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Flickr is set up to allow people to share their photos, under certain condtions they chose, with everyone else-- using Creative Commons licenses. This means, if you find an image in flickr, and it is is licensed for re-use, you can then put the image in a presentation or web site, without needing to ask permission.


Note that this nearly always includes the attiribution credit, so if you do re-use an image, you are expected to give credit to the person who posted the image.


The problem with the way flickr organizes the Creative Commons licensed images, to find images, you must browse or search within 6 different license categories.


That is where the lovely FlickrLilli comes in -- it provides one searhc interface with options to search for images with the keywords, and intended usages, you need.


So, let's say we needed an image for a lesson on the physics of balloon flight, or need something uplidting as an image in a presentation, we search FlickrLilli on the keyword "balloon", and check the box "can be altered" since we may need to crop or do something different with the original image. You can see the results for yourself!


Many presentations I have done i the last few years has relied heavily on images found on flickr-- I have never failed to find a usable image!


Some of my examples that use flickr Creative Commons licensed images (note the attributions!):

* Podcasting on the Cheap

* Podcasting, Schmodcasting... What's the Hype?

* Living At the Crossroads of IT & ID



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This is but one piece of "I Didn't Know You Could Do That with Free Web Tools", a presentation for the 2006 K-12 Online Conference. Other pieces are scattered across the web!


... is a real airline! Delta Connection Air landing in State College. Oops, bad camera phone resolution cannot even read the logo

Larry does prize patrol -helping us decide what prizes go to what team.

Penn State University, July 2005

Or perhaps your team has a "shocking" amount of energy? is a group of life savers? Or....

Larry checks out a team's project idea posted on their blog.

Penn State University, July 2005

Penn State University, July 2005

Penn State University, July 2005

Who would've thought being an instructional technologist also included marketing in its career definition?

Penn State University, July 2005

Penn State University, July 2005

Penn State University, July 2005

Penn State University, July 2005

Penn State University, July 2005

I think I've got the hang of multi-tasking finally! Put up your feet, knit, and contribute to the team project as needed ;-)

Larry discussing his perspective on dancing

Here in Pennsylvania you will not get the kind of backdrop we did in Sedona when our office had our annual retreat.

Part of the EdgeWalkers group reviewing ideas from the day

And what has more action than a three legged race among office workers?

Discussions abound as the group project gets underway.

Perhaps this means that our team is "an open door" to all possibilities?