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It doesn't take a reason to love someone..

but it does to like someone...

You don't love someone because you want to, you love someone because you are destined too....

It's because you fall in Love with them, that you then try to find a reason, but you always come up with the answer, No reason!!...


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Location: el-5waneej


ur opinion plz ^__^

These Ducks are magical to be around. Seeing the smiles on peoples faces when this was happening was soooo worth it.

King Vulture

Zoo Atlanta


From the Zoo Atlanta website: King vultures are very large, scavenging birds that soar high over a variety of tropical forests, watching for carcasses located by other, smaller species of vultures. With their large size, king vultures usually displace the smaller local species from a large carcass. Adult pairs cooperate to raise single offspring.

From Kings Hill near Uppingham in Rutland - view over the valley of the River Eye which forms the doundary between Rutland and Leicestershire

This King Eider pair we approached from land, ByTrying to stay close together and taking several steps then pausing we were able to creep slowly into photo range. With each pause allowing them to adjust to our presence and relax, trying to watch there body language.


This image was then captured in 2 frames to maintain clarity on each others faces then overlayed and stitched together in post processing.


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A view of Kings Court in Bakewell, Derbyshire, England.

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London's ever evolving plan has included the rejuvenation of Kings Cross. The station has benefited from this magnificent piece of architectural excellence with it's new roof, shopping and eating arcade. Close by is Platform 9 3/4 where Harry Potter left for Hogwarts (image coming soon). The entire area around Kings Cross is a tourists dream.

The leaves are just starting to come out on my "King Crimson" Maple tree.

Kings Call

Philip Lynott


It was a rainy night the night the king went down

Everybody was crying it seemed like sadness had surrounded the town

Me I went to the liquor store

And I bought a bottle of wine and a bottle of gin

I played his records all night

Drinking with a close, close friend


Now some people say that that ain't right

And some people say nothing at all

But even in the darkest of night

You can always hear the king's call

You can always hear the king's call


Well, its tribute time this week from me. In a few weeks, on Aug 16th, it will mark the anniversary of the passing in 1977 of The King Elvis Presley. I went down to La Perouse this morning before work to shoot this great tower. I'd been promising myself for years to shoot this and this morning the weather gods smiled. Hope you like "Kings Call". Cheers, Mike

This morning at Kings River Falls. It would have been nice to have remembered my tripod but I don't think I would have gotten as good a shot as this with the cool green moss in front if I had the camera mounted on the tripod.


Other than very minor fixes this is straight from the camera.


By the way.............the water is really that color.


Previously at Kings River Falls below.


My TOP 50


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The tower stands near the location of 'Egbert's stone' where it is believed that Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, rallied the Saxons in May 878 before the important Battle of Ethandun

The Kings River Kells Co Kilkenny Ireland on a frosty December morning .


This Photograph is copyright it can not be ,reproduced , distributed or used in anyway with out the prior written permission of the photographer

this waterfall is located in the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas on the Kings River near Boston, Arkansas. I have more details of the hike on my blog

The Monkey King, or Sun WuKong, famous from the Chinese story "Journey to the West." Seen in lotus position with his trademark staff.


This is quite a large build at 21"x40"x15" overall. I took influence from multiple Asian cultures in the design, especially with the Japanese samurai armor but with added Chinese and Korean influence.


Thanks to Matt Rowntree for suggesting the lotus position which ended up fitting the overall character well.


A wide shot of the (relatively) recent extension to Kings Cross station. The giant lattice roof is definitely visually striking.

More Kings River Falls in black and white. Long exposure. Using a 10 stop ND filter to really smooth out the water.

Linderhof palace, park and pond

King Ludwig II

our real king

King's College was founded in 1441 by Henry VI (1421-71) and is one of the 31 colleges in the University of Cambridge. King's has an outstanding academic record and is also world-famous for its Chapel and choir. The Christmas Eve service from King's (A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols) is broadcast to millions around the world.

King Mountain and a portion of the Chugach range rises majestically above the Matunuska river.


Thanks for taking a peak peek.


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Common Name : King Vulture

Species : Sarcoramphus Papa

Family : Cathartidae


Looking up at the roof in Kings Cross ticket hall.

A nine image panorama of the newly refurnished Kings Cross station, London.

This is a shot that I have wanted to get out of my system for a while. Unfortunately you must have a ticket to get into the ball park in order to get the shot. I thought getting a tripod into the park during a Giants game would be difficult but I actually did not get hassled at all. Here is a view of King Street as it turns into The Embarcadero and leads to the Bay Bridge from inside AT&T Park. Thanks for stopping by!

King Street North. The Cobblestone is one of the most famous pub for traditional irish music in Dublin. Taken in the bright morning light .


Pendant la nuit, le Cobblestone est un des hauts lieux de la musique traditionnelle à Dublin. Un pano extérieur de King Street pris dans la lumière du matin

Another Shot of Kings Creek really is a great waterfall...I'll definately be back at least one more time this summer.


King's College, University of Cambridge. A Cambridge snow scene from my archives. I'll be away for Christmas for a few days. Have a good one:-)

Kings Cross, London, UK by Mark Higham

A fluffy king penguin chick and its parent.

The colourful tunnel which runs across Kings Cross station.


Canon A1


Kodak Ektar 100


Scanned using Plustek 7600I

f8.0 1/4s (support on railing)

The Concourse at Kings Cross Station


The hardest thing in practice is finding enough time to think about design." ~ John McAslan

Here's a bigger waterfall for ya. This is 43 ft. high Kings Creek Falls in Lassen Volcanic Natl. Park. It is not the biggest but certainly one of the prettiest falls in northern CA. Yes, I was in the creek taking the photo. And yes, it was darn cold.


View in larger size and read about my adventure on my blog.


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