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Son and father (my husband and my father-in-law) taking a walk at the site of the Etruscan settlement at Marzabotto.


And to give you all necessary Wikipedia-links:

Here is Marzabotto:

If you want to read more about the Etruscan settlement you can turn to the Italian

My husband has so far only an article on Swedish Wikipedia (but you can always use Google translate...):

but my father-in-law has an article in English:

ⓒRebecca Bugge, All Rights Reserved

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The temple of Portunus, which has also been called Temple of Fortuna Virilis - but the dedication to the harbour-god Portunus is now the generally favoured one. This is one of the best preserved Roman temples there is. The building that still stands dates to around 80-70 B.C. - replacing an older temple on the same spot. The temple survived because it was converted to a church (St. Mary - in around 872) and in the 16th century it was given to an order of Armenian monks who kept it in reasonable good shape.


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Passed by Castiglione del Lago on the Lake Trasimeno on my way to Rome and spent a night there. An absolutely beautiful place!


The Trasimeno lake, located in Umbria, is the fourth biggest lake in Italy, and it's an endorheic lake, meaning water flows to it but not from it to the sea - which makes the water level fluctuate quite a lot.

Orta lake and Isola San Giulio, Piedmont (Italy).

Luigi Zortea, sindaco di Canal san Bovo, Trentino.


Luigi Zortea era con le 228 persone disperse a bordo del volo Air France 447 del 1 giugno 2009; si era recato in Brasile per una missione umanitaria.


Luigi Zortea, 66 anni, per tre legislature sindaco di Canal San Bovo, paese trentino nella zona del Primiero. Ha ideato il premio di natalità e nuzialità per frenare lo spopolamento del Vanoi. In politica da sempre, in origine con i socialisti, oggi in area Pd, è stato anche assessore alla Sanità del Comprensorio Primiero e a lui si deve la convenzione con l'Usl di Feltre. Responsabile Acli del Primiero dal 1960 al 1982, Zortea è stato anche fondatore e presidente della cooperativa edilizia Acli e fondatore di Radio Primiero. Sposato con due figli, risiede a Transacqua. La moglie ha accolto la notizia fuori valle ed è subito rientrata, mentre il figlio Massimo, avvocato, si trova in queste ore in Brasile per altre iniziative di solidarietà. Lunedì sera la Giunta comunale si è riunita in via straordinaria a Canal San Bovo per fare il punto sulla situazione. Per il momento, la reggenza spetta al vicesindaco Renato Loss, rientrato d'urgenza da Torino


Luigi Zortea, mayor of Canal san Bovo, Trentino


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see Italians

The Colosseum or Coliseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, is an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy. Built of concrete and sand, it is the largest amphitheatre ever built. Wikipedia

Explore Worthy Challenge 109 - Architecture/Old Buildings (2019 Art) Please post by Sept. 24


is a city and comune, located about 8 km from the coast, in the province of Brindisi, region of Apulia, Italy.


San Gimignano, Italy

Pizza - Margherita

Wine - Pinot Grigio (Caliappiano, Delle Venezie Italy)


This was in my neighbour Italian Pizza restaurant. It's very close to my river with that tree.


All the staff members are Italian. They speak English like Italian and I don't always get it but they're very cheerful people and make great pizzas. Pizzas are in the thin crusts. Traditional Italian style.


We had Rocket Salad, too, with rocket (not that 🚀), cherry tomatos, threaded parmesan, pine nuts, and balsamic dressing.

Simple but very nice.


All the seats are outside and it was a dark time.

This was as much as I could get (very noisy).


at Anema E Core


*I am not really into food photos. I may delete later.

The Italian name for the region -Crete Senesi - translates as Senese clays which are the reason for the landscape's distinctive coloration.

The small SP88 side road near the Passo Bordala mountain pass.


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I'm back home after 2 weeks in the Dolomites, Italy, hiking in the mountains.

Tre cime di Lavaredo, Italy

Milano, Milan, Milà (Italy)

love this Italian Conner.. this is why I love Italy..

poppies fields in Emilia Romagna, near CastellArquato; Italy

Autumn in Italy - Part 3 -

SASSI DI MATERA - The most spectacular City in Italy, the ancient neighbourhoods, known as sassi, are a series of grottoes carved out of limestone, teetering on the edge of a ravine.

Until the 1950s, Matera was a source of shame for Italy, a place of poverty, malaria and high rates of infant mortality, where people lived in caves without electricity, running water or sewage and indesperate conditions were people living in; between 1953 and 1968 about half of the 30,000 population were moved to new homes in the modern part of the city.


MATERA - . .een bijzondere stad van geschiedenis. Veel klimmen en linke trappen.

Pastori rumeni, Val Malene, Pieve Tesino.

Hasselblad 500C, Zeiss Planar 80/2,8, Fuji NPH 400

Living on the canals in Venice, Italy. This shot was taken a couple years ago, but reprocessed with more emphasis on the simple but elegant structure.

A foggy day in Tuscany. Two nuns walk through the beautiful old town of Lucca. Fien art street photography from Italy in black and white.

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