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hat-deadwool@the chapter four




tattoo-ner ink


“Ah, when to the heart of man

"If every man's internal care

Were written on his brow,

How many would our pity share

Who raise our envy now?"

Peitro Metastasio


"Before you judge my life, my past or my character. Walk in my shoes, walk the path I have traveled, live my sorrow, my doubts, my fear, my pain and my laughter. Remember, everyone has a story, when you've lived my life then you can judge me."

Unknown author


“Perhaps everyone has a story that could break your heart...”

Nick Flynn

This photo shoot is absolutely amazing, she looks stunning. I swear my next graphic was supposed to be colorful, but I knew I had to make something with these pictures. So next graphic, hopefully colored. Hahaha. (ALLSIZES)


I’ll follow back, promise! :D

"I am the law."


('Judge Dredd' by Mezco / ONE:12 Collective -The Cursed Earth Exclusive)


(***Alternate b/w version***)


Presenting the sheep to the Judges at the State Fair . . .

Judge at the recent Balmoral show, Belfast.

1969 Pontiac GTO The Judge - Hot-wheels

Its a tough job, but someone has to do it. Greg and Chris, Tangambalanga, Victoria, Australia.

"Intelligence is like a river; the deeper it is, the less noise it makes."

-- Unknown

Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. Final in this series of shadowstracts:-)

Newcastle Gateshead Quayside, UK

Gundam Hammer Judge with the secondary weapon.

Link with more photos:

Poetic Beauty Lilith Blair

Sinuhe Guzmán jacket + bra

Shantommo bag

Changing Winds Eden boots

"Mega City One. 800 million people living in the ruin of the old world and the mega structures of the new one. Only one thing fighting for order in the chaos: judges."


('Judge Dredd' by Funko / Mystery Minis)


Diorama by RK


This picture is dedicated to Earl Ware: for one because this little judge is a gift from him and this is my way to say 'thank you very much, Earl' - and on the other hand I'm an admirer of his unmatched toy photography, so it was about time to do some kind of homage anyway ;)


For those who don't know his work I highly recommend to pay a visit here: 3rd-Rate Photography


Black Forrest, 2017.


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Today's Bible Verse (Feb.13, 2014)

" Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven."

Luke 6:37

. Dark Souls 3

. Hattiwatti free camera tools

. Reshade

Judge, Juror, and Executioner....


A quick semi purist figure I wanted to make. I have actually not seen wither of the Dredd films, but I do hope to watch the 2012 one soon. I am not to interested in the cheesy Silverster Stalon one.


This figure is a combination of his comic appearance and his 2012 film appearance. His helmet is a magneto helmet (Idea from The_Lego_Guy) repainted and his head is the Green Arrow head with the visor painted on. I may not like the GA head that much but the mouth is perfect for Dredd. His pauldron was painted to match the gold on the helmet. I gave him dark green hands like his comic counterpart, but I went with black rather than dark blue like the film.


What do you think? How does it look?


Here's a treat: The only part of the Silvester Stalon Dredd I have seen:

Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.

A photo taken of one of the most dramatic mountains around the Lower Fraser Valley of B.C. Mount Judge Howay is a magnificent beauty. Taken on a 3 hour flight in a small plane through the mountains on July 11, 2008.


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