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Keepher racing down the beach with a good friend.


Today we went to the nearby park we had found a few days before again.

Lupine and Tima enjoying the snow, with lips and ears flapping.


Hard to believe that they were swimming in the river last week!

What can I say? Tally and Tima looking rather wild.

No, it's SuperTally flying over the broad jump!

"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

--Lewis Carroll--


What first appears as two dog ears is really Keepher's open mouth. She has twisted her head completely around to catch the frisbee. I would have thought this to be impossible and if I didn't have the shot I wouldn't believe it.. best viewed large or original.

Pretty good for a dog who'll be 11 in May!

Don't know who threw this but it sure is up there!

One of these days I'm going to catch Drew in action and in FOCUS! (Getting closer, though.)

Just kidding. There was no shark. This pic just reminded me of Jaws.

Our foster Felicity was such a scared girl when we got her from the shelter. She still takes a bit to get used to new things and especially new people. But she has learned to trust me and is SOOO silly, as shown here! I love her to death and wish she could be mine forever!