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Update: Michelle Quinn now writes for the Bay Area Blog at the New York Times,1,4932564....

(update 9-20-07 link is dead - they should learn from the NY Times. I think I saved the text. I'll try and find it and paste it in the comments below.


Update: the link to the article now works.


(I still have more photos to upload, but this is enough for today)


Update 2013 Quinn now reports on tech for poltico (and Chris works for google)


the apps from the Hack-a-thon are linked on the wiki


more iPhone apps


The largest gathering of iPhone owners at the iPhoneDevCamp in San Francisco. Photo by

Yohannes, Sir Izaac, and Lunatic code at iPhoneDevCamp in San Francisco.

iPhone developers raise their iPhones at iPhoneDevCamp2 in San Francisco.

hair (as always) by straight hot irish james @ zip zap on fillmore @ haight

3D Tank Attack is a game Patrick Curry wrote for the 5k Contest back in 2002. Here it is running on the iPhone at iPhone Dev Camp.

I believe he was demonstrating how Cocoa can be used to open a worm hole to another dimension.

starting them young ;)

now: video too - i just posted it on vimeo!


second-order photography -- this is an n73 cameraphone photo of the LCD screen of mark's digital camera, which filmed the actual event.


taken at iPhone devcamp in san francisco, an open web development unconference.

The group photo from iPhoneDevCamp 3, held at Yahoo! headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.

Send tips, ideas for hacks you want to see, or hacks you've done to iphone.hacks at


the apps from the Hack-a-thon are linked on the wiki


more iPhone apps


(CC) Brian Solis, and Feel free to use this picture. Please credit as shown.

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