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@ Pörssi Restaurant, with Rick Dunham and Jaako Laajava

@ Pörssi Restaurant, with Rick Dunham and Jaako Laajava

@ Pörssi Restaurant, with Rick Dunham and Jaako Laajava

At the 40th floor open-air rooftop observatory. the floor glows in the dark with stars.

Vjerojatno smo svi već dosada ”nanjušili” što će biti novi hit ovu sezonu. Ravna, sjajna, zalizana kosa i po mogućnosti jaako duga.

Već su neke zvijezde najavile ovaj trend na čelu sa starletom Kim Kardashian.

Kako do ravne i sjajne kose u svojoj kupaonici?


Kosu operite i u...

Little Paper Planes is pleased to introduce our second featured May artist, Jaakko Pallasvuo! Jaakko has been studying Painting at the Fine Arts Academy in Helsinki, but recently dipped into installation and the 3rd D, and liked what he found there too. Now he perpetrates his minimalist landscapes in various ways, all the while carrying his most major influence of Blade Runner close to his heart.


This is one of a two-print set and with Epson Ultra Chrome archival inks on Hahnemuhle German etching paper. The sizes reflect actual paper size, not image size.


Each print is hand numbered, in an edition of 50, along with Jaakko’s signature printed in the border.


Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


This print is exclusive to Little Paper Planes.


available at


interview at apparantly I really like taking pictures of windchimes?



My parents bought a brand new Saeco Cappuccino machine. it's sexy.

...don't go outside.

we found alien domes on the street of beijing.

he looks pretty darn pleased with himself.

Our spa does this.

you won't believe how entertained by this i was...



@ Pörssi Restaurant, with Rick Dunham and Jaako Laajava

Cathy and Jaako came to vist South Korea, here is Cathy examining my nikkor 105/1.8ais, we ate and took photos, twas a great time..

this is probably one of my favorite pictures from the trip.




caption contest anyone?

the shirtless truck driver

The trip to Rebun was a very important and symbolic trip for Cathy and I.


Some of our other major roadtrips in Hokkaido have included our trips to Shiretoko, Hakodate and Hamamasu, which are all landmark Hokkaido locations, being that they are all located on the very extremes of the Island. (east, south & west- respectively)


Our trip up north to Wakkanai and Rebun completes our long-time goal of traveling the 4-points of our humble little island of Japan. The last couple of weeks have been extremely busy for us, and it was very uncertain whether or not we would actually have the time to squeeze in another roadtrip.


As you can see, we're both quite happy that we managed to make it happen.


(Love ya, babe!)

Calm waters on the trip home.

It certainly made for a better sailing than our famous ferry ride from hell in Japan.

kevin is a giant who is awesome with carrying luggage. We each brought our backpack and messenger bag. We stuffed all our clothes into a tiny rollypully.

We went to the Dukhan beach at Qatar west coast. Kevin got to ride the Harley motorcycle that our co-worker rented.


It's hotter than it looks. (the weather)


and really, it's that flat. everywhere.

Davidson Windmill


SE of Superior on WI 13

Lakeside, WI


Finnish immigrant Jacob Davidson (Jaako Tapola) constructed this windmill in 1900 to grind animal feed.

About a month ago, the sun used to set at about 11:00 or 11:30 PM in Tallinn.

now it sets at 9:00PM. That's a 2 hour difference in a month...


Soon comes the 3:00PM sunset .....yay!

The big fish was being a bully to the new fishies we bought, so we had to do something. we stumbled across one of the options in a search phrase: "the most humane way to kill a goldfish", apparently you can freeze a goldfish to sleep. - however, it was not an option that we wanted to consider. In the end, we donated the big fish to the kindergarten's fishtank

Taken with a vanity mirror @ the Admiral Bed & Breafkast, Seattle.

History about the chair. Jaako and Matt attempted to get their hair dreaded a while back. Took place on this patio.

Finländsk arkitekt som vann arkitekttävlingen

We were given a very formal invitation from the Takikawa Soroptimist society to join them for a traditional Japanese dinner. 4 Gaijin from the Takikawa area were invited to come wear Kimonos, perform a Japanese Tea Ceremony and take part in a very elegant evening dinner.


Hair, Makeup and Costume took about 2 hours, but we all looked amazing in our traditional Kimonos. (And yes, they found one that fit me! ) Such a great time!


Read about it on our blog at

@ Pörssi Restaurant, with Rick Dunham and Jaako Laajava

this is what happens when i lose count while advancing the film.

don't play in the street, kids.



Taken with a vanity mirror @ the Admiral Bed & Breafkast, Seattle.

...not. But I did almost sprain my ankle running back into frame after setting the timer.

pretty, but unfortunately, *just* out of focus...

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