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Dansende duivels bovenop het Metselaarshuis aan de Korenmarkt.

Dancing devils on top of the Metselaarshuis (Guilthouse of the bricklayers) near the Korenmarkt.

Gent, 18-5-2012

Trompe Loeil - Cagivi Industrial Skybox + Surround


[ zerkalo ] Biker's Place - Helmet Rack

[ zerkalo ] Biker's Place – Mailbox

[ zerkalo ] Biker's Place - Bike Lift - Single


[ kunst ] - Gas cylinder table

[ kunst ] - Gas cylinder stool

[ kunst ] - Gas cylinder lamp


DRD - Roady's Biker Bar - Main Bar

DRD - Roady's Biker Bar – Shelf

DRD - Roady's Biker Bar - Ceiling Light

DRD - Roady's Biker Bar - Side Bar

DRD - Roady's Biker Bar - Random Stool – Blue

DRD - Roady's Biker Bar - Random Stool – Stubby

DRD - Roady's Biker Bar - Bar Stool – Red

DRD - Roady's Biker Bar - Bar Stool – Green

DRD - Roady's Biker Bar - Bar Stool – Brown

DRD - Roady's Biker Bar - Barrel Table

DRD - Roady's Biker Bar - Wall Sign - Americas Highway

DRD - Roady's Biker Bar - Wall Sign - Beer and Ice

DRD - Roady's Biker Bar - Wall Sign - Dads Garage

DRD - Roady's Biker Bar - Wall Sign - Full Service

DRD - Roady's Biker Bar - Wall Sign - Gas

DRD - Roady's Biker Bar - Couch


Your taxi to all things wonderful…


Kleines Experiment mit Kamera und Bearbeitungssoftware.

Little experiment with camera and editing software


Bayern (Bavaria) - Deutschland (Germany)

Cham Oberpfalz

Februar (February) 2012


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Geen Kunst :: Oostwoud

[ kunst ] – Lyra Set Exclusive @ Uber


♪ Get in my head

Kunstausstellung im Rathaus Wuppertal Barmen

Was immer es bedeutet, die Installation befand sich an der Lichtkirche im Stadtpark anlässlich des Gartenfestes im Stadtpark Wieseckaue am heutigen Sonntag

Still not a blogger, but as I confessed the other day, I miss my rambles. And boy do I have something to ramble about.


Pull up a chair, settle in and enjoy or for those in a hurry, bye, nice seeing you thanks for stopping by.


Some of you might remember that I am a self-proclaimed texture-fetishist. For those who don't recall that particular piece of information, I am.


The last few hours I have stared at a few new items in my inventory, simply enjoying the textures and how freakishly well everything is made.


Obviously, as is my habit, none of that is visible in this picture. One reason I am no longer a blogger as I keep missing the mark. Pun intended. But I digress.


The only way to truly enjoy the beauty of the items I am talking about is to either go to the store of the designer or get them. Or lick the gacha key. A link is provided at the end.


So what designer you ask? Kunst Himmel - [ kunst ].


His latest release, The roaring twenties, for Pocket Gacha is phenomenal. The detail, the mesh, and the textures are bloody epic. Every item in this gacha is perfect.


Now I hear you say, gacha? yeah.. well as it turns out you can simply buy the whole set (copy) and be done with it. And it's worth every single Linden.


So toddle off and grab it. Happy shopping.


Gacha Key


Lichtgewebe, Dorothea Reese-Heim, Roth, 2016

[ kunst ] & [ILAYA] - Country sink

[ kunst ] & [ILAYA] - Milk bottles holder (full)


DRD - Rustic Barbecue – Barn

DRD - Rustic Barbecue - Barn Decor – One

DRD - Rustic Barbecue - Barn Tools

DRD - Rustic Barbecue - Barn Decor – Two

DRD - Rustic Barbecue - Barrel Lantern

DRD - Rustic Barbecue - Haystack Pile – One

DRD - Rustic Barbecue – Bench

DRD - Rustic Barbecue - Empty Table – Two

DRD - Rustic Barbecue – Wheelbarrow


hive // orange juice prep

hive // bowl of fresh oranges

hive // old tractor . brick

hive // old tractor . forest


N4RS Elena Patio


Your taxi to all things wonderful…


uitgebloeid kegelsilene, 29 mei 2007

It was one of those days when she needed to make her return back to her sanctuary. The only place where she can bask in her solitude with the scent of old wood, ink, alcohol and smoke. Revisiting her treasures, lost memories and broken dreams. But in all truth, what she really visited was the lingering hope that always remained, even when night falls completely...


Inspiration: Kunst



Raw SL Snapshot, No Edit


[ kunst ] - industrial liqueur dispenser


Exclusive @ TMD


Trompe Loeil - Marzelle Cottage



DRD - Spiritualists Shoppe – Storefront

DRD - Spiritualists Shoppe - Web

DRD - Spiritualists Shoppe - Hanging Cages

DRD - TRH - Dr Steins Surgery Kit

DRD - TRH - Dr Steins Syringes

DRD - TRH - Dr Steins Leech Urn

DRD - TRH - Dr Steins Surgery Kit

DRD - TRH - Dr Steins Tools

DRD - TRH - Dr Steins Potions

DRD - TRH - Dr Steins Bandages

DRD - TRH - Dr Steins Syringe Case

DRD - TRH - Dr Steins Medical Bag

DRD - TRH - Dr Steins Medical Study 3

DRD - TRH - Dr Steins Medical Study 1


[ kunst ] - Vintage radio

[ kunst ] - Kerosene reclaimed lamp

[ kunst ] - Potion vials

[ kunst ] - Table

[ kunst ] - Candle holder

[ kunst ] - Crystal ball

[ kunst ] – Grimoire

[ kunst ] - Palmistry Hand / white

[ kunst ] - Runes / black

[ kunst ] - Runes / white


Your taxi to all things wonderful…


Meran 2000, Südtirol / Alto Adige

 My bracelets, necklace and pipe from KUNST : Unisex Accessories Gacha IV

for The Arcade Gacha

♥ Listen ♥


After a week being closed for seasonal changes, we are now open again!


There are new spaces to enjoy wine, chocolates and coffee with friends.


[ keke ] Nirvana set, .Shi Dark Decadence, Kunst Wine Lover's and Lode Autumn Vibe's. All items can be found at Shiny Shabby Sept 20th


Come back and visit Autumn at de*cid*u*ous

Kunsthal Rotterdam: Kinetische kunst

Leaving broken thoughts

The life I tried to live

But is shattered by the new love

That has found me

In the depths of despair

Bringing me higher than I ever was.


6.12.2018 - Credits

This is the first Kunsteiner beer's release, an old personal project I started in 2010 which, for various reasons, I didn't finish then.






Come by my store to taste it for free, everyone is invited! :)





"Kunsteiner beer barrels pour 3 types of beer –lager, sout and red ale– into wearable and drinkable beer mugs to anyone within chatting range. 3 access levels, owner, group or anyone. A drinking animation is available which automatically stops after 6 mins. The level of beer in the mug changes with every sip. Barrels set include a shelf in polished or rustic wood –all colors– which matches our small bar set of table and stools. 3 rezzable decorative 1 LI beer mugs are included."

düsseldorf, ausstellung von a. gursky

Exclusive @ kustom9


Image by the talented Annan

Thank you ! :)

Artist: El Hadji Sy


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