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Evening over the city...Shot through my glass of water.

This was a good day for photos...I took this and several others (featured in my photostream) within minutes of each other. A group of us were shooting at this location for an edition of Spanish Vogue (February 2007 issue, I think) so we were hanging out on the rooftop until nightfall. I climbed a ladder to get a better vantage point, when I spotted one of the guys gazing out into the city below....*CLICK*...Nice.


Decent amount of post work here...Mostly tinting, sharpening, and dodging / burning. Thanks for the compliments.

This little girl was swinging on a chain locked to a fire escape in an alley near Dufferin and College Street. As I pointed my camera towards her, she jumped off, struck this pose for me, and promptly resumed her fun.

(Ode to Heat III, night variation)


Title from one of my favorite kids books by Bill Peet

Color reveals itself through painted bricks.


Pentax Optio S4. Levels, curves, saturation adjusted in Photoshop CS2.

This piece is mounted on the facade of a building in Osaka, Japan. I took this shot by standing directly underneath it and pointing the camera straight up.


Original artist / concept unknown.

Taken from a rooftop on 7th avenue in NYC. Looked like the bike had been there for years...

I think this is a female Robin. I liked her proud pose and felt to capture it, despite the negative connotations photographs of dead animals generate.


View On Black

Toronto hasn't inspired me much yet, visually. There are, however, many little side alleys that are actually cooler looking than the average side alley.

New York City, 2006 - I spotted this room enroute to an appointment in the same building. The light, as you can see, was too magnificent to pass by.


'Comfortable Research' On Black

Well, I finally snapped and bought a dslr...yay!


This bug was in my room this evening. I composited it on another photo of wood that I took earlier this afternoon. Added some Photoshop lighting...blah, blah!

Intensely foggy day on the Ottawa River, in Ottawa Canada. The sudden rise in temperatures that day caused for some interesting atmospheric conditions. There were 1/2 a dozen other photographers in the area, all seemly pleased with the unique conditions and the shots they had captured.

Wow...Thanks for all the feedback everyone! This image (printed on premium luster archival paper) is now hanging in a beautiful tattered gold frame, no matte, 24" x 24".


Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing it.

(updated August 17, 2012)


The setting sun was illuminating these plants beautifully, contrasting with the dark background. I couldn't not take a photo.


March thaw on the Ottawa River, Canada.


No tripod, on-camera filters, multi-exposure, or hdr. Color balance and saturation adjusted via Photoshop.


*Despite being well-versed in color calibrations, conversions, color space / gamuts, I have never been able to produce an accurate version of this image for web as I see it on my calibrated display. The blue / magenta spectrum in sRGB just can't produce the subtle nuances that make this photo so vivid in AdobeRGB 1998 color space.

I don't know how I ended up here, but i'm glad i did.

*aside from the wide tonal range here, what i specifically enjoy about this photograph is way the water looks like quicksilver and the leaves from the tree mimic the the most distant point of the water, accentuating the meandering flow.


The stacked rocks in the foreground clearly indicate that some one had plans to build a simple footbridge here...Upon inspecting the nearby area futher, I discovered a modest encampment, presumably inhabited by a homeless person.


1 exposure, uv filter, Adobe Lightroom for the b/w conversion.


*sidenote - i returned here 7 weeks later and the stream had mostly dried up. A window into the kind of summer we had here in southern Ontario. Hot and very, very dry.

Not doing too much shooting this week, so here's my contribution for the past 7 days...An alternate color version of my previous.

Mellow mood at High Park, Toronto.

Ward Island. Toronto, Canada.

A flock of birds catching the last of the day's rays - Brooklyn, NY.


(The graininess isn't camera is sorta weak:)

Rural Mexican women baking tortillas over a portable oven.


Corn tortillas are included with almost every meal in Mexico. The process in which they are made is second nature to many of the people who live in the rural areas.


I find this image interesting because it is a simple task, but the nature of the light gives the scene a symbolic, almost religious context.

Bought a spaceship last week...It works pretty well.


Photoshop CS2


View On Black

Experimenting with tones ~


This was shot a few minutes before the 'Storm Factory' and 'Drifting North' photographs, seen previously in my photostream. I shot this from a slow moving car between Ottawa and Toronto, July 2007.

I was at the Dufferin Park farmer's market when I noticed these girls in the back of a vendor's van, hovering over a book...The light was fantastic so I steadied as much as I could and snapped this pic...A little un-sharp, but forgivable I hope.

This photo (part of a series for Ike & Dean clothing) was made by an amazing photographer named Richard Bernardin in the Spring of 2000 in Montreal.


The effects were produced by me. The guy in the image is also me.

Shoreline of the Ottawa River, Canada. I shot this with my 4 MP pentax optio s4 and processed it with photoshop to de-saturate the colors and bring out some detail.

Near my father's home in Ottawa Canada. I placed a tripod low in the snow, and exposed for 1.6 seconds. Nikon D200, F2.8, ISO 1600, focal length 80mm.

The tree was begging to be shot...Retouched in PS to saturate the colors and sharpen the tree. Shot with a borrowed Canon Digital Rebel, 6.1 MP.

Brooklyn, NY. Autumn 2006.


Yes, I realize the cliche...elongated view down a street...We've seen it all a billion times...This particular one I had to add because of how the mist in the air gave the light a soft, ethereal quality. The silhouette could be anyone...just give her a story. This also felt to me like the cover of a really good LP from the 70's from a Canadian singer that no-one's heard of.

Children play on the massive Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, Mexico. In the first Millenium CE, Teotihuacan was the largest city in the Americas.


The name Pyramid of the Sun comes from the Aztecs, who visited the city of Teotihuacán centuries after it was abandoned; the name given to the pyramid by the Teotihuacanos is unknown. *ref - Wikipedia


It is one of the major archaeological tourist attractions in Mexico.

Where one door is closing, another opens. I see hope and renewal in this image, not fear, sadness or bad luck. Evolution can manifest itself in strange ways.


Oh, who am I kidding...It's a total crack shack. Some vagabonds ducked inside just before I shot this...The place is totally sketchy.


I noticed this rocket-propelled chandelier upon my recent tour of the University of Toronto...It was kinda hard to miss.

This is a fighting fish that I am caring for while his family decided to go swimming in Mexico. Perhaps I over-processed this image...I just wanted to do something colorful and abstract as I feel he is lonely and could use a bit of light and cheering up.

thought i had posted this one already...hmm.


Near Texcoco, Mexico.

Fallen tree enveloped in tall, dry grass at the banks of the Ottawa River, Canada.


'Sleep' On Black

Taken from the car en route from Toronto to Ottawa...There was a wicked storm brewing that never really came to fruition.

A different version of my 'fizzy flock' photo.


A flock of birds catches the last of the sun's rays - Brooklyn, NY.

Massive support structure at the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.


Best viewed LARGE

Saturday afternoon in Texcoco, Mexico.

Strange...I named this 'white field flowers', but upon closer inspection (and don't ask me how or why i didn't notice this before) I realized that these are not flower petals, but pockets of fresh snow that had fallen into the cup of the dried heads and settled there, giving the appearance of white flowers.

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