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Lightning strikes the hillside during an evening storm in the desert-area west of Kamloops, BC. This was captured during a 30 second exposure.

Last night's earthquake was certainly an interesting experience, it woke me up, at first I thought it was raining because the window frames were making a tap tap noise, then I realized what was happening, nothing even fell in my house, but this was the strongest jolt I remember witnessing, it lasted a good 10 seconds at least.


The photo, is of Svolvaer, the Lofotenese megalopolis at dusk, the snow covered floating pier moved a little despite the calm water. The "prisms" at upper left corner are cod fish drying racks, lit up all night, as they are city's only (very smelly) tourist attraction, aside from the surrounding landscape.

For an extra jolt of voltage, feel it on black (How's that D.?)

Mextures, LensLight, Pixlromatic and PhotoToaster on iPhone

Electrifying means to: thrill, stimulate amaze, animate, astonish, astound,

charge, commove, disturb, dynamize, energize, enthuse, excite, fire, frenzy,

galvanize, invigorate, jar, jolt, magnetize, power, provoke, rouse, send,

shock, stagger, startle, stir, strike, stun, take one's breath away........ :)


The power of passion and the thrill of creating a piece of art; electrifying.

Happy Christmas Eve from Hawaii,

Moanalani Ke`alohilani Roquette :)

December 24, 2010

4:00 p.m. HST


I dedicate this photo to my friend and mentor, Gregory L. Lui-Kwan, Esq.

this morning I woke from a dream.

In the dream it’s night and i’m walking in a sort

Of undefined high prairie landscape.

And though i can’t see him, i can feel the presence of

A man that’s walking with me on my right side.

And i’m complaining to this presence that

i’m angry with god - i’m angry because god wants me

To do with my life things that i don’t want to do – I’m angry

Because god Wants me to be ways that i don’t want to be. And the presence says to me that i have it wrong, that i don’t

understand - that god only wants me to do what

i truly want to do in my truest deepest heart.

And then i’m alone and i spread my arms

And i begin to turn in circles and all the stars in the sky

Begin to revolve and move with me – and my turning creates

A great wind and as i’m turning faster and faster the stars begin

To streak and Blend together into a sky turned to light and i’m spinning

So fast that i begin to come apart and dissolve and become

A part of the Light


And then there’s a jolt and I wake up to one of my cats

Sitting on my chest wanting breakfast - and in my truest deepest heart

I want a cup of coffee and a cigarette


I'm still needing a jolt of colour so here are some more tulips from my grocery to brighten your day:)

Emigrant Creek – Jackson County – Oregon - USA


“A shorebird you can see without going to the beach, Killdeer are graceful plovers common to lawns, golf courses, athletic fields, and parking lots. These tawny birds run across the ground in spurts, stopping with a jolt every so often to check their progress, or to see if they’ve startled up any insect prey. Their voice, a far-carrying, excited kill-deer, is a common sound even after dark, often given in flight as the bird circles overhead on slender wings….Killdeer spend their time walking along the ground or running ahead a few steps, stopping to look around, and running on again. When disturbed they break into flight and circle overhead, calling repeatedly. Their flight is rapid, with stiff, intermittent wingbeats.”


Status : Least Concern

Source : Cornell University Lab of Ornithology


Day begins in Glacier's Two Medicine area. Who needs coffee when you have this to jolt you awake.


Pictured are Never Laughs Woman, Painted Teepee and Mt. Sinopah, reflected in Pray Lake.


Best seen when Viewed LARGE On Black

Brilliant setting sunlight breaks through quickly parting clouds over west Wales,UK...I had a little bit of a jolt when I saw the photograph...It reminded me of the footage and photographs of the first A-blasts in the New Mexico and Nevada deserts in the forties and fifties...Just my imagination thankfully.

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Water droplet refractions don't have to be complicated, and I've posted this one as proof. No editing outside of Lightroom, and just two plants placed together and sprayed with water. Voila! View large!


This image illustrates the simplicity in the concept, and also highlights some of the challenges. First off is depth of field. Razor-thin depth means you have to be incredibly deliberate with your focus. A refracted image may be in focus, but the outer edge of the droplet can be blurry.


This depth problem cannot be solved by the conventional means of using a smaller aperture. Light will diffract around a tiny aperture and bend off course, blurring the resulting image in a phenomenon we call "diffraction limiting".


The next challenge you'd see here is placement. Moving the flower closer or farther away would change its size in the droplets. Farther away would yield more of the petals, but it would also change the background composition (which is also created by the flower, but out of focus). Adjusting these two potted plants with no aid of any "third hand" tool takes some control away from the composition.


