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From left to right, Donncha, Robert, Tom and Maryam


Robert Scoble and his wife Maryam are in Cork for an IT@Cork conference tomorrow. They visited Blarney this morning with Tom Raftery. I can confirm that Robert did kiss the Blarney Stone, but the pics I got aren't good enough to publish unfortunately!

He has the "official" photo so I'm sure he'll scan that in when he gets home!

Thanks Jacinta for taking the shot!

The Four Courts on the River Liffey in Dublin. The Four Courts houses the irish Supreme Court, High Court and the Central Criminal Court. For more on the Four Courts read the Wikipedia article on the Four Courts

I love the old style nature of this shot. The fog that day made the far distance disappear and the middle distance was shrouded in white!


Rainy day in Dublin, St Stephen's Green in the centre of Dublin.

This imposing Irish castle greets everyone traveling by road between Dublin and Cork. Photo by Bernie Goldbach for Irish Typepad. Snapped after walking out of Cafe Hans with no intentional composition. The image just fell into the camera.

A pair of Mute Swans mating

A one second exposure captures the movement through time of the escalator in Nikeworld San Francisco last August. This is one of a series of shots, including a few of Mark and Andy although I think this is the most dramatic of them.


I wasn't going to post this at all except that a few days ago another escalator photo made the front page of Digg somehow. Digg away please :)

Looking out to sea from the steep walkway down to Couminole Strand on Slea Head, the Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry.


The film Ryan's Daughter was filmed in this area and the beach behind me was featured in the gun running scene! Check it out on Youtube. About 2 minutes into the second clip you can see some of the rocks pictured above.

Irish Yoga, as demonstrated by Twenty Major in Dublin.

On the way back from the lighthouse at Sheeps Head. More at

Red Arrows bank in formation over Galway Bay. Colours are enhanced (increased contrast/saturation) - the original photo had muted colours due to the amount of smoke in the air from the planes.


Added to the Cream of the Crop pool as "Most Favourited" by flickr

Since the smoking ban was implemented people can't smoke in pubs which drives them on to the streets where the pub owner may have some street furniture out for their convenience. No such luck on North Main Street for this man. He's enjoying his cigarette while sitting on an electricity junction box marked clearly "DANGER Keep Away".

Oh Teasers; how I love your babes & beer

Messages of love scrawled on a wall in Dublin.

Steps lead down to the River Lee in Cork City. Railing stops people going down them but in times past fishermen and other boat users hauled goods up these steps onto the quays.


This was taken a few yards up the quay from a previous shot.


Technique: To increase the dynamic range of this photo I made copies of the original layer. The bottom of the photo was quite dark and that had to be brightened and the sky was too bright so darkening that helped significantly. I used layer masks to isolate my changes to those areas of the photo that needed it.

People wait expectantly in San Francisco International Airport for the first sight of someone they know to appear in the crowd off a plane.


Toni, Andy and I were there to meet Podz off his plane. I had flown in earlier in the day and was almost asleep on my feet but I managed to make this hand held long exposure shot!

Daniel O'Connell and Michael Quane on the beach at Fountainstown. They'd been out on the kayaks for several hours but were kind enough to chat to us and allow me to take their photo.

Michael Quane is a celebrated artist who has exhibited internationally and has many public works to his name including the statue, "Horses and Riders" , on the roundabout in Mallow! You can find out more about his work by searching Google.

Daniel O'Connell of course shares his name with a famous character from Irish history.

Four buildings reach to the sky downtown in San Francisco. We had a great meal in a Thai restaurant shortly after!


Wow, this image reached 39, no, it's 21 on the Interestingness page!

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The sailing vessel, Tenacious, docked in Cork a few weeks back. I

spotted the top masts over the buildings of the quayside while we went

home so I had to stop!

A girl dressed in a communion dress and veil walks with her motherthrough the crowds on St. Patrick's Street Cork on Saturday. Dressed as she is, she looks almost lost but the crowd parted way for her and her parents.


I don't know why she was dressed like that. First Communion ceremonies aren't until next year. Is it a communion dress? Could she be a bridesmaid or flower girl at a wedding?

Sandymount Strand by Moonlight with Poolbeg Electricity Station on the right.

30 Second exposure at f/11


The infamous Dublin Spire with a tour bus in the foreground.


"The Dublin Spire is one hundred and twenty metres tall, making it by far the tallest structure in Dublin city centre. It is three metres wide at the base and tapers to a 15 centimetre wide beacon at the top. The top section is perforated and lit by small LEDs."

A wary father carries his son on his shoulder at the Ceili Mor as his photo is taken on St. Patrick's Street last weekend. Looks like his passenger is enjoying the festival!

We went down to Fota House a few weeks ago to see Eighteen Turns created by Daniel Libeskind. We weren't as lucky as Ryan as there were parents with kids running and screaming around the piece all afternoon.

What better way to remember the day than the photo above eh?

Scart Road, or Bothar na Scairte in Bantry, Co. Cork.


When you leave the wide open area near the harbour in Bantry you come across really steep hills to the east. I happened to walk that way pushing a buggy so I had to stop and catch my breath here before heading on up.


Bantry is much bigger than I thought before and I should get some nice urban shots there the next time I'm down that way!

Public seating near the Bay Bridge in San Francisco.


I shot this on the first evening after getting to the city. Matt, Andy and I went for a walk down the street and I got my first sight of downtown San Francisco.


Technique: I cropped the photo to a 1x1 ratio, converted to black and white, duplicated the background layer. Set the mode of the top layer to Overlay and added noise via Filters->Noise->Scatter RGB. I adjusted the noise effect by changing the opacity of that layer.

One thing to note - when you resize an image you'll have to add noise again because the pixels are softened up by the resize procedure.

Tough looking swans gather for bread at the Lough in Cork for bread.


The problem with shooting dangerous wildlife with a wideangle lens is that unless you stick the camera in their faces nobody will believe you were risking life and limb by leaning down right next to them when shooting. Well, I was that close. *gulp*


See how the swan in the background is lunging for his neighbour with a wicked looking snap? He wasn't the only one doing that!

What do you do if you have 5 minutes to kill on a dark Wednesday evening? Get out the camera and shoot long exposure traffic shots!

A big hat-tip to Sam the ugliest dog, shown here having a good chew of his left rear toe nails. He's one of the cuddliest animals alive and a testimony to the bond between owner and pet. (Image taken by Sue in Santa Barbara, California) via Doc Searls.

It's easy to find weather-beaten wood in Callan.

As I said previously, thick fog was rolling across the Conor Pass. It was frightening how fast it moved and the light and scene changed utterly.


Here's it's obscuring the road down the Pass, making the too-narrow road even more treacherous. I think by the time we left, even this stretch of road and the car park was covered in a thick white fog.


Don't forget! If you're around Cork on March 9th, head to the Lough for 3pm. I'm planning a photowalk around The Lough and all are welcome!

Pictured outside Tesco shopping center in Douglas, Cork last year. These springer spaniels waited patiently for their owner to come out of the shops.


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