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Last night's earthquake was certainly an interesting experience, it woke me up, at first I thought it was raining because the window frames were making a tap tap noise, then I realized what was happening, nothing even fell in my house, but this was the strongest jolt I remember witnessing, it lasted a good 10 seconds at least.


The photo, is of Svolvaer, the Lofotenese megalopolis at dusk, the snow covered floating pier moved a little despite the calm water. The "prisms" at upper left corner are cod fish drying racks, lit up all night, as they are city's only (very smelly) tourist attraction, aside from the surrounding landscape.

For an extra jolt of voltage, feel it on black (How's that D.?)

Mextures, LensLight, Pixlromatic and PhotoToaster on iPhone

Day begins in Glacier's Two Medicine area. Who needs coffee when you have this to jolt you awake.


Pictured are Never Laughs Woman, Painted Teepee and Mt. Sinopah, reflected in Pray Lake.


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Jolt! ITBE Gloss Convention exclusive (2014)

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Fall season is here. It's my favorite season of the year.The summer heat seemed to linger but fall is here to stay. The air is starting to get chilly. The fog hasn't rolled in yet. This was taken last year at the park near our house. Still don't have anything to shoot. I need some jolt of creative juice...some inspiration..something, I guess. Have to dig in the vault again.

Water droplet refractions don't have to be complicated, and I've posted this one as proof. No editing outside of Lightroom, and just two plants placed together and sprayed with water. Voila! View large!


This image illustrates the simplicity in the concept, and also highlights some of the challenges. First off is depth of field. Razor-thin depth means you have to be incredibly deliberate with your focus. A refracted image may be in focus, but the outer edge of the droplet can be blurry.


This depth problem cannot be solved by the conventional means of using a smaller aperture. Light will diffract around a tiny aperture and bend off course, blurring the resulting image in a phenomenon we call "diffraction limiting".


The next challenge you'd see here is placement. Moving the flower closer or farther away would change its size in the droplets. Farther away would yield more of the petals, but it would also change the background composition (which is also created by the flower, but out of focus). Adjusting these two potted plants with no aid of any "third hand" tool takes some control away from the composition.


The next would be the droplets. If the two plants are close together when you spray, they'll both get covered in droplets equally. Call me picky, but I prefer the flower to be dry. However, spraying the grass and then moving the flower into place requires much more patience and careful movements. One slight jolt and those dangling droplets will fall!


This is as simplistic as I could make a droplet refraction photo: Two potted plants totaling $5.99 - a Gerbera Daisy and Blue Sprite Koeleria. The plants are pushed together on a table, sprayed with water, and the droplets are photographed. No complex setup, no tricky and time-consuming editing.

Hopefully this encourages people to go out and try it!

this week has been stressful. it will be worse next week though. school is poop.


blah, i'm tired of this.


WE DID THE HARLEM SHAKE AT MY CHURCH . i enjoyed it very much.


hooray for dancing in hideous clothing!


love you all, bye.


My boss invited me to "run the Canyon" this past Saturday. He suggested a 17-mile loop down South Kaibab to the River and up Bright Angel. I passed since I am not in shape to do that (and the temps were supposed to be upper 90s) and because I like to savor the Canyon experience. He shot me a text saying what a blast they had..


so I decided Sunday morning to go up there Sunday afternoon, arrived just in time for a lightning filled sunset, then I hauled the photo gear down the South Kaibab to Cedar Ridge. I set up the time-lapse rig for star shots and laid down for a nap. I was jolted awake by the BOOMs of thunder. The above frame is a single image


more to come

mess tidals: they usually come in cycles, so that once in a while you are forced to have a go at restoring a clean visual space for the benefit of the already confused mind. so: take everything away, stick it just elsewhere out of sight.

the aftermath is usually three or four days of a table that looks like the mesas. you can actually sit there and write without things falling off the edges.

then, shyly, a scrap of paper or two, a book, two packs of cigarettes, a lighter, an half-filled cup of coffee, water glasses, a notebook, spam mail that no one is brave enough to throw away directly. the invasion begins anew.


and: you manage not to find things that were supposed to be important again. up until you convince yourself they were not important.


months later:

crawling through old boxes and bags: scraps of paper mostly, artefacts that the dust has long since started devouring and/or cloaking. pencil lines have turned paler. just below a drawing (a stickman about to enter in a room, the room displayed through a door, a handful of spirals in its rectangle) a quickly jolted down note, a rather meaningless thing brought back from that night's dream:


a man says: "this site is evaporating"


it's easier to stumble somehow. you also get to scream and swear once you touch the ground.

Jolt! ITBE Gloss Convention exclusive (2014)

benching in cheyenne wyoming...

For those of lus who need a jolt of colour! Here are three shots of the same tulip, never sure which one is the best. Stay dry and well:)


Explore # 59 on May 19, 2011 This is the first of three explored, but only one stayed to be counted for Scout and Drew Myers:)

For a quick caffeine jolt, just reach for pocket coffiee! I did promise something different than my usual flower photos ... I was fooling around taking macro shots of various colourful things. Not many of the shots turned out, but I liked the colours of this box.


