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Overlooking the bustling 'Ladies Market' in Mongkok, Hong Kong.


Open from midday to midnight, the kilometre long market street is full of stalls selling everything from knockoff handbags, to shoes, paintings and you guessed it! Copy watches!


Mongkok is also regarded as one of the busiest city districts in the world.

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What can I say, I like Dravunov/VZ carbines.


Thanks to:

Zefir for the font

El_Mattia for the Trijicon bits

Shock for the Vz. 58 upper and grip

And the SHC team

Jaguar Mk X 420, Eagle Field, 2013

An update of my captain america collection. In case anyone is wondering, the rightmost one that resembles the toy fair version is a knockoff.

Tailored for a left handed shooter, It includes the regular Sweetwater accouturements including improved ergonomics for every aspect, a long distance optic and threaded bolt for improved cold-weather operations. It is also integrally silenced for increased stealth.


Keeping to a lightweight design, this is the only choice for sharpshooters who need to stay mobile.


Credit to the SPW guys (and gals possibly :P)


and credit to Anamirian as well, for the original stock she let me use, Thanks Ana :P

Other people have already stated far more eloquently than I could the many arguments against supporting the recast trade. I will just say this: If you really do love these dolls and this hobby, please invest your hard-earned money into the growth of our talented, hardworking artists and not into undiscriminating thieves and their inferior knockoffs. I am anti-recast because I love and support the artists that pour everything into these beautiful dolls, without them this hobby wouldn’t exist.

Not a madeinchina knockoff. Does exactly what its supposed to do protect my beautiful new kohler sink and looks fantastic.


• Nikon SB-600 in umbrella octagon softbox 120 modifier (aka Westcott Apollo Orb knock-off) on Avenger boom, camera left

• triggered by Yongnuo RF-602

• white foam core for fill, camera left

• ambient light through window

I made a Mr Fantastic in teapot mode from the Marvel game and thought it was a fun pic to shoot.


In general I don't support buying knockoffs but the ones that aren't copies of original figures appeal to me. Thing is adorable and quality is very good.

No the real pearls are staying at home, but these knockoffs and these earrings are just perfect for the evening... Off to the ball my lil' princess...

Vuitton styling. Handcrafted whitewall tires.

The nightly flea markets of Temple Street, Hong Kong.


One of the larger night markets in town, Temple Street offers all the usual knockoff handbags, watches, electronics and clothing to appeal to any bargain seeker.

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I also bought three pairs of doll shoes in different colors. Theyre pretty much knockoffs, but i love em<3

Aurora Borealis from behind my cabin Very early yesterday morning ...

It was kind of funny the way I went after this one .. The display suddenly flared up in a rapidly clearing sky just as I was about to hit the sack, so many of the shots I got were taken in various sates of undress ... At first just in my long underwear, then .. I'd click the shutter release and run indoors to grab another article of clothing, click again , and run in to exchange slippers for boots, etc, etc.

I was trying to make it down the trail to the river, but my cheap Chinese knockoff batteries kept dying in the cold..I spent a couple hours ,maybe, like this and before I was ready for the hike to the better viewpoint with a film camera ( after all my canon batteries expired) the lights were expiring..

All in all, a very wonderful night ..

More from this show later .. The lights are picking up again now and I must go out and worship the sky once more ...

fascinating to watch the life cycle of the street of the open air leather market, bustling in the morning with the merchants moving in their carts and setting up, excited for the days income that looms ahead.


..........then the buzz of the crowd each looking for their own particular bargain or treasure, the buzz building to an incredible fever pitch mid day. The illegals as they are called, selling knockoff goods in the very center of all the action, a congestion seemingly ready to burst.


..........Sunset a gentle quiet begins, the Euro's counted and tucked away. The massive carts closed up for yet one more nights rest. All that remains is the garbage and some wandering souls on there way to a wonderful dinner perhaps.


...........Then the Citta's dept of environmental works begins the never ending job of tidying the city up.


............I have seen Firenze at every hour of the day, every beat of the 24 hour life cycle. I loved every moment of it.

A cheap, badly attempted knockoff of the infamous Pittsburgh word "yinzsplosion" gives us the CNJ heritage unit in full sun at Clairton, Pennsylvania on a perfect fall day leading NS 591 southbound on the NS Mon Line.



I've been working on these figs for a while, and just recently finished them up!




Jessica Jones- Pretty simple. Her torso was an SY black widow torso with the blue painted purple. Her head is from teenage mutant ninja turtles and her hair is from CMF skater girl.


Iron Fist- I started by painting the torso and arms in my own green color. Then I added his famous logo. The head is from Star Wars(?). His legs are from ronan and the belt was painted. His head has a yellow label on it for added detail.


Daredevil- My personal favorite of the bunch. His torso, arms, and legs are 100% painted by me. His sticks are a lego bar that was sliced in half. His head was a superman head that I added facial hair and blind eyes to. I tried making a helmet but it failed so I went with hair.


Punisher- This guy was a pain. I tried paintimg his logo on multiple armor pieces but it looked horrible. I used the Armored Red Skull torso and legs and added a trench coat made of Etape. His head is from Wolvie and hair is superman.


Luke Cage- This guy was a challenge. I tried painting a head twice but I ended up using this Star Wars one. I added a stache to his head to make him look like the April fools Dwyane Johnson version. His torso and arms are painted by me. I used Jerdfigs glove technique. His legs are from a knockoff bucky.


