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Last night's earthquake was certainly an interesting experience, it woke me up, at first I thought it was raining because the window frames were making a tap tap noise, then I realized what was happening, nothing even fell in my house, but this was the strongest jolt I remember witnessing, it lasted a good 10 seconds at least.


The photo, is of Svolvaer, the Lofotenese megalopolis at dusk, the snow covered floating pier moved a little despite the calm water. The "prisms" at upper left corner are cod fish drying racks, lit up all night, as they are city's only (very smelly) tourist attraction, aside from the surrounding landscape.


The date of construction of the stone fort is uncertain, although there are claims that a Jesuit Antonio Campioni built a stone fort in 1630, and the gate of the fort bears the date 1738 together with the arms of Castile and Leon. It is certain, however, that the fort underwent major renovations in the late 19th century as part of a building program to improve Cebu.


The victory of the Americans led by Commodore Dewey at the Battle of Manila Bay in 1898 marked the end of the Spanish era in the Philippine Islands. The fort was then surrendered by the Spaniards to the Cebuano revolutionaries.


Fort San Pedro became a part of the American Warwick barracks during the American regime. From 1937 to 1941 the barracks was converted into a school where many Cebuanos received their formal education. During World War II from 1942 to 1945, Japanese residents of the city took refuge within the walls. When the battle to liberate the city of Cebu from the Imperial Japanese forces was fought, the fort served as an emergency hospital for the wounded.


From 1946 to 1950, Fort San Pedro was an army camp. After 1950, the Cebu Garden Club took over and fixed the inner part and converted it into a miniature garden.


Although already in ruins, the upper deck was utilized for different offices. First, as a clinic of the City Health, as office of the Presidential Arm and Community Development then the City Public Works Unit used the ruins of the lieutenant's quarters as its field office.


In 1957 mayor Sergio Osmeña Jr. jolted the public with his announcement to demolish Fort San Pedro and erect on the spot a new City Hall. This started a movement against the demolition idea. Articles voicing opposition appeared in the local dailies and magazines in Cebu City and in Manila. Finally, confronted by civic leaders and society heads at his Cebu City Hall office, he gave up his idea and said he will use instead the space behind the fort.


In the very same year, the city council commissioned "The Lamplighter", a religious sect, to manage a zoo subsidized by the city within the fort courtyard.


By 1968, the façade, quarters and walls of the original structures of Fort San Pedro were so obliterated that only the two towers were recognizable. Plans for the restoration of the fort was started and the zoo was relocated.


Plans and estimates for the restoration of the fort were completed by architect Leonardo Concepción, who had completed his MA in Building restoration in Madrid. The project was jointly funded by the Board of Travel Industry (now Department of Tourism), the Cebu City Government, and the Cebu Zonta Club.


The Fort San Pedro restoration was a tedious, time and labor consuming project. To restore the fort as close to the original as possible, coral stones which were hauled from under the sea along Cebu coastal towns were utilized. Delivered crudely cut to the restoration site, the fort laborers did the final cutting and polishing to make the blocks fit each other.


Work progressed slowly but the façade, the main building, (Cuerpo de Guardia), the walk and the observatory roof garden were faithfully restored after one and a half years. To make the project functional; the restored main building serves then as the Cebu Office of the Department of Tourism, the lieutenant's quarters now houses a museum, the inner court is an open-air theater and its immediate vicinity is a park.


At present, it is under the care and administration of the city of Cebu,as a historical park under City Executive Order No. 08-87 of February 20, 2008. This order also known as Plaza Independencia - Fort San Pedro Interim Policy and Advisory Board (PIFSIPAB) appointed Hon. Michael L. Rama as overall overseer of the Plaza Independencia and Fort San Pedro. The land on which it is situated is, however, owned by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.


These days, part of the fort is a museum. Inside the fort houses the legacies of the Spanish Government: well preserved Spanish artefacts such as Spanish documents, paintings and sculpture. A large statue of Legazpi and Antonio Pigafetta may be seen outside the fort walls.


Inside Fort San Pedro Facing Entrance, August 2010.


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Source wikipedia

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I'm still needing a jolt of colour so here are some more tulips from my grocery to brighten your day:)

Emigrant Creek – Jackson County – Oregon - USA


“A shorebird you can see without going to the beach, Killdeer are graceful plovers common to lawns, golf courses, athletic fields, and parking lots. These tawny birds run across the ground in spurts, stopping with a jolt every so often to check their progress, or to see if they’ve startled up any insect prey. Their voice, a far-carrying, excited kill-deer, is a common sound even after dark, often given in flight as the bird circles overhead on slender wings….Killdeer spend their time walking along the ground or running ahead a few steps, stopping to look around, and running on again. When disturbed they break into flight and circle overhead, calling repeatedly. Their flight is rapid, with stiff, intermittent wingbeats.”


