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Journal --- I've really enjoyed the snow and the winter hibernation, but the cold -- yep, tired of it .. so painting some warmth ...




Our temperatures have plunged well below freezing -- and though there is no snow in our forecast, the frigid cold has me dreaming of that white stuff.

Journal - Petunias and Nasturtiums - After four days of iced in conditions and arctic temperatures, I REALLY had a need for color. Found this cheery image on and warmed myself by painting it this morning. We are weeks away from petunias and nasturtiums.

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Journal - Azaleas all abloom in Southport, NC ...

Journal Tip In -- My backyard trees. Though most of the leaves are on the ground, the landscape is still mighty colorful. The view is looking out from my dining room window.

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My journal is in a bad condition , more like WRECKED.


Well partner, this is what I ended up doing with those hexies. I hope you like it! The book is graph paper, perfect for quilt designing!


I used the Stitched in Color tutorial for this:

Right page: pasted tissue paper.

Left page: Illustration of crown copied from Comm Art article. Added tissue paper over because the ink was not waterproof and was getting all over the house. Will probably need to re-draw.

This week at Digitalmania we have journal pages as our inspiration.


This is a little poem by Emily Dickinson that strikes a cord with me.


The background image is a photo of mine taken on a recent trip to Germany (Assmanshausen), blended with more layers (free to use from Flickr). Red bird is courtesy of NumbBumm whilst the dapper little chappie is a composite made by me.


Thank you for looking.


My Copper Iris have bloomed before my purples ...

with the beautiful lines of paper available ... what a joy to create journals.

all of the 10 i had at the saturday show sold :)) yay! almost sold out of cards! yay!


the dearest moment of the day was barbara ... whom i had not met before. she asked

"are you marilyn?" - and after i responded, told me, with tears in her eyes, that she recently

received a friendship book that i had made ... and how it touched her so deeply. of course -

what made the book so dear were the photos and journaling of her friend linda ... who gifted the book to her. she really did touch my heart.


met many lovely women saturday and almost talked myself out of my voice :)

will be away today but will catch up with you again asap!



i've been keeping a journal, with only a couple of breaks, since I was 13 (january 1980) -- just started volume #35 yesterday, quite a pileup of scribblings over 28 years now.


i started because my sister had a diary & I thought it was cool, so i wanted one too -- those early ones are pretty hilarious to read, lots of days when I would actually take the time to write, "nothing happened" or "totally boring" -- the teen ennui is just dripping off the pages. but somehow i stuck with it, it became a habit, and now it's a solid part of who I am -- I need to write, to make little drawings, to paste in tiny prints of photos i've taken... and the books form a memory crutch of sorts, a real core of my sense of self.


but i made an unfortunate discovery last night -- a few of my books were sitting on a shelf on the boat that had a very small leak of rainwater behind it -- the books are all a bit damp (even a bit mildewy, although thankfully only on the outside & it cleaned up easily), but in one, the ink on the bottom fifth or so of most pages has dissolved -- just washed away.


i've taken the books to my office at school to dry out, & ordered a dehumidifier for the boat -- and realize I need to re-think how I store some of my stuff here.


but in an odd way, it feels ok -- I realize a lot of why i keep a journal is simply for the act of writing stuff down, rather than necessarily going back and re-reading it later? I'd hate to lose a whole book, or all of them, but somehow i think i can deal with this funny gap in my story (from 2001, not necessarily the best year in my life anyway), will just have to try harder to remember the bits that washed away...

journal page using one of my photos outlined with a fine tip black micron...journaled thoughts from a discussion wih a friend

Journal - working on my pen and wash class in April...

Journal quilt I made while visiting Wolfe Island, canada. read more about it here:

What is your most favorite quote? A quote that inspires you, or your mantra. I literally have 4 journals from college filled with quotes that inspire me and make me smile. Today is the day to share your inspiring words with your friends :)


Well for me it had to be this one.. Audrey Hepburn was one hell of a lady. I love all her movies and this quote is inspirational! Of course I believe in PINK! :)


Blogged here..


It's been a difficult time with a loss in our family, but sketching helps keep me centered.


Journal entry from today, March 9, 2008

drawing with graphite and watersoluble colour pencil


Zeichnung mit Graphit und wasserlösliche Buntstifte

just some of my many art journals

This journal was featured in Art Journaling Magazine by Somerset Studio, Summer 2013

Featuring my hand carved stamps.

A peak into my recent journal entries :o)

More work with stippling using micron 005 and Pentel liquid gel .7


Would love pointers on creating value with pen rather than pencil.


Thanks for looking.


A grungy journal page design, used a French Kiss watercolor brush, Kim Klassen and French Kiss Textures. LemonTrystDesigns©2014


My images are copyright protected and not to be downloaded or used on any website or blog without my EXPLICIT permission.

LemonTrystDesigns©2014 All rights reserved.

Intime Journal 1

Shooted for an exhibition at the multimedia library of Pessac with the photo club Espoir Pessacais (France)


this journal isn't bound or embellished yet. I'll do that as a demo in my workshop.

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