The next would be the droplets. If the two plants are close together when you spray, they'll both get covered in droplets equally. Call me picky, but I prefer the flower to be dry. However, spraying the grass and then moving the flower into place requires much more patience and careful movements. One slight jolt and those dangling droplets will fall!


This is as simplistic as I could make a droplet refraction photo: Two potted plants totaling $5.99 - a Gerbera Daisy and Blue Sprite Koeleria. The plants are pushed together on a table, sprayed with water, and the droplets are photographed. No complex setup, no tricky and time-consuming editing.

Hopefully this encourages people to go out and try it!

~Henry Ward Beecher


Photo: The Picnic Wagon by Nelonie A. Crelencia ©2009


| lancelonie photography © All Rights Reserved. DO NOT COPY. |



A brand new ultra-wide 15 mm front lens for the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System, Naiad will steep your shots in saturated colors and jolt you on a journey of extraordinary angles!


Learn more here:


Photo by Sunsern Poontavee

Misty has been pretty sluggish all this week, so we weren't so sure if she'd be up for a morning trip to the beach. We planned on a quick walk, but she surprised us with a jolt of energy. We're thankful for days like this when we can see the obvious joy in her eyes and a little spark of youth.

The great forest, absolutely silent, save for the music of the brook, the smell of the woods, the charm of the campfire, the fragrance of the bed of boughs, all work a peace in the mind which has been accustomed for so many months to the noise and rush of the great city, the jolting of the railway train, and the smoke and dust of the locomotive.


Walter H. James


Some lightning crashing down in between broken top and south sister over a classic lake vista.

this week has been stressful. it will be worse next week though. school is poop.


blah, i'm tired of this.


WE DID THE HARLEM SHAKE AT MY CHURCH . i enjoyed it very much.


hooray for dancing in hideous clothing!


love you all, bye.


A jolt of cobalt! Rather than sparkle, you get a nice matt look with fun polka dots. Very in. sold

View On Black. It's worth your click.


Fall season is here. It's my favorite season of the year.The summer heat seemed to linger but fall is here to stay. The air is starting to get chilly. The fog hasn't rolled in yet. This was taken last year at the park near our house. Still don't have anything to shoot. I need some jolt of creative juice...some inspiration..something, I guess. Have to dig in the vault again.

; ))


The Peruvian Paso is a breed of pleasure saddle horse known for its smooth ride. It is distinguished by a uniquely natural gait called the paso llano which is a lateral four beat gait. [...] This characteristic gait was utilized for the purpose of covering long distances over a short period of time without tiring the horse or rider... The gait supplies essentially none of the vertical bounce that is characteristoc of the trot... The rider's back feels no strain or jolt. Hence, this is a favored mount for riders with back trouble.


source: wikipedia


© Copyright Ottilie Simpson. All Rights Reserved. DO NOT reproduce or repost without permission.


| w e b s i t e ||| f a c e b o o k |



More stars. What can I say? I like stars :)


I've been tagged several times by various people. And I haven't written one of these for a while, probably because I'm not really that interesting. But here goes, I'm playing along. Ten things about me:


1) I did my first day at my new job this week. So far, so good. It's nice to be learning some new things :)

2) I just got back from a drink with a friend who's leaving to go to university in another city next week. More people were meant to come, but then they all cancelled. It feels weird that most people I spent the last two years at college with are all leaving. And I'm still here ...

3) I had an 'Apple Pie' cocktail. Hm interesting.

4) I'm a little obsessed with this band at the moment :)

5) I'm 20 years old. Lately I've been thinking that if I died when I was 80, then I'm already a quarter of the way through my life.

6) I'm suprisingly morbid and I talk about death a lot. I don't think that comes through in my photos.

7) I'm really not looking forward to Winter. I might migrate ... like a bird. I just don't have any wings. Damn.

8) When I was a toddler, I used to eat soil :)

9) I'm usually in my own little day-dream world in my head. Then I meet some kind of rude, scummy person and it's always a jolt to remember that not everyone is thinking about bunting and vintage things and pretty colours and creating photographs.

10) But I wish people were :)


I'm in love with this pier, it jolts out from land pretty far and it wraps around for a 200+ degree view of the horizon.


[...] A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs jolted by every pebble in the road [...]

-- Quote by Henry Ward Beecher


Rome, Italy (July, 2007)

STORYLINE: It started beautifully at first. She dreamed of riding a carousel as the sun set. A haunting melody of a distant piano wafted in the gentle breeze. Suddenly, something pressed her down. The ornate wooden horses turned black. They bobbed up and down, around and around, faster and faster. She had became the carousel! She was trapped! Terrified, she jolted out of her nightmare only to discover something heavy was on her chest. Two menacing red eyes pierced darkness looking back at her.