Status : Least Concern

Source : Cornell University Lab of Ornithology


Water droplet refractions don't have to be complicated, and I've posted this one as proof. No editing outside of Lightroom, and just two plants placed together and sprayed with water. Voila! View large!


This image illustrates the simplicity in the concept, and also highlights some of the challenges. First off is depth of field. Razor-thin depth means you have to be incredibly deliberate with your focus. A refracted image may be in focus, but the outer edge of the droplet can be blurry.


This depth problem cannot be solved by the conventional means of using a smaller aperture. Light will diffract around a tiny aperture and bend off course, blurring the resulting image in a phenomenon we call "diffraction limiting".


The next challenge you'd see here is placement. Moving the flower closer or farther away would change its size in the droplets. Farther away would yield more of the petals, but it would also change the background composition (which is also created by the flower, but out of focus). Adjusting these two potted plants with no aid of any "third hand" tool takes some control away from the composition.


The next would be the droplets. If the two plants are close together when you spray, they'll both get covered in droplets equally. Call me picky, but I prefer the flower to be dry. However, spraying the grass and then moving the flower into place requires much more patience and careful movements. One slight jolt and those dangling droplets will fall!


This is as simplistic as I could make a droplet refraction photo: Two potted plants totaling $5.99 - a Gerbera Daisy and Blue Sprite Koeleria. The plants are pushed together on a table, sprayed with water, and the droplets are photographed. No complex setup, no tricky and time-consuming editing.

Hopefully this encourages people to go out and try it!

; ))


The Peruvian Paso is a breed of pleasure saddle horse known for its smooth ride. It is distinguished by a uniquely natural gait called the paso llano which is a lateral four beat gait. [...] This characteristic gait was utilized for the purpose of covering long distances over a short period of time without tiring the horse or rider... The gait supplies essentially none of the vertical bounce that is characteristoc of the trot... The rider's back feels no strain or jolt. Hence, this is a favored mount for riders with back trouble.


source: wikipedia

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A friend produces and directs indy movies and commercials. He asked if I'd like to take some shots of the production. So far, this is my favorite.


Random facts:

Kiddo lost her first tooth. I feel that I am certainly not old enough to have a child that looses teeth.


I'm ordering lil business cards via Moo. I have friends that seem to want to give them out...who am I to argue?


I don't actually have a business, just my name and number on adorable lil cards.


Edit: this is the first photo of mine that I've seen in the "Last 7 days interesting" Flickr feature. Thank you everyone, it really gave me a jolt of happiness and wth'ness. =)

INJUSTO. Una tragedia de estas características es injusta siempre, sea donde sea. No obstante, en Nepal adquiere una dimensión desorbitada. En un país con escasas infraestructuras, con edificios que crecen por doquier de forma precaria, un terremoto de esta magnitud es como una sacudida brusca sobre un castillo de naipes.


En un momento como este, me solidarizo con el pueblo nepalí, aunque sea desde el recuerdo, con una de las imágenes que tomé en Patán hace 2 años.

Quizás, ya no quede nada en pie de lo que vemos en esta imagen.


UNFAIR. A tragedy like this is unfair always, wherever that it occurs. However, in Nepal it acquires an enormous dimension. In a country with poor infrastructures, with buildings that grow everywhere precariously, an earthquake of this magnitude is like a sharp jolt on a house of cards.


At this moment, I sympathize with the Nepalese people. This is one of the pictures I took in Patan two years ago.

Perhaps, there is nothing left standing of what we see in this picture.

Real lightning bolt strikes - with a sunrise over the city.


View on Black and LARGER.


I followed this storm very early one summer morning, and was able to get several nice shots. This was one of the last shots I got before the sun came up and the storm rolled off over the mountains and into the next county.


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mess tidals: they usually come in cycles, so that once in a while you are forced to have a go at restoring a clean visual space for the benefit of the already confused mind. so: take everything away, stick it just elsewhere out of sight.

the aftermath is usually three or four days of a table that looks like the mesas. you can actually sit there and write without things falling off the edges.

then, shyly, a scrap of paper or two, a book, two packs of cigarettes, a lighter, an half-filled cup of coffee, water glasses, a notebook, spam mail that no one is brave enough to throw away directly. the invasion begins anew.


and: you manage not to find things that were supposed to be important again. up until you convince yourself they were not important.


months later:

crawling through old boxes and bags: scraps of paper mostly, artefacts that the dust has long since started devouring and/or cloaking. pencil lines have turned paler. just below a drawing (a stickman about to enter in a room, the room displayed through a door, a handful of spirals in its rectangle) a quickly jolted down note, a rather meaningless thing brought back from that night's dream:


a man says: "this site is evaporating"


it's easier to stumble somehow. you also get to scream and swear once you touch the ground.

