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Model: AtheneWinsmore


Check it out! Athenes fashion blog:

A shot from yesterday night meeting with Hugo Baptista and Maarten Takens. Thanks guys!


"Long-exposure light-painting photography, no photoshop effects"


Whatever happens in Hamburg goes online!

bookmark: my little one has chicken pox today

Once in awhile you just want to send a message. This one's for Jon. Let the light in.

Back at Duke Farms where I treat myself to the beautiful outdoors after a tough Tuesday.

A Study in Acros. Bandai Muscle Man figure hanging from a string. Around the house find. Shot with Fuji XPro2 and 60mm f2.4 macro lens in Acros.




Last night I met up with Pam When we was pouring down rain & things did NOT look good. I told her I would show her where the canola & clover fields where & a few other of my "good" spots so that if she wanted to come back she could! Well..Look what happened? WOWZERS! I love all my Brazilian contacts..but I just may stay in Oregon! The sky literally changed from Ho-hum..not that exciting to this!! What a sight! Yes.. the clover fields again but all I see is the sky. :-)


I know I usually do B&W today..but when I have THIS..I HAVE to


Thanks for all the humor under the "dog doo" post..It was quite hilarious & I enjoyed reading all the comments! ...Great Friday & you all have a Safe Memorial Day weekend..those of you in the US!..:-)


Amazing sky on the Mediterranean coast.

Another mystical dive into the realm of abstract inverted reality...

one hot night I fell asleep outside of my friend's house and woke up to this amazing sky


chacras de coria , mendoza

Plantation of saplings in snow. Negative of an image.

Eye make-up in my marketplace :

Thanks to Lena Lenroy (chantellbronx resident) for being my beautiful model

Pentax Q


PP - iPad 2


#25 - bridge

111 pictures of 2011


...Much thanx to Herb at the mill for giving us the opportunity for a day of exploring!!!!



How beautiful could a tote be?

Regalo de Mer. Y adentro, otro regalo: una tela divina de Jenean Morrison :D


(se atrasó PapaNuel o se adelantaron mis Reyes...?!)

to the amazing artist Orangeya :P [yes i knw i have the koolest sis XP]

PS. this is a pic of a painting she did (it has some of the pix taken by her) :B

I'll stand here, you do the work.


the young man in the foreground was still fighting subsidence when i entered the small park. his friend was gonzo. by the time i walked around they were both still in an almost identical posture.


the sign says "lawn at rest."

MacRitchie Reservoir, Singapore


There were nearly fifty monkeys near the garbage bins picking out all the cans. They would subsequently, tear the can in half by biting threw the tin and dip their fingers into the cola syrup. It was amazing to watch.

Yea, I'm diggin' the new tool for realz. I has Domes. All this proves is I am resourceful, have a glue gun and electrical tape, and know HOW to make Domes. Now if I can figure out this damn camera thingy, perhaps I can get some worthy wall hangers. Creative crop because the school building in the background took away from the Dome.


THANK YOU DOME INNOVATORS! (You all know who they[you] are.)

Getting my fix!


4/30: Light Junkie


Day four of my 30 day trial Photo a day Project! This week focuses on Macro photography of different types. Glow Stick Juice in Syringes. The life blood of a Light Junkie! ;-)


Single Long Exposure


The Hawley Arms

March 2017

Apoc Fig.... I finished him!!!


"I walk through the barren lands, killing whomever tries to cross me"


Epic or fail?

A bit of nostalgic Americana. This procession on old "junkers" passed us on the road to Albuquerque, NM. Loved seeing these rust buckets cruising along Hwy 40 (former Route 66). Thanks for the memories! ~ Treasure the moment! Have a wonderful day, dear Flickr friends!


Get Your Kicks on Route 66 (Nat King Cole)

A few of the most detailed flowers in the Settlers Pattern - 2008

Ozlight junkies workshop,

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