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If I could describe my day today in acronyms for you, it would look like the following.



Thesis: TBD, SOL (but should be ASAP)



Sleep: 7 hours, 23 minutes (12:09AM to 7:33AM)

# of Drinks of Caffeine: 3

# of Drinks of Alcohol: 0

Miles Biked: 8.5 (13.6km)

Kilometers Ran: 0

Pages of Thesis Written Today: 0

Pages of Thesis Total: 54

Mood (1-5): 1

Procrastination (1-5): 5

Weather: Sunny and 60 degrees


For We're Here: Face Up Wednesday (taken little bit early by 30 minutes..)

Face to face, out in the heat

Hanging tough, staying hungry

They stack the odds 'til we take to the street

For the kill with the skill to survive.


This afternoon we shot a training montage to "Eye of the Tiger" for the zine cataloguing competition I run. This is two stills from the video shoot. The video is going to be hilarious.


In annoying news, I am still slightly sick and get tired very easily. I thusly feel completely behind on all my jobs constantly. The problem with so many jobs is that there is *always* work to do.


We're Here: Lyrics in my Head



Hours of Sleep: 6h33m (10:20PM to 04:54AM)

Miles Biked: 11

Steps Taken: 14,466

Caffeine: 2 (1 tea, 2 coffee)

Alcohol: 2

Mood: 3/5

Weather: ~50 degrees and rainy

I live in Western Oregon. When it is 40 degrees here, we complain that it is freezing. It's close to 30 right now.


Since I live in a small geodesic dome made of cardboard and bubblewrap (I'm serious), I find myself reliant on my space heater.


By the time I was able to take this photo, all I could focus on was the heat coming from my heater.


Sent out resumes, drew my holiday comic, covered at the IPRC, had dinner with my ex-coworker, and stopped by a backyard fire. Rounded out the night with hot chocolate with a new friend.


Morale: 8

Health: 7

Hours of Sleep: 7

Miles Biked: 15

# of drinks of alcohol: 0

# of drinks of caffeine: 0

Weather: Partly Sunny, Cold

IPRC Kigali 6th graduation Ceremony, Kicukiro 9th March 2017

IPRC Kigali 6th graduation Ceremony, Kicukiro 9th March 2017

IPRC Kigali 6th graduation Ceremony, Kicukiro 9th March 2017

this is our contribution to Yeti Research Station at Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) in Portland, Oregon. All the piece done by great local artists will be their permanent collection. Come join us for the opening reception tonight!

I've had this song stuck in my head since 6:30 this morning, so it seems only fit to do an upside-down photo today.


I was also attempting to do a Thirteen-themed photo today (it's the thirteenth day of the thirteenth month of 2013), but it proved as challenging as every other time I've tried to write numbers on my self for a 365: rather backwards.


My day was surprisingly good: the bike valet was very busy but it was warm out, and I was a very steady worker at my second job, the Portland Thorns trades were both good and bad, and then came home to get some work done for the board of Cycle Wild. I do have a ton of IPRC work to catch up on tomorrow, though.


114 Pictures in 2014: Vertical

Hereios (my first of the year!): Triskaidekamania



Sleep: 7h07m (09:47PM to 04:55AM)

Miles Biked: 12

Steps Taken: 13,945

Alcohol: 0

Caffeine: 4 (2 coffee, 2 tea)

Mood: 4/5

Weather: Surprisingly Warm but Windy!


Today was full of stupendous things: getting to sleep in as last as I wanted for the first time in forever (til 8:30!!), managing to secure a number of necessary donations for the IPRC, and the Timber's first home game for the season. Unfortunately, I had to leave halfway through the game because I felt so sick (fever and chills and coughing) I knew I just needed to get to bed. I can't be sick! I just got over being sick a few weeks ago! Ugh!


I went to bed at 7:30 hoping to feel better the next day.



Hours of Sleep: 8h43m (11:40PM to 08:24AM)

Miles Ran: 0

Caffeine: 2 (2 coffee)

Alcohol: 0

Mood: 2/5

Miles Biked: 18

Weather: Rainy & ~40F

I can't wait to start back up with my early morning job on Monday; I apparently do not do well without a set wake-up time.

This coupled with a very very very long day of deadlines meant that today was productive but not awesome.


I worked at one of my jobs all day, with intermittent emails and scheduling for my other jobs, and then barely made my deadline at 5:15 to race over to a meeting at the IPRC. Made it there in time, happy to find a volunteer (Bill) had done a lot of work I needed.


It was a very long day, but I got to end it at Tessa's "Soup for Tired People" friday night dinner/hang out where I got to eat for the first time since breakfast, meet lovely people, talk about the illogical economics of Harry Potter, AND get nice shoulder rubs from Tessa.


