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Trotternish Peninsula

Isle of Skye


Trotternish Peninsula

Isle of Skye


View Large On Black Here Another visit to this great feature on Skye, a lot more water coming over the cliffs than there was in July on my last visit, and strangely, even better weather! Nikkor 17-55mm f2.8 @ 17mm, B+W 10 stop filter, 53 secs, ISO 200, F20.


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Taken just before the wind delivered a colossal downpour!

This is a little picture quiz. Who knows, in which Pub you can play "Up Your Kilt" and can win your drink for free on thursday?


Some Information about the shot: I used my Canon 40D and the 70-200mm L lens on a tripod. Lighting was a 430ex from the left with a snoot on 1/16 power and a 580ex with a white paper sheet from the right, laying on the table (1/32 power)

mealt falls at kilt rock

taken on a very wet and windy day

From a series of beautiful post cards purchased in Edinburgh, along the Royal Mile.

Created for Ruby's Treasures... New Stock Challenge # 3 at


Source rubyblossom's Fishermen's Huts at Also see im comments.

The first photo taken on a recent trip to Scotland, I have never managed to get a good photo of Kilt Rock but I felt that the weather conditions on this morning suited the scene. Thanks for looking!



Kilt Rock Waterfall, only 1 composition possible except from the sea or air... Do a search on google of Kilt Rock Waterfall and you see what I mean :)


This was from my Isle of Skye trip 2 years ago



Kilt Rock Viewpoint, Isle of Skye

57°33'13.89" N 6°9'6.1" W

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Technical stuff:

Exposure: 1/125 sec sec at f/6,3 at -2/3 EV

Taken with: Nikon D90 with 10-20 mm f/4-5.6 at 22 mm



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Left to right, Georgette, Frankie and Mary (georgiegrrl, Faol Sidhe and msohaiku on flickr respectively)


Ladies trying to get an up kilt shot of moi!


Msohaiku posted recently more images of the South Carolina trip, from back in end of April, which reminded me I have over 1000 photos from the trip and the Highland games...

So, I'll be posting them as times goes on, when running low on images to upload... lol... you've been warned frankie! :p


This is the 4th Warrior Kilt I have made. But, this is the first one I have made where all of the sewing was done by hand. Three days work and hands and fingers that are killing me. But, I do like how it turned out. :-D

Now, I just need to find a model to photograph in it. :-)

This was the first kilt I bought. It's a lot lighter than my other one, and the folds are not as deep, so it's really only good for summer. But the red color is a very classic and eye-catching look.


jacket - H&M

shirt - C&A

kilt - Glaschu Fashion, bought on ebay

belt - Syriel

shoes - Venice.


I'm not sure if I like the shoes with this outfit, I just wanted to try some different combination possibilities. I know I have shoes that are a better match for a kilt ;-) These have a strong soccer shoe look. Is that cool or too sporty?

Kilt characters, continued

new pants very comfortable


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Not a musical act from the Edinburgh Festival, although it could be, but an enormous waterfall (170 ft or 55m) which crashes into the sea from Skye's east coast. You have to hang over the drop with an expensive camera to get the bottom of the fall in the shot.

Bathgate & WestLothian Highland Games 2009

From a series of beautiful post cards purchased in Edinburgh, along the Royal Mile.

The famous Kilt Rock is a sea cliff in north east Trotternish. It is said to resemble a kilt, with vertical basalt columns to form the pleats and intruded sills of dolerite forming the pattern.


This is a popular stopping point on the road between Portree and Staffin and there is a large car park by the waterfall at NG508655, at Ellishadder. You have to look north up the coast to see the Kilt Rock. Closer by is the Mealt Waterfall, which freefalls off the cliff for 170ft into the Sound of Raasay below. Sometimes, when the wind is strong, the water is blown away and it doesn't reach the bottom at all.


the second kilt I made, yes I will make one for you, please inquire

Mummy made us kilts because we are in Scotland and lots of people here wear them. They are made in tartan and this one is a Stooart I think but I like it because it is red.


Mummy said that we could wear them with our fancy shirts from our pirate outfits because they are smart white shirts and that is dressy kilt outfit.


I think they look smart.


From my tumblr collection

Trotternish, Skye Isle, Scotland

a thru hiker takes in the view from baxter peak, the highest summit of mount katahdin, maine's maine mountain and the northern terminus of the appalachian trail.


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