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The front page of yesterday's Wall Street Journal had an article on this year's Kinetic Sculpture Race, which included a photo of the entrant pictured here; Los Baltimuertos


Click here for a closer look...



Processed and posted using an Apple iPad

This great shot was taken by 'Rigged' at 2006's Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert, 100 miles North of Reno, Nevada. (Photo used with permission of the Photographer) 2009 motion @ the playa:

A docu/bio of the rider/builder voila!


The bike is Bounce For Glory, a Kinetic Sculpture Racer.. No pedals or motor, just an offset 5"(eccentric) rear axle making the entire machine aft of the front axle rise

and fall @ 10". With each rise and fall of the rear wheel, the machine goes forward 104" (8'8").


And in Korean action, bat pod, too!


Here's a test ride at home:

Climbing hills and reversing is accomplished by walking the rear tire. Uphill, the weight of the rider and machine combine to self propell the bike for @ 50% of the hill. !/2 Free ride! Weight @ 200 lbs., rigged for amphibious races-outriggers, floats, oars,


And bouncing down the Manila Dunes Beach on the hard sand :

And entering the water and rowing out and away! :

And a 'twist' at home in Davis:

Sacramento Bee, too

A docu/bio of the rider/builder.. enjoy!


Dusty Little Sam shows his oats by pushing the old blue Schwinn quadracycle ('96') in front of the Kinetic Cab Company corral at 9:15 and the Esplanade at Burning Man's Metropolis this year.

(Would you believe it, those wheels are 6 feet tall ?!) (not)

Lots of our Kinetic Cabbie chums sported about the playa on this light little 4 seat buggy, and even at night with lighting from awesome Cabbie Gina.

Photo by Josh Keppel.

Here's a Vimeo clip, with the Kinetic Cab Company and the 2010 playa too.

My German Wheel Kinetic Sculpture, 'The Vitruvian Racer', is caught aquatic from the Eastbound Hwy. 34 bridge above the Wilamette River during the water leg of the da Vinci Days Kinetic Graand Championship Sculpture Race in Corvallis, Oregon. The yellow and chrome three wheeled Front wheel drive cycle behind me rolls me to the water's edge in the upright position, whereupon I capsize into the format you see above. To exit the water, I beach the circle aft of the small rear wheel, and pull the Big wheel upright again, then wheel-walk within the 7 footer up onto dry land, re-deploy the three little wheels, and pedal away! It IS a comfortable as it looks!

Awesome Photo by Andy Purviance (ap.)

Splendid mud-bog footage by Reed Lacy


Processed and posted with Bill Adams' SuperMax-iPad...


Copyright: Karen Burgess All Rights Reserved


Copyright: Karen Burgess All Rights Reserved

American Visionary Art Museum's Kinetic Sculpture Race featured a lot of fantastic and creative racers. I wasn't able to get a great deal of shots, but I was happy with what I was able to capture.

2006 Kinetic Sculpture Grand Championship Race - Arcata to Ferndale

Copyright: Karen Burgess All Rights Reserved

..."Why do you always carry a camera?"

If you were walking down the street and encountered a giant pink poodle, do you think anyone would believe such a story without photographic evidence?


A favorite of Baltimore's annual Kinetic Sculpture Race, Fifi the Pink Poodle makes its way down Boston Street in Fells Point as light rain falls late Saturday morning.


Click here for a larger view.

Capt. Chuck and Drum Roll's Glorious Kinetic Chicken @ sunset, @Crab Park, Loleta, California..south end of Humboldt Bay @ mouth of the Eel River. Torched at end of Day #2 of The 38th Annual World Championship Arcata to Ferndale Kinetic Sculpture Race, 2006.

Chuck and Marek are veteran Burners known for their Camp Inspiratum with freak human powered sculptures / mutant vehcles...the :Lizard, Palm Tree bike, Drum Roll KSR, KSR Yellow Sub, and motorized Exploratorium, Colosseum, and others.'

Marek leads of here, in 2010 on Drum Roll, followed by 40 other phantasms on wheels:

While we were in Baltimore, we got to see some of the Kinetic Sculpture Race, which was fantastic. I'm not sure that this lady belonged to any float in particular, but I liked that she was dressed like a fairy on a bike.

This is the first photo I've processed using only an Apple iPad.

A big grin after making "mud angels"


Kinetic Sculptures are amphibious, human powered works of art custom built for the race. Each May, the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) hosts the East Coast Kinetic Sculpture Race Championship on the shore of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in central Maryland. The eight-hour race covers 15 miles—mostly on pavement, but also including a trip into the Chesapeake Bay and through mud and sand.


Press the "L" key.

Bounce For Glory at Burning Man on the Esplanade by night.

The shadows cast by the art cars ' headlights on the machine were surreal, seemingly 1,000 feet long, the throbbing of the rear tire's shadow, forth and back, close and far, from the front tire's shadow, weirdly primal, yet eerie and playful...]

Various paint jobs to date: a interpreted byb French fans!

Photo By Geoffff

Maker Faire 2011

A few words and pix of other beasts and the builder..


Here she is in action @ 2006 Ventura..Kinetic Race...:

ditto in 2010:

And a wee interview re: a similar beast and mechanical siblings..

triple exposure. kodak ektapress pjm400. redscale technique. horizon 202 & canon eos rebel k2.

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