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The hamlet of Savignano on the slopes of the Adige Valley, as seen from the village of Castellano.


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The historic centre of Siena has been declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site in 1995.

Siena Cathedral (Italian: Duomo di Siena) is a medieval church in Siena, Italy, dedicated from its earliest days as a Roman Catholic Marian church, and now dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta (Holy Mary, Our Lady of the Assumption).


The cathedral itself was originally designed and completed between 1215 and 1263 on the site of an earlier structure.


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Street scene from Montepulciano, SI, Italy.

Mamma Mia! Here's a minimalistic yet powerful photo I edited of Corno Neo in Italy original photo was taken by Luca Zanon.

Changed up the colours in this one and tried my best to make those hill peaks stand out.


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Brought to you by saluté friends!

The small SP88 side road near the Passo Bordala mountain pass.


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Son and father (my husband and my father-in-law) taking a walk at the site of the Etruscan settlement at Marzabotto.


And to give you all necessary Wikipedia-links:

Here is Marzabotto:

If you want to read more about the Etruscan settlement you can turn to the Italian

My husband has so far only an article on Swedish Wikipedia (but you can always use Google translate...):

but my father-in-law has an article in English:

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The temple of Portunus, which has also been called Temple of Fortuna Virilis - but the dedication to the harbour-god Portunus is now the generally favoured one. This is one of the best preserved Roman temples there is. The building that still stands dates to around 80-70 B.C. - replacing an older temple on the same spot. The temple survived because it was converted to a church (St. Mary - in around 872) and in the 16th century it was given to an order of Armenian monks who kept it in reasonable good shape.


Luigi Zortea, sindaco di Canal san Bovo, Trentino.


Luigi Zortea era con le 228 persone disperse a bordo del volo Air France 447 del 1 giugno 2009; si era recato in Brasile per una missione umanitaria.


Luigi Zortea, 66 anni, per tre legislature sindaco di Canal San Bovo, paese trentino nella zona del Primiero. Ha ideato il premio di natalità e nuzialità per frenare lo spopolamento del Vanoi. In politica da sempre, in origine con i socialisti, oggi in area Pd, è stato anche assessore alla Sanità del Comprensorio Primiero e a lui si deve la convenzione con l'Usl di Feltre. Responsabile Acli del Primiero dal 1960 al 1982, Zortea è stato anche fondatore e presidente della cooperativa edilizia Acli e fondatore di Radio Primiero. Sposato con due figli, risiede a Transacqua. La moglie ha accolto la notizia fuori valle ed è subito rientrata, mentre il figlio Massimo, avvocato, si trova in queste ore in Brasile per altre iniziative di solidarietà. Lunedì sera la Giunta comunale si è riunita in via straordinaria a Canal San Bovo per fare il punto sulla situazione. Per il momento, la reggenza spetta al vicesindaco Renato Loss, rientrato d'urgenza da Torino


Luigi Zortea, mayor of Canal san Bovo, Trentino


Visualizza il portfolio un paese


see Italians

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Passed by Castiglione del Lago on the Lake Trasimeno on my way to Rome and spent a night there. An absolutely beautiful place!


The Trasimeno lake, located in Umbria, is the fourth biggest lake in Italy, and it's an endorheic lake, meaning water flows to it but not from it to the sea - which makes the water level fluctuate quite a lot.

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Calabria is located in southwest Italy and forms the "toe" of the boot-shaped peninsula. The sun-drenched region is characterized by rugged mountains, old-fashioned villages and a varied coastline with numerous popular beaches. The largest city, Reggio Calabria, is on the coast.


Kalabrien liegt im Südwesten Italiens und bildet den "Zeh" der stiefelförmigen Halbinsel. Die sonnenverwöhnte Region ist geprägt durch schroffe Berge, altmodische Dörfer und eine abwechslungsreiche Küste mit zahlreichen beliebten Stränden. Die größte Stadt Reggio Calabria liegt an der Küste

Florence, Italy


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From a drive north of Mandello, in the far north of Italy on the border with Switzerland.

MR SL Italy for the VICTOR SECRET challenge wears a Harness and a gold-colored Jockstrap with chains by Gabriel. With this outfit he wants to express a very strong desire for eroticism and sensuality through his body. Touch his skin even with one hand to feel a tender and eternal thrill. Your kisses will be his dress. The only thing worth touching his body.


To complete her outfit MR SL Italy wore studded gloves by Amias, black A&Y boots, rings by Kartel, metal wings by Contraption, and an Izzie's tattoo on the body.


- PHOTOGRAPHER Chase Parthicus :

As the sun rises in the Tuscan hills in Italy the morning mist still lingers, slowly lifting with the Belvedere farmhouse sitting proudly above the rolling hills. Like something from a fairy-tale the setting has remained the same for maybe hundreds of years untouched. The Val d'Orica is a UNESCO world heritage site.


the inside of the Colosseum Rome Italy

This man did a real good job!!!

Spectacular show during the 7th Philippines International Pyromusical Competition held in Mall of Asia in Manila Bay. This is the participation of the Italian team, impressive!

Italian Gardens - September.


The Italian Gardens at Trentham Park, Staffordshire, Middle England.


9/12 in the group series 12 Months Of The Same Image.


Dark skies are approaching again (2.45p.m) after a morning of mixed weather. It was still a nice temperature so we went for a walk around the lake, 2 miles. The sunshine finally returned and we were treated to a beautiful sunset that night, the sky was on fire!


BTW...that's hubby walking down the steps, I photo bombed him :))

Perugia is a beautiful city, the main town in Umbria, City University but unfortunately another record. It is considered one of the major Italian cities of drug dealing. A dubious distinction: (

There is still much to do to ourselves off this label. Basically today, finding drugs in Perugia is one of the simplest things in the world. Because the dealers turn unpunished and are easily identified by anyone, so that the question arises that the ordinary person is "if everyone knows who they are because the police do not intervene?"

Examples such as Verona, that in five years they have cleaned up the state of deterioration that was wandering the streets of the center, can give the assurance that something can be done, if you want.....


Jake Bugg


I like listening to lyrics of different generations

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just driving through Liguria stopping to take some pics.. this is a beautiful part of Italy

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San Gimignano, Italy

Stop in Bellagio Italy very beautiful place

This is my 6th shot in my second series 12 Months Of The Same Image.


Today was a day of dodging the showers in my 'local park'. Stormy skies can be seen approaching the Italian Gardens and I've got my brolly at the ready! Large areas around the lake have been sown with wildflowers, a proud Swan shows off her five signets and Georgina the park cat, head of pest control, is snoozing in the sun, just out of sight to my right. Georgina is a black cat who enjoys a fuss from the visitors, quite a popular puss.


Events in the park, Sunday 26th June -

Pull up a deckchair and listen to the sounds of Birmingham Brass Band.


Take the Capability Brown Tour.

The Trentham Estate - one of Brown's most celebrated successes during the 18th century - has undertaken one of the biggest parkland projects in Britain. The project has restored the 'lost' Brownian landscape throughout Trentham Gardens to celebrate his tercentenary, happening this year.


For this shot I used my little Sony RX100M3 with a ND8 52mm filter attached.


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Monza, Italy 12/12/2016

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