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Vintage suitcase in one hand, ukulele wrapped in towel and string in the other, cardigan.

available at Etsy

(© Copyright 2009 Jason Permenter. All Rights Reserved.)

Hi everyone. Jason here.


Apologies for being Off The Grid for a few days. Was off cavorting at a Nerd Vacation. (photo via noemontes, a wonderful photographer and delightful new friend).


Speaking of friends, please say hello to both @ResilientRabbit and @sheroles. Say hello, Ladies.

Made from prints of our left ring fingers. Shamelessly ripped off of Jason Munn's fantastic poster for a Mates of State gig.


(by Jason Permenter Design)

@ Farm:Table, San Francisco.

Says my wife, Anna: "I starved for Jason’s art. Every morning, he stole my bagels, my cheese, my pears, my tomatoes and my carrots to create these. What I’m saying is, you’re welcome."



Here's the invitation we're sending out to friends and family for our upcoming wedding. She's a journalist, I'm a designer—this seemed to be the way to handle it.


Printed on newsprint, 13"X22" (roughly the size of a normal newspaper), folded, enveloped. Still in production mode for the real thing, but here's the image.


(n.b. The time and date and location have all been changed here, so don't buy a plane ticket or you might be kinda disappointed....)

"Thanks" to CS5's Photoshop. Photo and decapitation by Jason Permenter.

Used to be a volcanologist, you know. This is me doing volcano things on the altiplano of northern Chile. (Note: parts of this image might've been photoshopped.)

MaxFunCon • June 2009 • Lake Arrowhead, CA

This man is changing lives.

I think it's great how far we've come as a society when three white guys can put their finger penises and finger testicles on a half balck/half Korean man and no one thinks anything is weird about it.


Wait, there is something weird about it, isn't there?


For the life of me, I can't think of what it might be. I just can't put my finger on it…


"Best viewed Large." (OH, SNAP!)


I made the original version of this poster (with a flying ship in it) for Anna, over here. Just trying both out for fun.


The text is from Pale Blue Dot, by Carl Sagan (1994), and it brings me to tears. Quite literally.


(Now available at Etsy!)

available at Etsy

(© Copyright 2009 Jason Permenter. All Rights Reserved.)

PHOTOMAGICSHOPPING ADVICE // advice column for the Magicshopping Wonder Space group.


Simply put: This is how it's done, folks. Embed the © with the Dymo, and it's permanent. Yes, you might lose some of the background detail, but it's a small price to pay for Artistic Integrity.


Happy photographing, Professionals.

by me, all due to this. (click here to see a very high-resolution version)

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