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Some photos have a story behind them...

I was in Monterey California and this tree caught my eye, so i decided I was going to shoot it.

As I snapped away at this cypress a older retired couple walked up to me, and questioned why I was taking photos of this tree? I said "well look at it, it is a sweet looking tree!."

The old man pressed me again "but why this tree?".... I said" it caught my eye."

He told me that tree was the last tree that John Denver flew over before crashing into the ocean!

He said that monument is incorrectly placed down the shore about 100 yards away in the wrong driection..

he explained that he was walking down the road and watch the plane crash...



Some photos have a story


The John Oliver Cabin was constructed in the early 1820’s by John Oliver and his wife Lucretia. The Oliver's were the first permanent white settlers of Cades Cove, which is now part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


Dogwoods blooming and it's a beautiful spring evening in the mountains.


Thanks for viewing.

Allen einen schönen Sonntag.


Ich hätte gerne noch die Brücke im Wasser gespiegelt gehabt, aber der hohe Wasserstand und ein vorbeifahrendes Schiff machten dieses zunichte.

Werde bei Niedrigwasser diese Location noch mal aufsuchen. :))

Portrait shot of the village of Alnmouth that I took from Church Hill last summer, hence the cross in the foreground. I called the photograph John's place in memory of my partner's brother. He was a canny lad. John loved to visit the village of Alnmouth. I thought it was only fitting that I name this shot after him, as every time I visit, I think of him.

John Moulton Barn

Mormon Row

Grand Teton National Park

Black and White


"You've got the makings of greatness in ya!"


A moc of my all time favourite Disney character from my all time favourite Disney movie, Treasure Planet.

De vorige keer dat ik hier was, waren de gekleurde lampen niet aan. Revanche moest en zou er dus komen. Afgelopen zondag was de dag. Het hoge, rustige water creëerde mooie reflecties. En hoewel het bewolkt was en het soms zelfs miezerde, zat er voldoende tekening in de lucht voor lange sluitertijden. Al met al had ik prima omstandigheden.


John Frost Bridge


The last time I was here, the coloured lights were off. And so I needed to get back here one day. Last Sunday was that day. The high and quiet water created some nice reflections. And while it was overcast and it even drizzled at times, there was enough cloud texture in the sky for some long exposures. All in all, I had some pretty good conditions.

John G Munson arriving Duluth to unload limestone at CN-Hallett 5 dock. 5/7/20

John Prine died of covid-19.

He was 73..

We've lost a lot of artists over the years, great ones, but for some reason John's death saddens me the most. It feels almost personal.

His music, his words and stories touched me more than any others.

A friend once told me simple things are the most profound, and that was his music. He could sing the human experience in his straightforward way and then throw in a line like "the silence of everything that moves" and I'd be dumbstruck.

For now, I'm sad

So this is for John and for all the others who've flown away and those who will follow. Off on a flight in a new direction, and as he once wrote "all new directions must go everywhere".

So go now John, to where everywhere is. You took me to so many places.


I haven't yet got my Flickr mojo up and running, feelings up and down and in between, but I'll be coming round to visit in bits and pieces.

I truly hope you're all well.


Classic freighter John D. Leitch under the Glendale avenue bridge in Welland.

John Wayne Airport - Santa Ana, California

Heading away from Luton back towards Lilley on the John Bunyan Trail.

In his early years, Bunyan lived in Elstow near Bedford and travelled widely in the local area, first as an itinerant tinker and later as a non-conformist preacher. He was imprisoned for nearly 12 years in Bedford Gaol where he began his masterpiece 'The Pilgrim's Progress'. Th trail visits the places where Bunyan preached and which formed the inspiration for the landscape of his book.

Different situation , high tide and superb reflections .. with P@tje and Nldazuu

Gisteravond weer eens bij deze mooie brug geweest. Hoewel hij dit keer helaas niet in kleur werd aangelicht, was het toch een mooie avond aan de Rijn. Afsluitend nog een heel lekkere pizza gegeten bij Pizza Autentica in Foodhall Arnhem, op steenworp afstand van de brug. Aanrader, die plek!


John Frost Bridge


Yesterday evening I was back at this pretty bridge. While it wasn't being lit in colours, it was still a nice evening at the Rhine. Afterwards, I had a very good pizza at Pizza Autentica in Foodhall Arnhem, not far from the bridge. Highly recommended!

John Knox House, popularly known as "John Knox's House", is a historic house in Edinburgh, Scotland, reputed to have been owned and lived in by Protestant reformer John Knox during the 16th century. Although his name became associated with the house, he appears to have lived in Warriston Close where a plaque indicates the approximate site of his actual residence.

John Worsfold's drawing is down here in the comments .I so hope John Worsfold likes my attempt to copy his work as a tribute. He better have some harsh criticism cause I'm floating right now:-) I really didn't know I could do this. I asked for his permission and asked him to pick a drawing.He cannot be forged! John is the master!

This is the view as you first arrive to the Klondike Trail on the Bonavista Peninsula in Newfoundland

John Moulton Barn & Grand Teton at sunrise.

Mormon Row, Grand Teton National Park.

(--> view large!)

This image was taken in John Pennekamp State Park in Key West, Florida of fan coral while I was snorkeling and photographing with a waterproof point-and shoot.


