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my favourite 'Baroque' Pearl Earrings.

happy monday to everyone

1cm diameter pearl

For the Macro Mondays theme: knolling. It is 3in wide.


Knolling is the process of arranging similar objects in parallel or at 90 degree angles as a method of organisation. The term was first used in 1987 by Andrew Kromelow, a janitor at Frank Gehry's furniture fabrication shop. At the time, Gehry was designing chairs for Knoll, a company famously known for Florence Knoll's angular furniture. Kromelow would arrange any displaced tools at right angles on all surfaces, and called this routine knolling, in that the tools were arranged in right angles—similar to Knoll furniture.


I feel like a failed "knoller". The smaller pearls wouldn't line up straight and the other beads differed in size so it was also difficult to line them up in a straight line.


HMM and happy new week!


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Macro Mondays ……. Theme " Jewellery"

A section of a bracelet shot in the dark illuminated with a torch,which highlighted the variety of colours and refracted light.

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Macro Monday


Macro Mondays - hobby

Very small pieces well within the size.


A very small part (5 cm) of an ornate piece of jewellery that my husband got in Algeria in the’s really old, definitely hand made and....

A photo of the whole piece is in my feed, if you care to see it .


Karnataka India

These Catacombs are in Warstone Cemetery in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham. It is a while since I have been down here to take photographs.

Peter has just made this for me! Am I not a lucky girl? Now I need some decent jewellery to put in it!!

When Gerald Ratner told shareholders of his nationwide, highly successful jewellery business the reason he could sell sparkly looking pieces for so little, was because they were 'Crap', I never forgot. Until then I might well have gone to an H. Samuel, Ratners, Ernest Jones type of place. Not any more. If I'm going to spend a bit of money I don't want 'new'. I want something probably vintage, antique,....something individual......something a bit different. Something I like, even though I will never wear it. Such as this Amethyst and diamond 18ct gold ring. HMM


Here is the Ratner story

A Faberge inspired egg by the late great Joan Rivers

For Macro Mondays - Hobby


My wife Di enjoys jewellery making as a hobby. A selection of pieces from her parts box. The main silver piece in the centre is 3/4 of an inch wide.

Happy Macro Monday!

Macro Mondays ~ Jewellery


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Macro Monday`s HMM


this jewellery mostly rings been exibited on the front portion of road side stall. I tried to bring out bokeh & nice depth of the field.


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Another take on the Jewellery MM theme...

From the archives. Tautropfencollier.

Raindrops on a maple tree , winter.

Beads used as a background in last week's photo are taking a centre stage for today's theme - Jewerly in Macro Monday's group.

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