Please comment if you enjoy this Picture and dont forget to enter my contest!




#Defenders #photogrid

Basically a color-swapped version of the aforementioned Security class in Insurgency, AKA PIE THE CORNER YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT: the game.


Also featuring a super-compact MK18 knockoff!

Well I only got clawdeen and jade from a thrift store. My mom got me the really old knockoff from a yard sale. But ill probably throw away the knockoffs and keep the clothes. Ik so glad to have these two dolls♡♡♡ Can anyone ID jade for me?

I had to drive way out of my way to get this, but I needed to know if this was an "only in Philly" thing or if the word "BLING" was seeping into the mainstream everywhere....I mean I know people use it everywhere, but store names?

I got a new toy yesterday. So, I had to go out last night to try it out. It's a Rokinon, 35mm f1.4 lens. It's super bright, so I can use this for my star shots. I know what you're thinking… "Is this a real Rokinon lens, or one of those imitation, knockoff Rokinon lenses?" Well… It's the real deal. I spared no expense.


About 10 years ago, I vowed never to buy any more non-Canon lenses. I was tired of dealing with crappy lenses. But… I saw this lens on the B&H website, and I thought… Who the hell is Rokinon? But... It's really bright. It's pretty cheap for an f1.4 lens. Most of the problems I have had with cheap lenses have been with zooms. This is a prime lens. It's fully manual. There's no auto focus. Even the aperture is manual, so there is not much to break. It's truly a no-frills lens. So. You're not paying for anything fancy. You're just paying for the glass. It had some really good reviews. I don't care that it's fully manual. I'll only be using it to shoot star shots at night. Auto focus doesn't work then anyway. So. I bought it. So far I am really impressed. It is sharp as a tack.


This was shot with the f-stop wide open at f1.4. 30 seconds. 800 ISO. I actually blended two exposures here, since the DOF is so shallow. I focused one on the stars, and the other on the Saguaros, and cut the foreground of one into the background of the other. The exposure was the same on both. The foreground was lit by the setting moon. Shot this around 11:00 last night.

I bought this shelf because its unique shape fits into corners very well. This is not a cheap knockoff, it may not be a name brand "Metro" but is every bit as good. Large castors, and 5 shelves is more useful than the normal 4. I liked mine so much I bought a second one the next day and the customer service was very pleasant. There was a shipping mistake and they had the new shelf to me within a day or two and even knocked a few dollars off the price for my troubles. Great product great gal in customer service. If I wasnt married I would have asked her out she was so pleasant! That is pretty rare in this age of offshore customer service and endless mazes of phone menus.

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little sleep + target + 2 cameras = awesome photowalk.


26:365 living positively

thii is the inside, one magnetic dude, and two spare seperate sets of armor. So freakin cool. And it goes great with the other five ;) But I still need more!!!!!!!

this is my newest box set, very badass, must have if mega blok or halo enthusiest X) I got two, (so I could talk myself into opening one, maybe, obviously I did) :)) The figures span from the beginning of Halo to now from 2001 to 2011, and everything is amazing, down to the smallest details on the guns. peace


Street scene of NYC. Corner across to Radio City Music Hall. Woman standing looking at purses knockoffs.



Thanks for viewing, your comments and invitations.

So I put Maria Rock in Top Model Teresa's outfit because not many of my dolls wear green. The original shoes broke so I had to improvise with Princess Tiana shoes. I edited in the face I'm thinking of using for her. And I did her hair up in Ariana Grande style. For a knock off/clone doll, her hair is very thick and oddly enough you can curl it with your fingers and it'll hold the curl.



I bought this camera a few years ago at a market in Piter. I very well could have been wearing this scarf (the backdrop). And yes, I bought it because of the color and the name, Mir. I am pretty sure it works, but I've had a roll of film stuck in it forever because I can't figure out how to rewind it :/


I love flea markets! I found a cheap Oa playset for $3! I still need to sculpt a Brother Warth for a customer and then send out this Arkillo and Warth. Custom Guy Gardner, Saint Walker (from KO body), and Larfleeze (from KO body). Knockoff Hal Jordan, Atrocitus and Sinestro.

garter snake

apache creek, new mexico


nikon d70s

nikon 12-24/4

This thing is ridiculously clean. While it uses relatively cheap coilovers and (presumably) knockoff wheels.. the paint is perfect, unlike a lot of Hondas I see. Like, it's flawless.

if you love your camera, it will love you back :)


the infamous shot


I must say my bathroom shots are improving .. haha (how sad!)

Hide and Seek Dress for Elegance & Elephants Knock it off series. Oliver & S Hide and Seek dress pattern

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This is a bootleg of the Astro Magnum toy that Hasbro used to make Decepticon Shockwave.


There's a bit of plastic flash on nearly all the pieces (I shaved some off in a couple of areas). There's absolutely no diecast except for the crossbar that his legs connect to.


Still, it's a pretty solid toy, and I like his red mono-eye! I had some spare Decepticon faction symbols that came with my TFC Megatron, so I treated him to one. Now he looks so much more bad ass than he deserves to be, haha!

that upside-down cross swag.


Sharpie Chisel Tips on Some Knockoff C-lines.

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Here's some super rare and super awesome 'Monster Man' figures made by Soma in 1986. They're 6" rubber hollow poseable figures of awesomness. We've got a Bird Man, Lizard Man, and Tree Man. And they glow in the dark too!!

There is some debate as to whether these were Inhumanoids knock-offs or if they came out just before. hmmm

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