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With flash diffuser/reflector.


Having had the film back I can now say: DO NOT DO THIS! It really fucks up the pictures, there's a reason why the flash is always on, and that reason is: the pictures come out much better with the flash.

This is what happens when you're lent a Canon 5D Mk II 40D, 400mm lens and extension tube for 5 seconds. Unfortunately the Apple software seems to have cleaned the Exif tags.


Printed nationally in December 2010.

Paragliding: Not scary, just surreal.

My "friend" says that compared to sky diving, paragliding is like sex without orgasm. Now where's that plane?

With Exif data. Turns out it was a 40D, not a 5D. Maybe that explains the noise... although I think Pete must have lightened them, so maybe that's it.


Printed in the Times, Daily Mail, Telegraph and Guardian.


And now on the BBC's Winterwatch:

Always with the pursed lips. Must try another facial expression.

I think this is my favourite thing about Berlin, the zig-zag line that traces the old Berlin Wall.

No plates.


We went back again last night. Those pickles are so good. The "dirty" chicken burger was surprisingly good too.


Let's talk about plagiarism.



From the other side. Would have been more interesting with some clouds in the sky.

Apparently it's OK to refer to people as Fatty or Skinny here as a pet names, I must try it out ;)

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