empty gatehouse in Illam estate, lovely stone mullioned windows and because they are on a lowish first floor level I was able to get a good angle. There is actually three window apertures in the building but I took the middle window out in post editing just to get a better composition - it's all about the fun so I'm not precious maintaining the original look. Oh, and don't worry, there's a responsible adult hanging on the back end of each dog out of sight!!

Mak my neighbors dog - I puppy sit him from time to time. I took him for a three hour trek through the woods today, we were both exhausted by the end.

Hello, I am a new puppy on flickr and I adopted my new Mom and Dad, Lynne and Dan, so I can live with them and play with Sheba. I will be going to their house on the 3rd day of November. I am in need of a new name, so can you help me think of a good name that my new Mom and Dad will love like they love me.

A diversion from the Motocross pics.. Our 1 1/2 year old Australian Labradoodle, La'Lou. Shot with my 50mm prime wide open, so I had to play around with the distance from her to get the dof just right. Luckily she stayed unusually still and was looking right into the camera.

My clients' dog, Peaches. She's a Mini Australian Labradoodle.

My clients' dog, Peaches. She's a Mini Australian Labradoodle.

Australian labradoodle, 16 months.

My clients' dog, Peaches. She's a Mini Australian Labradoodle.

I've been saving this for midsummer so as to be a nice contrast to all the summer photos. It is, of course, Lola playing in the snow last January at Thorswood Nature Reserve - some nice mid week fun to help you towards the weekend!


My clients' dog, Peaches. She's a Mini Australian Labradoodle.

Lola is such a hippy - It's the season of festivals and she's been pestering me to let her go to a to one of them. No place for a dog I said, so she got me to play some Doors and Hendrix and she did some serious hippy freak out dancing in the grounds of Trentham gardens and pretended she was at Woodstock in the summer of love! Way out man!

The only problem is she does not drive so I had to take her..... what a drag !

Gorgeous gray Labradoodle, Laverne

Cooper, my labradoodle puppy.

great shot of a sandy beard !!

My clients' dog, Peaches. She's a Mini Australian Labradoodle.

Lola's new star role in a film production of Arthur Conan Doyle's famous tale - the legend of the fearsome, diabolical hound of supernatural origin known as the Hound of the Baskervilles!!


Poor sweet Lola portrayed in this way! this photo started life as a usual shot of her having fun on Thorswood Nature Reserve but when I played about with various black and white conversions this infra red treated inspired me, opened p new possibilities and looked so effective that I had to pursue the idea of a ghostly hound charging across the moors at midnight in pursuit of evil!

Cooper our Labradoodle puppy enjoying the snow

My sweet girl, Hanna, after a run in the mist.

This is my baby Maggie - I love this shot because it shows that she really is part Lab even though her fur is wavy to curly like her poodle part!! She is the best of both breeds! Look at that leg and intense stare - she was playing Frisbee and heard a noise!! Probably a squirrel - I was too busy taking the pic to see what she was looking at!!

This is my friend's Labradoodle called Ella. We had a lovely walk around the local nature reserve.

My clients' dog, Peaches. She's a Mini Australian Labradoodle.

I'm not totally happy with the quality of this but I love the action so much that I just have to post it! It was taken on Thorswood Nature Reserve a month or two back. I had the idea that my wife, Lesley, could coax Lola over the other side of the hill and then a throw a stick over the top so that I, waiting the other side poised and ready, could get the action as she charged over the top to get it. I never expected to capture her mid flight at the moment of catching the stick!!!


I found the twiggy tree rather distracting and the whole picture rather too contrasty so I smoothed out the bg a little and evened out the contrasts to improve the distractions but it made it look a little unrealistic. Still, It's a shot I could never hope to repeat so it's here warts and all!

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