Sleep: 8h34m (12:02AM to 8:38AM)

Miles Biked: 11

Steps Taken: 4,762

Alcohol: 0

Caffeine: 2 (1 coffee, 1 tea)

Mood: 2.5/5

Weather: 50 degrees and drizzly/foggy

The IPRC's first-ever 24 hour zine cataloguing event!

Had a very productive morning, including the awesome Tessa-makes-me-breakfast-while-I-have-a-conference-call-in-her-dining-room. That was nice.


I went home and kept working on IPRC work; knocking through an entire database transfer.


I think I made SO many projects for myself this year that it's hard to get through a day without guilt for not working on one or the other project even if I had a lot of progress on some front. I really need to get better at that.


Sleep: 7h11m (12:21AM to 07:33AM)

Miles Biked: 1

Steps Taken: 2,917

Alcohol: 0

Caffeine: 2 (2 coffee)

Mood: 4/5

Weather: 46 degrees and sunny


After a day of laying on the couch coughing, I walked to a (smoke free*) bar to drink tea and draw comics with my friend Marc. Marc had just returned from Oklahoma for the holidays that stirred up discussion of hometown guilt. Watching friends that are simply trapped in their sad hometowns because, well, they're not sure where else or why they might go or because they believe that it's wrong to abandon these places.


But some are abandoning these places by sticking around.

So many of my friends believe they have the morale higher ground for being true to their city. They are living lives of abandon: they work shitty jobs for shitty pay, live alone in shitty apartments, hang out with the same people they did in high school and they drink. Oh, they drink. They try to drink their city away as the city drinks their hopes away.

That's what all their friends are doing, so they never stop to question.

And I just want to reach in, shake them, and pull them out.


Marc and I have both struggled with depression in our lives. He said something that rings true for me when I get down

"Sometimes I get down on myself, and think to myself, I hate myself, blah, blah...but at least I'm a zine librarian."**


So even though I'm sniffling and sneezing and coughing and generally gross, at least I am here. Hunting in an urban rainforest for more treasures on the way home.


Morale: 8

Health: 5

Miles Biked: 0

Hours of Sleep: 7

# of Drinks of Caffeine: 0

# of Drinks of Alcohol: 0

Weather: Windy and A Little Rain


*Portland bars went smoke-free on Jan 1st.

**Marc is the IPRC's zine librarian.

[08/23/2011] I was gifted a mixtape as a celebration/consolation for going back to school next week. It's a collection of songs about school. After a day full of sleep deprived work and a long night at the IPRC, it was delightful to listen to a mixtape that was hand-cultivated for me. What thought goes into a mixtape... the choosing and arrangement of the songs, the timing of the songs to fit into each side of the tape, the packaging, the tracklisting. I was transported back to the days of crushing in high school.


Theme of the Week: Lessons Learned... there's little better than a mixtape


Mood: 7

Health: 8

Hours of Sleep: 5.5

# of Drinks of Caffeine: 0

# of Drinks of Alcohol: 1

Miles Biked: 10

Weather: Hot


Inspired by Phil Painter's CI Racing IPRC 1500-class Airbike. More photos on my site.

Today was characterized by downswings in mood from getting comments back from my thesis advisor and upswings in mood from a wonderful night of karaoke (where I sang Storm Large's "8 Miles Wide" for the first time ever, which was a song I requested they get and was subsequently given to them by the artist).


I had a shift at the IPRC's zine library this evening (yes the picture is me wearing my zine librarian hat, literally) and spent a lot of time plotting the life and projects I would lead after I graduated. Following that, a night of karaoke with friends reminded me of the relatively carefree life I had before of going to Reed and only having work to worry about in the morning.


I subsequently planned my future karaoke excursions after graduation and fantasized about that life. I sang 9-5, partially because I was able to walk through the crowd and dance to that song, and partially as an aspirational tactic for future job interviews.


Sleep: 6 hours, 3 minutes (1:21AM to 7:25AM)

# of Drinks of Caffeine: 3

# of Drinks of Alcohol: 4

Miles Biked: 14 (22.5km)

Kilometers Ran: 0

Pages of Thesis Written Today: 0

Pages of Thesis Total: 48

Mood (1-5): 4

Procrastination (1-5): 2

Weather: Sunny and 64F

[07/26/11] Wow, this photo is extra uninspired. It sort of looks like an ad for my watch (I do actually wear a watch, despite my dad being convinced no one my age does so.) It also looks like the sort of picture that you'd post on your LinkedIn profile. "I am responsible. I wear a watch. I cross my arms. Ignore the pink hair."


Today I worked my butt off because I am LEAVING TOWN IN 2 DAYS! AH! I have a huge pile of stuff to get done before I leave Thursday afternoon, not the least of which is packing for the trip and planning for an event that occurs the day after I return. I got good news about a grant, however, and I went to the gym and my IPRC shift. Very late in the evening, Nate made my hair extra pink and we watched a movie about time traveling into Pride & Prejudice. I intended to go back to work, but I failed.