NO GROUP INVITES, PLEASE!!! I very much appreciate your comments..

What can I say...I couldn't ask for a better morning jolt!

"A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It's jolted by every pebble on the road."

Henry Ward Beecher


Merciful Father, please kiss her mind, to help her leave the jolts of the fog,

An artistic and infectious documentary about Michelangelo is on TV. I am listening to some divinely inspiring music at the same time. I am also jolted and inspired as I look at some of the images on my contacts list.


The sun is shining and it is pleasant outside and my backdoor is ajar. And, my goodness, but a little freshness is creeping in on the southerly breezes that are blowing in. All of this sensory input comes as I am working on this image.


Well, if all of that doesn't get your creative juices flowing, just close the lid and shovel on the dirt, " 'cause you is dead!"


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Sometimes I feel as if I may choke on my own unbridled, joyful, nervous passions. I am a lucky son-of-a-bitch to have them, with at least a few of them – like takin’ pictures, fishin’, cookin’ - being lawful. The others? Well, they’ll just have to catch me in the act regarding those…. :-)


Life is, indeed, “A Delicate Balance” ~ Marian McPartland (Piano) ~


Heaven help me, ‘cause I don’t really wish to help myself. :-))))


You want to know one of the coolest parts about getting older? Our ability to be embarrassed goes way, way down. Kinda’ loosens life up a bit: allows us to grab at some of those opportunities that have always been drifting - somewhat scarily - by each of us.


Oh yeah; “Winter Wear.” Even when whithered, in the brown and brittle stasis of winter, life possesses an eternal beauty. (My very own quote, thank you). And, ain't that the truth!


I’ve said I was going to try to lighten my color use – try to be more restrained. Why? ‘Cause some of you do the light colors – pastel colors – soft colors so well – it just inflames my passions to do the same. Gotta’ experiment and stretch.


And there was no color at this scene, unless you consider monochrome winter gray and dull brown, colors. So I worked – consciously – at finding the art in a restrained palette.


Old Picture texture courtesy Jill:


And texture-texture courtesy skeletalmess:


Here's a jolt of color to help you get through the's Friday after all. :)


Bigger version on my blog.


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This is funny if you have 30 seconds.


We just had a jolting 5.0 earthquake, near my house. It felt like a big one! Happy Blue Monday! :-) Another flower shot from the garden tour. :-)

Los Angeles, CA

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I had about 30 minutes today to take my photo before I had to be in at work. I rode my bike to the woods and down to this stream, and as i was walking around, I found the jug that I'm holding, as well as a few other cool rusty things.


It really looks and feels like winter already. I feel like I totally missed Fall, which sucks because Fall is my favorite season. The hurricane didn't help either, blowing all the leaves off the trees.


Looks aight on black.


Good day with East, Witnes, Jolt, Omni and KC.

I'm still needing a jolt of colour so here are some more tulips from my grocery to brighten your day:)

I have to say even I was a little jolted by the closeness and intensity of this storm. There were strikes like these every 30 seconds so I didn't even risk getting out of the car. This was taken with my D700 wedged on dash through my front windshield with the wipers on intermittent so they wouldn't affect the image.

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She had a pony once.

Bought from this here hero.


On the 03.03.03.


In Cádiz.

A mere three hour drive from Córdoba.

For the cordial amount of £3.

Three weeks later I washed it at three

times thirty degrees-which spells 90.

Hence reducing the devious bastard

to a tiny and odd looking plum sized raisin.


'Ponies are generally considered intelligent

and friendly, though sometimes they also

are described as stubborn or devious.

The differences of opinion often result

from an individual pony's degree of proper

training. Ponies trained by inexperienced

individuals, or only ridden by beginners,

can turn out to be spoiled because their

riders typically lack the experience base

to correct bad habits. Properly trained

ponies are appropriate mounts for

children who are learning to ride'.


Now, me ain't had no experience in no nothing,

but there is one god damn thing I know I ain't:

an experienced bad-habit correctin' individual.


Head over here for something more interesting

than this phony Jive.


And Pedro, how come this lead singer

isn't a national icon?


(Forget it. I ain't listening to you)

before the white stuff arrives.

the garden doesn't look like much out there.

still it was possible to assemble a surprisingly broad spectrum of color.

solid heavy winds for the past 30 hours but the snow keeps circling around and somehow missing us.

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I see you over there on the right...Left (TWB that is!) September 2007

FGR - "Pop Culture"


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hahahahahaa...heh...get it pop...and culture.. haha I put ma face in a petri dish.. lol


thanks to playing with brushes for ma texture. heh :)

The darkness overflows

The meadow

With flashing jolts of lightning

And thunder shaking soil


The essence of the fury

Of nature unleashed

Welcomed by none,

Needed by all.

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