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ornate embossed Belgian shellcase ' souvenir de mon filleul le 30-6-18 ' with initials ' GP ' , uncleaned


' souvenir from my war-child the 30th of June 1918 '


In Belgium a filleul [ de guerre ] was an 'adopted' soldier who was supported by a volunteer lady behind the front. She would send him letters and small gifts like food or warm socks.

One of these war-mothers got this professionally embossed shellcase from her filleul de guerre ' GP ' in June 1918 in gratitude for her good work and care.


calibre 75 mm


on the shellcase: ' EP , 17 , 11 ' = École Pyrotechnique , Antwerp , probably 1911

on the fuze: ' E.P. , 7 ' = again the École Pyrotechnique , probably 1907


This is the second professionally embossed Belgian shellcase I was able to add to my collection. I believe that Liège and Namur had a tradition of this high standard of old craftsmanship.

see also my German 15.5 cm from Liège:

and John Ford's 37 mm with a crane [ bird; peace symbol ]:


Now come the tedious hours of removing the polishing residu from the embossings [ Gott strafe Brasso ] and removal of some rust spots.

Taken on the morning of a visit to Hay-On-Wye to plunder the bookstores: September 1987. Image courtesy of John M. Ford, World Fantasy Award winner and author of "The Dragon Waiting": someone who's so missed

Re-edit inspired by John Ford's recent and outstanding work with textures.


Textures by




CX8402 Canadair CL-84-1 Dynavert Canadian Armed Forces Canada Aviation and Space Museum Ottawa 26 June 2005. A three-view diagram of the layout can be found here

God, I'm glad I thought to take a picture of Mike that night. Little did I know it was my last chance.

John M. "Mike" Ford in costume at the autumn Indiana University Science Ficton Club

John M. "Mike" Ford at the autumn Indiana University Science Ficton Club in costume as Swan from -Phantom of the Paradise-

OK so with the same theme of doing what it takes to get the picture...when you can't bring your van in to stand on bring a 10 ft. ladder and stand on it. I actually drug this ladder all around the flight line during the special photo tour group at the California International Air Show on Friday! I was a hero to many who also went up the ladder. I really blew it I should have had a tip jar at the top I could have purchased that new lens I want! Thanks to my new flicker and aviation friend John Ford for this picture, and also for helping me lug the ladder around this day!!!

Photo by Teresa Nielsen Hayden

John M. Ford, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Samuel R. Delany

Best man at the weddimg of Donald Saxman & Geneva Spencer [now Fry]

I went to the three used book stores in town and bought out their stock of Mike's books. On Friday I'll give them away to the crowd before Neil Gaiman's reading in D.C.


I'm making booksmarks to put in them as well. I'll try to take pictures of them when their done.

After a photo found in the group "B&W Aviation". I wanted one of my own!


John M. Ford at Wiscon 30, May 2006, at the "Disability and Technology in SF" panel on Sunday

SunReturn 1978 in Samanda Jeude's apartment

I never got a good picture of Mike. Thank god for ddb.

(L to R) Mike Ford, ?, Cynthia Gonsalves, Elise Matthesen, Davey Snyder, at the Tor Books party at the 2005 WisCon.

John M. Ford at Wiscon 30, May 2006, at the "Disability and Technology in SF" panel on Sunday afternoon.