“A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs.

It's jolted by every pebble on the road.”

~ Henry Ward Beecher ~

Merciful Father, please kiss her mind, to help her leave the jolts of the fog,

Le Traquet motteux se nourrit surtout au sol, en sautillant et en courant, puis il s'arrête avec le corps dressé et la queue agitée de soubresauts, pour prendre une proie. Il lui arrive de poursuivre des insectes dans les airs en voletant. Il scrute aussi le sol depuis un perchoir avant de descendre sur la proie. Sa technique est étroitement associée à la structure de chaque habitat.


The Northern Wheatear feeds mainly on the ground, hopping and running, then stops with the body erect and the tail agitated with jolts, to take a prey. He sometimes flies insects in the air. He also scours the ground from a perch before descending on the prey. His technique is closely associated with the structure of each habitat.

The crocus opening up in the brief sunny spells all fresh and clean after a little downpour.. A floral bouquet for all my lovely Flickr friends to bring some cheer on what looks like a rainy weekend. Keep warm and safe ~♡♡~


A smile, a cheer! The crocus is near!

Unclasping its cup so to worship the sun:

A toll of imminent Spring in the air,

When daffodils rise and lap up their fun.


Your rich glowing colours have long last arrived,

Welcomed by snowdrops now leaving their prime.

What beautiful partnership Nature contrived -

Jolting my person to sing out this rhyme.


That time of year! The crocus is here!

Sprinkling the lawn so to break up the greens.

You sprite little flower with a look so sincere,

Chasing the gloom with kaleidoscope scenes!


Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2009

Lightning strikes the hillside during an evening storm in the desert-area west of Kamloops, BC. This was captured during a 30 second exposure.

For an extra jolt of voltage, feel it on black (How's that D.?)

This is funny if you have 30 seconds.


We just had a jolting 5.0 earthquake, near my house. It felt like a big one! Happy Blue Monday! :-) Another flower shot from the garden tour. :-)

Los Angeles, CA

Day begins in Glacier's Two Medicine area. Who needs coffee when you have this to jolt you awake.


Pictured are Never Laughs Woman, Painted Teepee and Mt. Sinopah, reflected in Pray Lake.


Best seen when Viewed LARGE On Black

~Henry Ward Beecher


Photo: The Picnic Wagon by Nelonie A. Crelencia ©2009


| lancelonie photography © All Rights Reserved. DO NOT COPY. |



The great forest, absolutely silent, save for the music of the brook, the smell of the woods, the charm of the campfire, the fragrance of the bed of boughs, all work a peace in the mind which has been accustomed for so many months to the noise and rush of the great city, the jolting of the railway train, and the smoke and dust of the locomotive.


Walter H. James


"Hairy Hands is a legend that built up around a stretch of road in Dartmoor in the English county of Devon, which was purported to have seen an unusually high number of motor vehicle accidents during the early 20th century. The legend of the Hairy Hands is set in Postbridge, Dartmoor. The road is now known as the B3212.


According to the story surrounding them, the Hairy Hands are a pair of disembodied hands that appear suddenly, grab at the steering wheel of a moving car or the handlebars of a motorcycle, and then force the victim off the road. In some cases the hands are described as being invisible. Since around 1910, drivers and cyclists have reported suffering unusual accidents along the road between Postbridge and Two Bridges. In many cases, the victims reported that their vehicle had jolted or swerved violently and steered off the side of the road, as if something had taken hold of the wheels and wrenched it out of their control." Wikipedia

View On Black. It's worth your click.


Fall season is here. It's my favorite season of the year.The summer heat seemed to linger but fall is here to stay. The air is starting to get chilly. The fog hasn't rolled in yet. This was taken last year at the park near our house. Still don't have anything to shoot. I need some jolt of creative juice...some inspiration..something, I guess. Have to dig in the vault again.


[...] A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs jolted by every pebble in the road [...]

-- Quote by Henry Ward Beecher


Rome, Italy (July, 2007)

I'm in love with this pier, it jolts out from land pretty far and it wraps around for a 200+ degree view of the horizon.

