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A friend's ragdoll cat.

I just found this old picture.

She was so small. We had no idea what to expect.

What the f*** are you doing???? ;-)

Adorable little cutie an at adoption fair

Judgmental kitty on high. She didn't like that I was photographing other things. XD

This kitten was found abandoned and my friend and his family are taking care of it

Riley was born April 17 2014.

He is growing up so quickly.

He's a wonderfully affectionate boy, and loves to play with Jaspurr and Quinn.

He tries with Bailey but Bailey just walks away with a look of disgust on his face. ;-)

my kitten little man or fatso as hes been known to be called...still missing after 3 weeks now, have looked every where for him, miss him sooo much

So many kittens in my aunt's yard. They all looked so tender and fragile.



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One of five kittens abandoned by their owner. He was caught in the middle of shaking his head for this shot.

My kitten with blue eyes(is a she kitty)

This is a Tuxedo kitten in foster care.

... when these kittens are old enough for adoption I think they'll need to put up a barricade to keep the crowds back. :)))

I did a photo shoot with Oscar the kitten the other day. Wonderful little boy, and really soft. Oscar's a British shorthair. Usually I prefer older cats but this one's a real character!

We found this beautiful kitten by our hotel at the Black Sea in Romania. She was probably 'discarded' there by someone who did not want her. We called her Lucy, fed and held her, and played with her. The hotel receptionist told us that she found a home for Lucy. I hope she is doing well now.

I started taking some photos of these wild cats in my neighbourhood and as soon as they saw me they all ran... apart from this kitten- he/she slowly walked towards me while i took pictures of him (like he/she was was on the catwalk- no pun intended lol) and then he/she just sat in front of me- less than 1 metre away and just sat there letting my take photos :)

We visited the kittens today and they re five weeks old. Can't wait till the three of them come home :o)

Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

Albert Einstein


She's Saona, a very curious kitten.

We are trying to get her accepted by Akira, but for now the cohabitation is negative.


Kitten fight, but just playful for sure :)

Have a lovely weekend!

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