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Developing social skills . . .

All the village kids gathered at the open spaces for playtime - Cambodia

خخخخخ أحس إني ازعجتكم بصور عليا

بس صدق فرحانه فيها تراني خخخخخخ


شكرا للجميله اللي عدلت ع الصوره :***

لا تفكر و تحاتي


دامك انت اماراتي


اكيد دومك انت بطل


و بتم عز للفخر




At Gulf cup 18


Yes we lost a battle but we didnt loose a war


Pico del Loro, Mazagón (Huelva - Andalucía)


♫♪Play with me (Extreme)♫♪


Sigma 10-20mm + Cokin filters: GND8 + GTobacco


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Sweet Kids


Camera : Nikon D5100

focal lenght : 38mm

Aperture : F/5

Shutter Speed : 1/160sec

Exposure Mode: Manual

Metering : Center-Weighted

ISO : 200

Location : Hoogly Imambarah (Heritage Site),in WB.

She was so excited to run around and find all these little eggs ;) If I would have knows what i started with this, i sure would have waited a month.. we have been playing "find the eggs" all week lol...


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Bebé en Rosario, Argentina

According to locals in Alabat Island, this kid ran away from home


ان أرقص بين أجنحة الفرح ,

هو أجمَل شعورٍ يـ أخذني لعالمْ

لا يقف به إلا انا ,

ولا يتحرك به إلا فستاني ,


This image has been captured at Mudarkandi, Munsigonj, Bangladesh on monthly photography trip from Shudhui Bangla group.


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Looks best in black, Press L

Alice, the kitten, playing on Sarah's helmet.


Alice, a gatinha, brincando no capacete de Sarah.

Her eyes are simply stunning.

Hunan 湖南 江永 浦美村

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The Bedouins were divided into related tribes. These tribes were organized on several

levels—a widely quoted Bedouin saying is


"My brother and I against my cousin, My cousin and I against the stranger."

(نا واخوي على ولد عمي**وانا و ولد عمي على الغريب)


The saying symbolizes a hierarchy of loyalties based on closeness of kinship

that runs from the nuclear family through the lineage, the tribe, and even,

in principle at least, to an entire ethnic or linguistic group.Bedouins traditionally had

strong honor codes,( and traditional systems of justice dispensation.




Modeling: My Bro's daughter




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Kids returning from school. Bolinau, Philippines

nature gift for the kids.....

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Children Playing in street

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