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Macro Mondays theme for Jan 9, 2017 - "Inspired by a Song"


Song: Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri


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And who do you think you are?

Running around leaving scars

Collecting your jar of hearts

And tearing love apart

You're gonna catch a cold

From the ice inside your soul

So don't come back for me

Who do you think you are?

Macro Mondays ~Lids... Very small decorative jar lid.

A group of bottles and jars reflected on the side of the orb. So I am getting the photo from the side of the orb this is why it has the fisheye effect on the bottles, also some of the grit that settled on the orb walls showed up and he scratch on the orb over the red bottle.

Tag 254/365 (2017)

crazy tuesday theme: Krüge / Flaschen

#7DWF crazy tuesday 12.09.17 "Jars / Bottles"


Nikon D90

50mm + Telekonverter

Blende 1,8


Thanks for all your views, *** and (critical) kind review :))

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Pasta hearts with love from Italy

Today at a small restaurant

Una de las ultimas veces que estuvo por tierras asturianas

Macro Mondays ~ Goes Together Like... Small blue jar with cork lid.

Taken for the group Color My World Daily. Today's colour is RED.


This is my first post with this group. I appreciate you taking the time to view and comment on my photo. Thank you. :)


Have a colourful Monday!

Saw this jar of green soap and knew it was perfect for the Gorgeous Green Thursday,

Had fun getting these speed lines and blur.

It's just a small jar along my work-surface. All quite small as the jar is only 2 inches high.

the photograph is basically 'straight out of the camera' with a single exposure. A bit of post-processing but nothing particularly significant.


Pentax Auto 110 70mm

Reneesme and Wiwi Portland-Swot

by Wiwi Portland-Swot


Dress Emilia by UC (United Colors)

Tattoos La Mexicana and Dear Devil

by Taox


♬♩ Jar of hearts


. . . ♥ . . .


I love collecting old blue mason jars.


Processed: PS CC, Topaz Labs

Texture: Shadow House Creation


Photography and/or creative work is copyright protected and may not be used anywhere without my express permission.

Made out of Sugar (of course).


A MM outake.


I love the art work on this jar .


we can find such type of jars in Indian kitchens.


thanks for every one for views, faves & comments.

I was bored, so I logged on and took Jared's photo.

I am wearing the Dude Catwa head in this pic.

I am working on a new male shape release as well.

I'm getting lots mileage out of this subject. I had put these dried slices in a baggie but they didn't stay dry so I had to lay them out on a rack yesterday and redry them. Last night I put them into jars and decided that it would be fun to shoot these another way today. Ta-da!


Happy Hump Day!

There is an electric powered candle at the bottom of these Mason jars, powered by a solar cell on the lid.

They look pretty cool at night.

Topaz Impression 2

Nik Color Efex

Jar of Hearts is my favourite song from 2010 (Its also a great video!)


HMM Everyone




#7/52 Hearts

We're Here! : Pickles!


Strobist: AB1600 with gridded 60X30 softbox camera right. Reflector camera left. Triggered by Cybersync.

Playing around for some of this weeks themes, not using this for any of them but quite liked it.


sip back and relax

3 blackened jars at a corner stove.

7DWF Crazy Tuesday

The infamous Jar trail is a very steep, strenuous trail which is located at the mouth of Kern Canyon and is used by workout freaks and local mountaineers as a training hike. The hike is about six miles, maybe a bit more, with a possible elevation gain of around 3,000 feet in three miles depending if we go up to one of the several nearby peaks in the are.The views from the upper ridges of Kern Canyon and the Kern River below are some of the best in the area.


52 Weeks of 2018

Week No: 11


Theme: Color Wheel


Category: Technique


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As seen in a shop window in Essex. They looked unusual.

as you can see, i managed to get a picture of the flowers in the jar, but it didn't turn out as expected! i had wanted to get a picture of it in soft light with a white background, but that's pretty much impossible where i live (the middle of the forest, where daylight is either super harsh or nonexistent). i had almost given up hope on getting a cool picture of it, until i saw it on the windowsill as the sun was setting and thought it would look cool if i inverted it. this proved to be very true. all in all, this probably looks just as cool as the image i originally imagined would have.


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