Designers Shown:

Aeva Heartsick, Ayashi, Candy Mountain, Dark Passions, Devin Vaughn, Isovii, KOOQLA, LIKKA*HOUSE, Meli Imako, Slink, ZZANG,


Freebies: Candy Mountain, Dark Passions, Isovii, Meli Imako


Location: Leroy - Friend of the Night


Posted to:

Bishie Style SL


RMK Gothic SIM English

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A friend produces and directs indy movies and commercials. He asked if I'd like to take some shots of the production. So far, this is my favorite.


Random facts:

Kiddo lost her first tooth. I feel that I am certainly not old enough to have a child that looses teeth.


I'm ordering lil business cards via Moo. I have friends that seem to want to give them out...who am I to argue?


I don't actually have a business, just my name and number on adorable lil cards.


Edit: this is the first photo of mine that I've seen in the "Last 7 days interesting" Flickr feature. Thank you everyone, it really gave me a jolt of happiness and wth'ness. =)

The Cool Autumn Sun begin to Rise... It is as if Summer has just begun and it is time to ready ourselves for the cooler days of of Autumn that are just around the bend.


I was sitting on the stairs of our back porch the other morning, thinking; "I must be nuts" to be sitting on the cold concrete in my jammies. A fresh hot cup of coffee warmed my hands as I watched the dainty fingers of steam rise into the cool crisp morning air, if I held it just right, I could watch the sun's golden rays shining through the tiny droplets, like a graceful ballerina they swirled before me, then were gone. I was making mental notes of all I needed to get done that day.As I looked toward the end of the yard I could see the dew making its way down the petals of an Echinacea flower.


I decided that it was very important that I get out there and do something that really need to get done...... I set my coffee down and it soon became a little caffeine jolt for some ants, then I grabbing my camera and garden stool, headed out to play for a bit. Somehow I was not as "crazy" after I finished... Although I am sure our neighbour Rob thinks otherwise. Since drove by and saw me squatted down on the cold, wet lawn in my jammies, camera in hand, playing.


Hello everyone. I am determined that I am going to make it around to each of you this evening. We are just about ready to go. I am pretty much packed and will only have to go through our suitcases, maybe, 20 or 30 more times to be sure I did not forget anything.LOL


I still do not think that it has really sunk in that we are heading to Shanghai in a couple of weeks.

For those of lus who need a jolt of colour! Here are three shots of the same tulip, never sure which one is the best. Stay dry and well:)


Explore # 59 on May 19, 2011 This is the first of three explored, but only one stayed to be counted for Scout and Drew Myers:)

benching in cheyenne wyoming...

For a quick caffeine jolt, just reach for pocket coffiee! I did promise something different than my usual flower photos ... I was fooling around taking macro shots of various colourful things. Not many of the shots turned out, but I liked the colours of this box.


NO GROUP INVITES, PLEASE!!! I very much appreciate your comments..

What can I say...I couldn't ask for a better morning jolt!

A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It's jolted by every pebble on the road.

Henry Ward Beecher


Yeah! I have much sense of humor until can laugh to myself when I have clumsy:))


Today, do you laugh something? then please....


The bokeh sky in my garden, I captured through the pine tree.


Thank you to laugh:)

"A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It's jolted by every pebble on the road."

Henry Ward Beecher


the other evening i walked over to my desk where gaia was listening to music, and felt a jolt of strong sorrow.

she had been out at the pool, and found my dragonfly friend, ( the one i saved from our back porch) floating on top of the cool water, she knew i'd want to keep it, and so left it on my desk for me.


and so now, it's found a home in my collection of symbols of longing.

my visual reminders that longing expressed is always a beautiful thing.


INJUSTO. Una tragedia de estas características es injusta siempre, sea donde sea. No obstante, en Nepal adquiere una dimensión desorbitada. En un país con escasas infraestructuras, con edificios que crecen por doquier de forma precaria, un terremoto de esta magnitud es como una sacudida brusca sobre un castillo de naipes.


En un momento como este, me solidarizo con el pueblo nepalí, aunque sea desde el recuerdo, con una de las imágenes que tomé en Patán hace 2 años.

Quizás, ya no quede nada en pie de lo que vemos en esta imagen.


UNFAIR. A tragedy like this is unfair always, wherever that it occurs. However, in Nepal it acquires an enormous dimension. In a country with poor infrastructures, with buildings that grow everywhere precariously, an earthquake of this magnitude is like a sharp jolt on a house of cards.


At this moment, I sympathize with the Nepalese people. This is one of the pictures I took in Patan two years ago.

Perhaps, there is nothing left standing of what we see in this picture.

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