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Our temperatures have plunged well below freezing -- and though there is no snow in our forecast, the frigid cold has me dreaming of that white stuff.

Daily Practice



I just couldn't get that full moon out of my mind yesterday and just HAD to try to paint it. It took several attempts to come close to what I 'think' I saw ...and I'd like to try several more 'night' scenes. I love sunrises and sunsets, and there's a certain wonder I feel when I watch a moon rise up from the earth's rim, through the wispy bare branches of my trees, and take it's place among the stars. Capturing that 'magic' is going to be interesting! LOL


It's raining already, and the cats have been nestled in their bed on the porch. Pre-op chores are done and today it's working on holiday decorations and preparations. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around Christmas being mere weeks away!


Stay dry today -- and warm! If it's going to be another grey, cold day, I'm wishing for SNOW!

Journal --- I've really enjoyed the snow and the winter hibernation, but the cold -- yep, tired of it .. so painting some warmth ...


Well partner, this is what I ended up doing with those hexies. I hope you like it! The book is graph paper, perfect for quilt designing!


I used the Stitched in Color tutorial for this:

This week at Digitalmania we have journal pages as our inspiration.


This is a little poem by Emily Dickinson that strikes a cord with me.


The background image is a photo of mine taken on a recent trip to Germany (Assmanshausen), blended with more layers (free to use from Flickr). Red bird is courtesy of NumbBumm whilst the dapper little chappie is a composite made by me.


Thank you for looking.


So... after the past few months, I've been "tagged" a couple of times...

Seems I'm supposed to reveal a few things about myself, but rather than write a list, I thought it would be kinda cool to let some photos do the 'speaking' for me... So here is #1...

I LOVE to write and sketch!!!!

I really wish i had time to do it more often, so maybe i'll make it my goal to resume... keeping a nature journal and a hiking journal has always meant a lot to me :)


Daily Practice



This painting was done last week as I was dreaming of marshlands, spring, spartina grasses and all the rich life that goes on in these bodies of water.


The bodies of those here in SC are still sick. It's been a restless night with fevered and crying children, my dd's and my own body aches, chills, weakness, headache.


Yet this morning, we're both able to 'try' a cup of coffee and the baby is holding down her formula, Taylor says she's feeling better and looks like her fever has broken.


I hope we'll be recovering today ... it's been rough seas for us....


Depending on how everyone is after a while will determie if I can drive back to NC and to work -- I've another meetng and obligation filled week ...


Take care ...

Journal - Petunias and Nasturtiums - After four days of iced in conditions and arctic temperatures, I REALLY had a need for color. Found this cheery image on and warmed myself by painting it this morning. We are weeks away from petunias and nasturtiums.

Daily Practice



Thank you all for your most kind comments yesterday ... I truly wish we could all have some of that pasta together!!!


Our paint out went well too ... the day was cooler in the morning, growing hotter after lunch. My sketch, drat it all, began well, but I got too dark too fast with the paints, and ruined what I had begun... sigh. SO, when I got to the B&B last night, I practiced STAYING SOFT and LIGHT ... harder for me than most folks, I suppose. So this softer version of flowers was done to help train myself on reserving the LIGHTS.... geez .....


We've overcast skies and rain predicted ..but a day with only a few meetings ... YAHOO!


Enjoy the day!

with the beautiful lines of paper available ... what a joy to create journals.

all of the 10 i had at the saturday show sold :)) yay! almost sold out of cards! yay!


the dearest moment of the day was barbara ... whom i had not met before. she asked

"are you marilyn?" - and after i responded, told me, with tears in her eyes, that she recently

received a friendship book that i had made ... and how it touched her so deeply. of course -

what made the book so dear were the photos and journaling of her friend linda ... who gifted the book to her. she really did touch my heart.


met many lovely women saturday and almost talked myself out of my voice :)

will be away today but will catch up with you again asap!



Another page from my alphabet journal.


I've been in New York visiting my family. The weather was incredibly mild! I returned to North Carolina to temperatures in the 90s with heat indices over 100 -- hot and humid -- whew. Sure miss having the windows open and the ocean breeze keeping us wonderfully cool.


Intime Journal 1

Shooted for an exhibition at the multimedia library of Pessac with the photo club Espoir Pessacais (France)

Journal - Rose Hips --- Crazy crazy weather! Yesterday was a balmy 45F filled with sunshine - and though the wind was cold and sent a chill -- it was a good day to get in a walk. This morning, our 7F and brief snowfall with howling winds made any thought of spring fly from our minds. We have snow in the forecast next week and bitter temps all week. I know my friends will hate me for doing the happy snow dance -- but, despite the early spring flowers we viewed yesterday, I am so glad to see a bit more snow!

For Documented Life Project:

Art Challenge: Gesso

Journal Prompt: “The beginning is always today.” -Mary Shelley

Right page: pasted tissue paper.

Left page: Illustration of crown copied from Comm Art article. Added tissue paper over because the ink was not waterproof and was getting all over the house. Will probably need to re-draw.

journal page dfhbsfjgdt

There is no one sweeter than my 92-year-old mom. . . she endears herself to all who meet her. However, when on our weekly brunch outings, her waffles aren't delivered to the table before she has finished her hot chocolate, her demeanor darkens and this facial expression is the result!


Pilot Prera with black Platinum Carbon ink and watercolor in a Strathmore Visual Journal.


This is my entry in Maxine's journal with the theme "Day of The Dead"


I just had a bit of fun with this one, rather than taking a piece of Frida's life. I still wanted to put Frida in the spread though.


Mixed media collage, using pastel, fine tip felt pen, Sakura gelly roll and souffle pens, Sharpies, black Pitt Artist pen, scrapbooking card.

strong hearted, brave and sweet

I was working on this little art journal and decided to do a sort of tutorial on my blog.


Here's the tutorial:


Here are other little books projects I've been involved with in the past few years:

Daily Practice



The meeting last night went well - and even though we had a few showers, the heaviest rain seemed to pass us by.


I got to the B&B late, though, and didn't finish the simple sketch I was doing -- just too tired, I suppose. I painted this sundown scene this weekend -- attempting a different color pallet - more toward the blues and dark magentas withe\ spots of yellow -- and eliminating the pinks . I haven't made it to the beach yet this summer, so I was glad to attempt 'the beach' in some way! LOL


It's raining as I"m writing and I've another day of meetings. C tells me we've still had no rain at home -- I wonder if I can hitch one of these clouds to my car and haul it north! LOL


Hope your day is filled with color!

I altered the front of a vintage scrapbook I've had for ages. Not sure what I will do with the book-maybe make it an art journal or a scrapbook with vintage family photos.

Mom and Dad's journals - June 9, 1955 - Thursday

I can't even express how much fun it was creating this tiny journal and pencil set!

I will have to make one for each of my girls now! :)


This journal measures 1 1/2" x 1"

What is your most favorite quote? A quote that inspires you, or your mantra. I literally have 4 journals from college filled with quotes that inspire me and make me smile. Today is the day to share your inspiring words with your friends :)


Well for me it had to be this one.. Audrey Hepburn was one hell of a lady. I love all her movies and this quote is inspirational! Of course I believe in PINK! :)


Blogged here..


This journal was featured in Art Journaling Magazine by Somerset Studio, Summer 2013

Featuring my hand carved stamps.

I made a canvas for my art room and loved the colors and elements so much that I had to do a page for my art journal with similar ones!

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