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Jeffrey Street Ferry and CBD., from North Sydney. Milson's point.


Vivid Sydney.

Jeffrey Allen Dukes Image Source:

Jeffrey A Dukes Image Source:

Jeffrey A. Dukes Image Source:

Jeff McGrath - © 2010 All Rights Reserved


The sun sets beneath a passing storm in Albion Basin, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.



Jeff McGrath - © 2010 All Rights Reserved


Lightning strikes the west side of Salt Lake Valley, Utah



Another frame from my portrait of Jeffrey Relf. Tiana is the daughter of the art director of the job that day and one of my daughter's best friends.

Jeff McGrath - © 2010 All Rights Reserved


Lightning strikes the west side of Salt Lake Valley, Utah



My little ode to renowned Australian painter, Jeffrey Smart, who passed away last month. Smart was known for his precise depictions of the urban landscape, regularly using primary colours.

The prototype version of the captain of my yet-to-be-posted spaceship. I love this guy's stereotypical Firefly-esque captain look.


Jeffrey Sparrick is well-renowned throughout the galaxy for his smuggling activities. He and his ship Feigned Ignorance have seen regions of space few others have seen. He is cunning, but not ruthless, and knows when to quit. His Achilles heel is uncontrollable; his fame leads many to want him dead. It is rumored that he sometimes routes supplies to Captain Blue Star, and he maintains the story that he once made a delivery of 1,000 Futuron Moon Pies to the Nerds in Space set, though no one believes him.


Likes: Women (not too fast, not too slow), money, action films, leisurely piloting Feigned Ignorance, power naps, and spacewalks.


Dislikes: Knife fights, hallucinogens, members of Spyrius, losing crew members, and (MS2):Mars Species 2.

Jeff McGrath - © 2010 All Rights Reserved


Taken on the 18th of September for the Governor of Utah to perform a Pass and Review of his troops in Rice Eccles Stadium at the University of Utah.


No Photoshop, Only Lightroom.



Why do you want to help other people, Jeffrey?

Who or what is actually helping others?

Where is love coming from?


Taken during a three-day two-night stay in Yosemite National Park during late October, 2013.


© 2013, John Krzesinski.


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Sunset, from a solitary Jeffrey Pine's perch, high above Tenaya Lake in the distance...

Jeff McGrath - © 2010 All Rights Reserved


Miami Beach, Florida


30 second exposure, tweaked in Lightroom. No photoshop.


this was a sad little looked like everyone just left one day ..all at one time.Looked like a modern day ghost town !


Jeffrey City began in 1931 as "Home On the Range, Wyoming," the 640-acre hahomestead of a Nebraska couple named the Petersons, who relocated because Mr. Peterson was sick after having been gassed in World War I. Mrs. Peterson opened two gas pumps when the highway came through, and began cooking for those who stopped. The Post Office at Split Rock, 14 miles away, closed in 1943, and Mrs. Peterson took up the task of handling the ranchers' mail. She canceled the letters with "Home on the Range." She retired her post office cancellation stamp in 1957 when Home on the Range became Jeffrey City. Her family members are currently restoring the old Home on the Range post office site.


texture by skeletalmess

Strobist Info:


Nikon SB-600 Speedlight, fired towards the model's face as an edge light


Nikon SB-700 Speedlight, fired from the camera left as a main light




© Nick Benson, All rights reserved. Use of this image without permission is illegal.


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