For those of lus who need a jolt of colour! Here are three shots of the same tulip, never sure which one is the best. Stay dry and well:)


Explore # 59 on May 19, 2011 This is the first of three explored, but only one stayed to be counted for Scout and Drew Myers:)

A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It's jolted by every pebble on the road.

Henry Ward Beecher


Yeah! I have much sense of humor until can laugh to myself when I have clumsy:))


Today, do you laugh something? then please....


The bokeh sky in my garden, I captured through the pine tree.


Thank you to laugh:)

"A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It's jolted by every pebble on the road."

Henry Ward Beecher


About a mile down from the sand-blown park is a deserted area by the river where about 10,000 gulls were trying to keep from blowing away until I jolted them into flight.

Just had to share these pics of the most Beautiful Moose that I "ran into" yesterday --- well, he stopped and veered off up into the woods when I opened my car door to get a photo NOT taken through the windshield --- so, there was no actual touching (-: But I felt like he had ran right into my heart and made it stop dead. I have not seen a Moose in Vermont in well over 5 years now, although it hasn't been for lack of my seeking them --- almost stepped in plenty of poop over the last couple of Summers, trying to catch sight of at least one that haunts the backside of Burbee Pond.

I needed a jolt to my soul --- and senses --- that this Spring and early Summer are passing me by ----- word is there are TWO Bald Eagle Babes this year, but because of time constraints around caring for my Grandchildren, I haven't walked in to check the nest out in almost a month. Today is the day!!! Thank you Mr. Moose!!! What a wonderful reminder of where I need to be --- "out there" ---- at least a couple of hours a day filling MY most important need --- the only place I am truly alive and free --- in the world of the glorious Nature that surrounds me.

Happy Weekend everyone!!

Pics below in comment section:

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If you miss the live show, a recap and full podcast will be posted at "Circles of Change Radio", 2009 Season left hand tab by Wednesday evening, April 1st, where you will also find the full complimentary library of thought provoking shows to date.


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She had a pony once.

Bought from this here hero.


On the 03.03.03.


In Cádiz.

A mere three hour drive from Córdoba.

For the cordial amount of £3.

Three weeks later I washed it at three

times thirty degrees-which spells 90.

Hence reducing the devious bastard

to a tiny and odd looking plum sized raisin.


'Ponies are generally considered intelligent

and friendly, though sometimes they also

are described as stubborn or devious.

The differences of opinion often result

from an individual pony's degree of proper

training. Ponies trained by inexperienced

individuals, or only ridden by beginners,

can turn out to be spoiled because their

riders typically lack the experience base

to correct bad habits. Properly trained

ponies are appropriate mounts for

children who are learning to ride'.


Now, me ain't had no experience in no nothing,

but there is one god damn thing I know I ain't:

an experienced bad-habit correctin' individual.


Head over here for something more interesting

than this phony Jive.


And Pedro, how come this lead singer

isn't a national icon?


(Forget it. I ain't listening to you)

This is the colour version shot from yesterday morning, from a slightly diffirent angle.... I placed the camera on a rock and set the timer and then a truck doing 'bout 90 kmh thundered past giving the ground a noticible jolt! Gave me a hell of a fright ....!!!

I have to say even I was a little jolted by the closeness and intensity of this storm. There were strikes like these every 30 seconds so I didn't even risk getting out of the car. This was taken with my D700 wedged on dash through my front windshield with the wipers on intermittent so they wouldn't affect the image.

View On Black

"A shorebird you can see without going to the beach, Killdeer are graceful plovers common to lawns, golf courses, athletic fields, and parking lots. These tawny birds run across the ground in spurts, stopping with a jolt every so often to check their progress, or to see if they’ve startled up any insect prey. Their voice, a far-carrying, excited kill-deer, is a common sound even after dark, often given in flight as the bird circles overhead on slender wings."allaboutboids

We were happy to see water at Legacy Park. It's going to be a great Spring!

Even the city streetcars get a big sugar jolt on Halloween turning the air behind them into vibrant crackling streamers of orange plasma. Experience the full sugar rush climb aboard. N70418,19 - Happy Halloween!

