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5x7 journal sketch

"Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats." (Voltaire)


This was a quick shot of a half page of my SiL's journal that I snapped some time ago. My life got a little wrecked this past week, but in the last few days the song is beginning to return.


I will likely not be doing a whole lot of commenting for a few more days, but I'm getting there.


Also, in view of the day, politically in the USA, this may encourage you to lift your voice, or at least your spirits.


I will put some of the other quotes in the Comment section because they are a little hard to read, especially at this resolution.


© Anvilcloud Photography

Conrail shared assets local train SK-13 (doing leftover work from M-F job OI-14) is seen light engine westbound on the Waldo Running Track coming under Tonnelle Ave. They had just pulled a long cut of flats loaded with empty trash containers down toward end of track beneath Journal Square and have run around and are heading back toward the main. To the right are the PATH (Port Authority Trans Hudson) mainlines via the tunnels to Lower Manhattan.


The Waldo Running Track used to be a continuation of Conrails P&H (Passaic and Harsimus) Line. Prior to 1994 all north south trains to and from the River Line main passed this way and diverged north at CP WALDO (now gone). But now this trackage is just a dead end runaround that extends maybe a quarter mile behind me. It is used only by these locals that pull trash cars in here to run around and then shove back around past CSXT's South Kearney Yard and down the Central Avenue Industrial Track. Down at the end of that lead is the NJRC (New Jersey Rail Carriers) transfer point where containers of waste are loaded on to COFC flats for movement west on NS train 63V to Mingo Junction West Virginia for hand off to the Ohio Central railroad for final delivery to a land fill located off the old PRR Panhandle Line.


In days of old all of this was former Pennsylvania Railroad territory and until 1959 the PRR ran suburban trains to and from their Exchange Place station on trackage shared with the affiliated Hudson and Manhattan (today's PATH) thru here. The H&M opened the station here at Journal Square, then known as Summit Avenue in 1912 and the disused catenary poles and remains of the old electric infrastructure date from the PRR's 1930s electrification project. The weedgrown far tracks that the local occupies once led to PRR's Harsimus Cove freight terminals on the Jersey City waterfront.


If you'd like to read more here is a great story about operations in the North Jersey area during the Conrail era that explains some of the traffic patterns and routings I described:" rel="noreferrer nofollow


And here are some links to learn more about PATH:


Jersey City, New Jersey

Friday October 2, 2020

Found this wonderful, cloth covered journal marked down at Staples, of all places!

Normally I don't purchase journals, because I make them!

But being a lover of fabric, stitchery and typewriters,

this was just irresistible, and did I mention, on SALE!

with the beautiful lines of paper available ... what a joy to create journals.

all of the 10 i had at the saturday show sold :)) yay! almost sold out of cards! yay!


the dearest moment of the day was barbara ... whom i had not met before. she asked

"are you marilyn?" - and after i responded, told me, with tears in her eyes, that she recently

received a friendship book that i had made ... and how it touched her so deeply. of course -

what made the book so dear were the photos and journaling of her friend linda ... who gifted the book to her. she really did touch my heart.


met many lovely women saturday and almost talked myself out of my voice :)

will be away today but will catch up with you again asap!



A hobby: something you do, enjoy, and don't get paid for? For me, that means writing. I spend a lot of time writing stories, journaling, pondering. I have stacks and stacks of old journals and notebooks from the years. I love the simple elegance of the spiral bound design.

Lyrical Journal.

Fire(Aim Your Arrows High)-VersaEmerge

Dear Mr Fantasy by Traffic (Steve Winwood/vocals)

These little guys are all waiting to be scanned!

My journal pages for this week's challenge.

poor attempt at writing in swedish

Journal on the table

Just a few random doodles in the journal. Having fun though.😀

Feito sob medida pra querida Gi!!


Miolo com papéis diversos: branco (120grs, 75grs), verde (75grs), reciclado (90grs e 75grs), quadriculado e polén creme (90grs), colorplus verde (120grs)......


Polaroid SuperShooter Plus

Fujifilm FP-100c




©Christine A. Owens 4.23.18


I really appreciate your comments and faves. I'm not a hoarder of contacts, but enjoy real-life, honest people. You are much more likely to get my comments and faves in return if you fit the latter description. Just sayin. :oD


If you like b/w photography and/or poetry check out my page at:</a

Lombada reta e cadernos costurados! =P




I was given this small Radley journal as a gift but have kept it pristine and unused. I will write in it one day, I'm think I may use it for my favourite quotes, which I currently scribble down in a notebook.


116 pictures in 2016 (59) clean

Fountain pens, watercolor, and gel pen in F -C Vagabond Notebook, 8 1/4 x 9 in.

Busy day, best attempt at the theme




7DoS Texture Tuesday, stationery theme

Journaling of the past two weeks. Mixed media.

After one month it is ready now. Inside will be shown later.

Always forgot to show the journal cover I made for Maxine as an extra during our pillow swap

A peak into my recent journal entries :o)

What is your most favorite quote? A quote that inspires you, or your mantra. I literally have 4 journals from college filled with quotes that inspire me and make me smile. Today is the day to share your inspiring words with your friends :)


Well for me it had to be this one.. Audrey Hepburn was one hell of a lady. I love all her movies and this quote is inspirational! Of course I believe in PINK! :)


Blogged here..


Today I want you to create a "guide to your city." What are the must-see things that you would want a visitor to experience in your city. This can guide can be for your city, town, or state. I am really excited to see these and to maybe even use them in my future when traveling!! Have fun with this!!!


I made a few reasons why you should visit my county Dorset


Blogged here

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