John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park


The first undersea park in the U.S., John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park encompasses approximately 70 nautical square miles. While the mangrove swamps and tropical hammocks in the park's upland areas offer visitors a unique experience, it is the coral reefs and their associated marine life that bring most visitors to the park. Many enjoy the view of the reef from a glass-bottom boat tour, but visitors can get a closer look by scuba diving or snorkeling.


Canoeing and kayaking through the park's waters are popular activities; fishing is permitted in designated areas. Visitors can enjoy walking on short trails, picnicking, or swimming at the beach. The Visitor Center has a 30,000-gallon saltwater aquarium and nature videos are shown in its theater. Full-facility and Youth/Group campsites are available. Beach wheelchairs are available without cost.

preserved memories of winter

For nearly twenty years,John Frederick Kensatt produced numerous works inspired by Lake George in New York's Adirondack Mountains:a tourist attraction frequented by mid-nineteenth century landscape painters.This late canvas marks a departure from the tranquil views of luminous skies and still waters that characterized Kensatt's depiction of the area.Richer,variegated color and animated brushwork suggest movement and atmospheric breadth,and the ominous sky creates dramatic tension.

The John Rylands Library, (Deansgate, Manchester UK) was founded by Enriqueta Rylands in memory of her husband John Rylands. In 1889 the architect Basil Champneys designed the striking gothic building, which took ten years to build and was opened to public readers on 1 January 1900. (University of Manchester website)


John Frost Brücke

mit Günter und Johannes unterwegs

Nijmegen, deutsch Nimwegen, selten auch Nymwegen, auf Nimwegisch Nimwèège, ist eine Hansestadt mit 168.251 Einwohnern. Sie liegt im Osten der Niederlande in der Provinz Gelderland in der Nähe der Grenze zur deutschen Region Niederrhein. Wikipedia


I am raiding the 2014 archives for this week's Fence Friday shot. The John Oliver Cabin was built in the early 1820’s by John Oliver and his wife, Lurena. It is one of multiple historic structures that are part of the Cades Cove loop drive, located in the Tennessee portion of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.



I just got back from a trip out to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Grand Teton and the Black Hills.


This mountain scene is from a hike out to Johns Lake in Glacier National Park. Hopefully I will be posting several more like it in the next few weeks if they turn out.


Sad to hear about this mountain biker in Glacier. We had just left a few days prior.


We had our bear spray with us on all hikes. Luckily it wasn't needed. We saw one bear cross the road as we were stopped in our car.

A wide shot of John Moulton barn at sunrise with the Teton range in the background.

The John S. Thompsonbrug is a bridge over the Maas River between Grave and Nederasselt in the Netherlands.

Auf ihrer letzte Fahrt. Zwischenstop in Bremerhaven

Johns Lake, Glacier National Park.


Hand held in a swampy boggy area with tons of mosquitoes.

Field Marshal Sir John Fox Burgoyne (1782-1871) in Waterloo Place. By Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm (1877)


John Snodgrass Bridge spanning the Tennessee River near Stevenson Alabama. Photo taken on the Stevenson side of the River facing Sand Mountain..

John G Munson backs away from CN dock 6 in Duluth. The Munson is headed to Indiana Harbor with ore. Walter J McCarthy and Federal Seto are in the background. 9/23/19

It's very rare for John Robb not to be at the gig you see in Manchester. He is behind the excellent website 'louder than war' (www. and here he is pictured addressing the demonstraters on the anti austerity march in Manchester recently. Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War.


In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.

Inside a bedroom at the John Brown homestead in Lake Placid New York. My how times have changed.


John Brown, the famous abolitionist of Civil War days, first came to Essex County in 1849, when he acquired 244 acres of land from Gerrit Smith. Smith had been offering land to free blacks in various areas of the state to encourage them to homestead.


Brown only stayed in this home for a few years before moving to Kansas, but did occasionally visit his family who remained.

John G Munson making a rare visit to Silver Bay MN to load Sinter. 7/13/19

I liked Johns Kingfisher picture so much, I had a go at drawing it!

Using Strathmore Artagain paper, Faber Castell Polychromos colouring pencils, and Zest It pencil blend. I've given up with foxes, trying herons now!

John Ford’s Point, besser bekannt als John Ford Point, ist ein Felsvorsprung im Monument Valley. Das Monument Valley liegt im Grenzgebiet der US-Bundesstaaten Utah und Arizona

John's got wood...

lots of it so if you need wood phone John.

Well actually you cant because as much as John would have loved some free advertising I thought it best to edit John's number out.

So don't call John....unless your logman is called John...

John keeps everyone warm.


Day 6 in the bag


A long lost photo just discovered in the archives. Naturally, found while looking for a different negative.


April 25, 1973 - Pensacola, Florida - Former Attorney General John Mitchell entering the United States District Courthouse in Pensacola, Florida. He was to testify as a defense witness in a pretrial hearing for eight antiwar activists.

John B. Aird getting her boom into position to unload salt into Terminal building #4 on a balmy early January evening.

Mormon Row, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. This is probably one of the most photographed sites in all of the US National Parks.

The John M. Selvick with three empty barges in tow, make their way into Milwaukee. They will bring the barges into the inner harbor and will spot them at Nidera to be loaded.

T416 rolls east under the C&O cantilever at Johns Creek on the Big Sandy.

MD, Baltimore MD. Johns Hopkins Hospital.

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