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snap@Marunouchi, Tokyo. by ricoh GRDⅢ

...I let my kid stay up to watch Brokeback Mountain.

Every summer along the beaches of Kanagawa cafes and bars are built.

At the end of summer they are taken down.


Looks like they are going to be open for business very soon!

My son is getting contacts!

We had a late afternoon party in the courtyard at work today. It was yummy!

Boudoir is a beauty salon in Harajuku where I had all the hair ripped off my lower body this evening.


The place itself is lush - but ouch.

seen at a Tokyo subway station

DIY beads mobile keitai

I liked this little poster at our local library.

in harajuku, tokyo, japan.

Doing what they do best. :cat:

Jamusho (shrine duties place) instead of jimusho (business duties place)... LOL

@the site of new daycare centre

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