My friend Allan Parke wrote this.. I believe it. His flickr is:

Jonathan was a boy…a typical boy; 6 years old…getting into trouble was typical for this typical 6 year old boy…not serious trouble but the typical trouble that defines a typical 6 year old boy…you know…

One of his saving graces was going to church on Sundays with his mom…but he didn’t sit in church with his mom but was dropped off in Sunday school with the rest of the children…his mom’s parting words “behave yourself”…

In Sunday school Jonathan learned about God and all those things that went along with learning about God…of course not everything taught was all about God…there were the lighter religious topics…the topics for children…Johnathan’s favorite was guardian angels…

He learned that each person had a guardian angel that looked after them in times of trouble…the angel would help them out, guide them, keep them safe…Jonathan was happy about this, ‘cause he was constantly getting into trouble…at least that’s what his mom called it…

Jonathan was curious about his angel and was constantly looking…searching…to catch a glimpse of his angel…look as he might there was no evidence anywhere of his angel…

But, his angel was there…all of the time…everywhere…

If Johnathan was running, tripped and fell, his angel was certain to soften his fall, maybe a skinned knee…nothing more serious…

Being 6, Jonathon napped a lot, leaving his angel with spare time to do other things, hobbies, wander around checking out other angels…

One day, while wandering, Jonathon’s angel was distracted, his attention drawn to something interesting, his mind taken away from his real task…he wandered and wandered not aware of the time…unaware of his surroundings…until…

Jonathon woke with a jolt…a shiver running down his spine…there was something wrong, he felt….his angel was gone…he started to cry…he felt he was in trouble…big trouble this time…

Jonathon was afraid…he slowly got out of bed and put on his shoes…can’t go anywhere without your shoes his mom always told him…

Walking slowly to the door he peered out into the hallway…looking left…looking right…no one…no body…

The air felt strange, but he stepped out anyway…slowly down the hallway to the kitchen…still no one…looking out the window he saw the day was overcast…sensing the day might be cool, he retrieved his jacket from the closet…then out the back door….down the steps…down the driveway to the street and without looking started to cross the street…seemingly out of nowhere a car…no it was a truck, a big truck…Jonathon did not see it…

A shiver ran down his spine and along his wings to the tips…Jonathon’s angel was devastated….

Good day with East, Witnes, Jolt, Omni and KC.

Deosai Plains.. Purely a Heaven. The best Photography experience so far in my life.. Few things to mention, traveling by road from islamabad to Skardu. the dead but Monster mountains, Curves, Height, People. everything was mind blowing.. and then the Deosai. Purely a Heaven. the sun beamed like a golden ball and the Dry grass colour transformed every minute with the change in light ... at times it seemed just like a carpeted brown Velvet spread all over the Plain, then the sky - Never experienced such clear Blue sky ever in my life with as pure as white cotton candy clouds...


Then the nights. no light as far you see. Only Dazzling stars making symmetrical network of diamonds all over your head. though the breeze was not that windy but cold enough to give a stir.


And then the FEAR.....sleeping in the open field Camp. the terror of Bear attack at night surely didn't let us sleep for two nights. what else to say...


i was lucky enough that Finally--- yes finally observed facing the Giant Bear especially having an eye to eye contact with the mother bear with dangerously close distance. Truly a heavy Jolt.


Will never forget this ultimate experience ever in my life. Photography is not a Habit its an Addiction. And im Badly Addicted to it. Simply Loved it.

This was taken towards the end of Monterey. If you keep going, you will get to Pacific Grove, a cute little town with restaurants, a shoe store, and other things to explore. I like this corner of the ocean, especially as this hotel has a private sandy beach with kayaks and an area to just sit on the sand and relax. You may even find weddings going on in the grassy area beyond. I've never been in the hotel or restaurant, but I should check it out next time I'm there.

I just got back from working out in UJam. There was a sub instructor, but she was very good! I can tell my energy is coming back even more...finally! I had so much fun! Dancing to me is not exercise, even though I can really feel the moves and the work we put in while we are dancing. Enjoy your Sunday! Hmm...we just got an earthquake jolt while I was writing this. When I went to the earthquake map, it says it's undetermined(magnitude). I definitely heard this one. All is well here. It must be smaller. It just registered as a 3.4. At my house, all I "heard" was a rumble. My house didn't shake like it "normally" does. No matter where you live, you get something!! I really don't mind these little ones. If it hits in the 6-7 range, it's more of a concern. We've had that in our area in the last 20 years, 2x.

It was the summer of 2012 and I was camping at Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park. I went out one evening to scout out a spot on the lake for some sunrise shots. I found a good spot and got up the next morning sometime around 4 AM. When I got to the spot it required me to rustle through some bushes. As I passed through the bushes I was surprised to come upon [insert dramatic pause] a Grizzly Bear that I had to wrestle with just a pocket knife and my tripod. I lost my pinky toe but I came out okay...I'm kidding. I ran into another photographer. You should have seen the look on his face. I'm sure he wasn't expecting anyone and we were in Grizzly Bear country so I probably gave him a nice early morning jolt. Who needs coffee?

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