Mood: 8

Health: 8

Hours of Sleep: 7.5

# of Drinks of Caffeine: 0

# of Drinks of Alcohol: 0

Miles Biked: 12

Weather: 68.5 degrees and sunny

AERG Section IPRC North celebrates 3rd Anniversary | Musanze 17th Marth 2018

The IPRC's first-ever 24 hour zine cataloguing event!

On my thesis desk, I have a flow chart entitled "What would Don Draper do?"


The crux of the flowchart is that whenever the going gets tough or there's cause for celebration, you should probably pour yourself a drink. I certainly am not a fan of the excessive use of alcohol à la our protagonist in Mad Men, but I recognize a little bit of cheap wine can make the French homework go a little faster.


Today was marked by a struggle to get actual work done, but an overflow of good news otherwise (including a second job interview Thursday and a really good meeting for my IPRC job.) I've got to get cracking on thesis.


For We're Here: Tipsy Tuesday


Sleep: 7 hours, 01 minutes (1:47AM to 8:48AM)

# of Drinks of Caffeine: 2

# of Drinks of Alcohol: 2

Miles Biked: 8 (12.8km)

Kilometers Ran: 0

Pages of Thesis Written Today: 0

Pages of Thesis Total: 48

Mood (1-5): 3.5

Procrastination (1-5): 4.5

Weather: Rainy

Today was the Valentine's Day at the Zine Library event I was running! It went well (though not the best attendance) but it was great.


I got some potentially exciting but secret-for-now news today, as well!



Hours of Sleep: 7h53m (09:03PM to 04:57AM)

Miles Ran: 0

Caffeine: 2 (2 coffee)

Alcohol: 3

Mood: 4/5

Miles Biked: 13

Weather: Quite lovely though windy!

1310 zines catalogued! Look at that!

Had a job interview today (it went well) thus had to bike in the slushy icemonster snow storm AND look "together". Ended up changing out of my rain pants in the Fred Meyer bathroom down the street from my interview.


Everything is closed because they over-predicted the snow accumulation. Except the IPRC, which I am currently staffing.


Morale: 8

Health: 8

Hours of sleep: 7

# of drinks of caffeine: 1

# of drinks of alcohol: 0

Miles Biked: 14

Weather: Snow and Freezing Rain

Spent all morning preparing for Raiders, having early conference calls and working on emails. Then my friend Bryan drove me to get Viso and hummus and then I spent the afternoon at the IPRC preparing for Raiders. Feeling surprisingly prepared. Ended the day turning down volunteer help, drinking a beer on the roof with Alex, and feeling good about things.



Hours of Sleep: 7h13m (10:43PM to 05:48AM)

Miles Ran: 0

Caffeine: 4 (3 coffee, 1 tea)

Alcohol: 1

Mood: 4/5

Miles Biked: 4.5

Today I had my visit and interview for Lewis & Clark college, a local small liberal arts college located on top of a big hill. The bike ride there was great, with barely nippy weather being perfect for hill-climbing. But halfway into the visit, once the lust for the 24-hour library with a fireplace had worn off, I found myself with an uncomfortable pit growing in my stomach.

I know it's ridiculous to be surprised by, but the students seemed so young. They reminded me of the students that I work with at P:EAR, only far less interesting and/or bright. The Intro to Literature class that I sat in on seemed like my high school English class, only smaller.


By the end of my interview with a Dean of Admissions, I was left seriously wondering about my choice to go back to school at a traditional liberal arts school. Perhaps I'm actually just getting too old for this.


I biked back down the hill, hankering for a stiff drink and a shoulder to cry on. Instead I went to the first Thursday showing at P:EAR and the IPRC and drank a beer vicariously with Shawn. I didn't cry on his shoulder, but I sure did whine on it.


Morale: 5

Health: 9

Hours of Sleep: 5

# of Drinks of Caffeine: 0

# of Drinks of Alcohol: 0

Miles Biked: 16

Weather: Slightly Nippy


Many well-known artists and designers have gotten thier start at the IPRC by self-publishing small runs of zines and then books themselves in the IPRC. Nicole Georges wrote comics and made zines for years, and now those comics have been gathered together in the anthology Invincible Summer. I met her at Crafty Wonderland this year and saw that she also has a calendar out which is full of her lovely illustrations.


photo from:


Don't you wish that life sometimes had a backspace key?


I spent the day at the IPRC editing photos, binding a book, and making the third print run of my New Years' card-comics. Finished the night with soup and a bad movie about reading Jane Austen.


I can't believe that it will be 2009 this week. I also can't believe that I plan on moving 4,000 miles next year. By bicycle. To go to school in the woods.


Can I really leave Oregon? Back up and let me think, honey.


Morale: 9

Health: 8

Hours of Sleep: 7

Miles Biked: 10

# of Drinks of Caffeine: 0

# of Drinks of Alcohol: 0

Weather: Sporadic Rain

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