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Jamie, a connoisseur of all things fashion is often preying for a bargain on this street.

Fantastic starters, great desserts, good mains.

Fillet is the lomo of steak.


I think I prefer Sirloin still.


No plates.


We went back again last night. Those pickles are so good. The "dirty" chicken burger was surprisingly good too.


Let's talk about plagiarism.



With flash diffuser/reflector.


Having had the film back I can now say: DO NOT DO THIS! It really fucks up the pictures, there's a reason why the flash is always on, and that reason is: the pictures come out much better with the flash.



It's not a great dialog, but there is a rudimentary calibration tool offered by nvidia.






The article starts "LET'S talk about plagiarism". Yes indeed, let's talk about plagiarism.


Another of my photos is all over the shop:

"Toes" in Spanish is "fat fingers". I read this study on the BBC about studying women's orgasms through MRI scans. The scientists found that women found it difficult to orgasm if they had cold feet.

The sharp (dijon and horseradish?) coleslaw was my favourite bit, I wasn't so sure about the haloumi-style cheese. Call me a heathen but I don't mind a bit of processed cheese in my burgers and muffins. The chips were good too. It took me too long to realise that the bacon was from Alsace, it wasn't named after the dog. It looked a lot like Frazzles.

It was good, but I think we all agreed not as good as Fred Smith's. It definitely could have done with some cheese. The chips were good, but I'm not sure I noticed the smoked dripping spritz.

Jamie visits me this Sunday morning.

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