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Some colorful trees along the fence line on the Iron Horse Trail in Danville, CA. the 'Iron Man' in Weert



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Una mas para la serie de Cangrejos de Hierro.

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A full

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The old and new Iron Cove Bridges in late afternoon light.

Our new piece of yard art. Butterflies look awesome when the wind blows!!!

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Near Mt. St. Helens


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The worlds first Iron Bridge was built in 1779 by Abraham Darby the 3rd in Shropshire and still stands testament to his industry, the town which now proudly bears the name Ironbridge.

The bridge spans 30m 100ft and was finally barred to vehicular traffic in 1934 when it was designed as an ancient monument, but tolls for pedestrians still were collected until 1950.

a blacksmith at work .... der Schmied bei der Arbeit!


2 entfesselte Blitze, einer hinter dem Schmied - einer links ... beide auf 1/32 oder 1/64 ...Blende f5,6 - 1/40s ISO 100 und die D600 auf Stativ mit dem 70-200mm :)


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The Iron Bridge is a bridge that crosses the River Severn in Shropshire, England. Opened in 1781, it was the first arch bridge in the world to be made of cast iron, and was greatly celebrated after construction owing to its use of the new material.

Iron Bridge in Edmonton!

It combined the south and downtown in edmonton!


Edmonton, canada,2012

I say onto you the words of my uncle: “Allez brick!”


I was inspired to make this arena after witnessing a spectacular show by the Mayos vs Ericksons round. Now you can own a piece of Iron Builder history by purchasing this arena from Creations for Charity. It can be signed with up to 8 of the most glorious Iron Builder competitors of your choosing plus the 2 chairmen.


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Street Capture [Paris] | view large on black |


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Battling against the grain. Carterton, Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, UK.

No.250 of 365. Anthony Gormley Statue chillin' in the September Sun…...

There is an old, iron bridge across the Calumet river at 95th Street, on the southeast side of Chicago. By old, I mean 80+ years: A mere youth by European timeframes, but getting up there in our terms. ~ View On Black


It is a strong, bold, bridge that instills confidence that you can roll over it, anytime, day or night, in any type of vehicle, and it won’t collapse out from under you.


In the evening, the bridge gets bathed in the orangey-reddish glow of the setting sun over a combination of iron rust and brownish paint, highlighted here and there with tinges of blue from the deepening sky. It has an earthy, made-to-last-for-the age’s feel and an aura of the working-class toughness of the men who built it.


I think I like the rivets most: little pebbly points that look like goose bumps along its skin. I like too, the graceful curves that flow throughout: some long and sensual, others short and muscular - but all elegant and sinuous.


Tech/art note: I think of the texture process I have discovered through my fellow Flickr photog/artists, as a female Muse: a Goddess of power and subtlety, delicacy and toughness, elegance and coarseness. This "Texture Muse" and I get locked together sometimes, arms tangled in each others, legs intertwined, torso flat to torso, face to face, breath to breath, the sweet taste of saliva and skin, writhing in a passionate embrace. I try to resist - a little. She pulls me back in. She tries to resist - a little. I pull her back in. The most succulent and heated of dances.


A somewhat deep, rich and complex image emerged from this collaboration - one I did not anticipate or imagine. Though the image is not a romantic one, the process of getting to it was. Perhaps a bit passionate too.


This was shot in the early spring months of 2008, and I’ve looked at it many times periodically since then as I scan through my folders of images. I made two, half-hearted attempts to "do something" with it - and it showed. Yesterday, October 25, she finally said “Stop. Let's do this one: here, now.” Lovers should do that on occasion.


Texture courtesy of textureking: and


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"L'uomo sà di vivere in una gabbia, conosce bene la strada per uscirne, ma non fa nessun passo verso quella direzione; preferisce adornarsi la gabbia."



roberto cacciapaglia-how long

Autumn colour in Loughton Camp, which is the remains of an Iron Age Hill fort in Epping Forest.


The photograph was initially a six vertical frame stitch, but this simplified 2:1 ratio looks a bit easier of the eyes.


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A wooden bridge crosses over a small creek on the Iron Horse Trail in Danville, California.

Finally back out with the camera :)


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A random shot from downtown Raleigh, NC.

I have tried to incorporate a sense of an overpowering nature in this photo. This was by getting as close as possible to the subject to fill the frame, however remain in the smallest focal length possible. I was hoping for an effect where the boat would be extremely close and completely filling the frame but also keeping the background in shot. I really need a dedicated wide angle lens for shoots like this and I don't really this 18mm did the job. I tried a panorama but I haven't quite mastered this yet. Still happy with the overall outcome and I have ended up with a lot of editing inside of Photoshop. I used the dodge and burn tool to create all the detail in the rust if anyone is interested in the effect.


Photography at night group page;

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Shot during a Flowers's Showing/Sale & Things for the Garden (near Bijou Plage) in Cannes - Alpes Maritimes - France -


Norfolk country estate, see more at:

Passing the time at work. No retouching.

Iron Creek Falls near Mount Saint Helens National Monument. The short trail down to the falls is near the cutoff to Windy Ridge.

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