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Cloud inversion in the Hope Valley , Looking towards Over Owler, from Higger Tor, August 2016, Peak District Derbyshire, UK

Mont Blanc seen from the Swiss Jura. The contrast between dry warmer and cold damper air is a common phenomenon over Lake Geneva during this time of year. Notice that the Mont Blanc is actually not reall white any more. There has been no precipitation since last November.

We still are waiting for the real winter with snow to come.


But if wafts of mist lying over the Rhine valley like a wet blanket,

it is something wonderful and releasing to walk in the sunshine on

one of the wide plateaus of the Black Forest.

Like here near St. Peter.






Wir warten immer noch auf den richtigen Winter mit Schnee im



Wenn jedoch Nebelschwaden über dem Rheintal liegen wie eine nasse Wolldecke, fühlt man sich wie befreit, auf einer der sonnigen Hochplateaus -wie hier bei St.Peter- wandern zu können.



Wishing you a great start into the new week, dear friends.




Haller Mauern bei Admont

The blue planet. It's only blue because particles in the atmosphere bend light so that it appears blue.


Blue is my favorite color. It's a color that occurs in nature and it's also the color of the cross in the Finnish flag.


Water is usually depicted as blue, even though it has no color. Why does it look blue then? Because it reflects the color of the sky, which appears blue because of those particles.


Many things aren't what they look like. Like this photo, the landscape in it. It exists because of my vision, not because I stumbled upon a view and captured that with my camera.


If you come visit Tampere, this exact view doesn't exist anywhere.


Reality is what we make it. There are things you can't control and things you can. Give up the pursuit of being in full control and embrace the randomness. How things appear to you is a matter of choice, a matter of attitude. Just like in photography the point of view can make a huge difference.


Having something you can be in control of can help cope with a devastating event. I lost my mother very recently and photography has been the way to go for me.




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Cloud inversion

Based on the weather condition of cities along ocean front, I determined that it's a day with cloud inversion, a nature's charm typically only occurs in some remote places, e.g. Mt. Tamalpais. To explore or not to explore was my question, and I felt thankful that my daughter encouraged me to explore. Drove about 30 min in a winding road to reach the Pacific side of a local mountain and I took one shot, yes, only one shot, to record this beautiful moment.


D810|24-70mm|f/20|1.3s|ISO64. NiSi CPL, Gitzo.



One from many years ago taken from the upper slopes of Canisp in Assynt Scotland. Looking out over an inversion towards the summit of Cul Mor with the distinctive shape of Stac Pollaidh behind to the right, in the distance on the left is An Teallach.

Taken from early morning ascent up Ben Dubhcraig.

The Steel Curtain, at Kennywood

Although an image not taken with my Nikon as too heavy for my backpack/wild camp,I wanted to share the moment. A wild camp in Glen Affric followed by a misty start enroute to Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan. The view down to the glen was magnificent. It was stunning scenery all day. My other dog was posing this time!

Another shot of the Amazing Cloud inversion... from Higger Tor August 2016 ,Peak District ,UK

If you want to see more photos and explanations. Have a look at my most recent post on my blog:


Pour voir d'autres photos et les explications en anglais sur mon blog. Allez sur le lien donné .


temperature inversion in the hope valley from higger tor

Taken for Saturday Self-Challenge


Another version of the same shot is in the comments below.

inspired by... SAKARIS - Cluster Bomb


Thanks for taking the time to view my image. Your comments, faves & constructive criticism are greatly appreciated.

Driving over Hartside Pass in Cumbria on a foggy day this stand of trees was revealed in the distance.

Recent clear weather and sharply dropping temperatures at night have created temperature inversions around us, with a cold layer of air trapped under a (relatively) warmer layer aloft as the sun rises.


This has given us inversion mirages in all directions, the light in the cold areas against the ground is bent, as if the ground rises to meet us. The effect is that we 'appear' to be living in a bowl.


In fact, this road does not rise upward ahead, it is completely flat as it disappears around yon corner a few miles up the road.


As soon as the sun also warms the cold layer of air trapped against the ground, this mirage and all others like it disappear,

another one in the puddle's eye view series

I was drawn to these inverted multicolored bottles that were being used to frame in a flower garden. (Cleveland, Ohio)

It was early, i reached the top of the hill to look out over a sea of cotton wool.

Cloud shapes after a strong hailstorm

Tucson Museum of Art – Tucson, AZ

#inversion over #caernarfon and surrounding area from #yfron

...und die Amsel trällert in den höchsten Tönen!

Some of you may recall I uploaded a panorama last week of the cloud inversion I saw over the poppy fields.


I wasn't terribly happy with that, I took it down in the end and had a fresh look at the photos I took. I was disappointed with them largely, they all looked really washed out and hazy. I think my cheap telephoto lens has seen better days and I may need to invest in a new one. Also having spent more time in the field opposite I had time against me with the light getting brighter so my settings weren't right.


This one looked the best so I have done some serious editing. There were terrible dust spots so this included a complete sky replacement (trying to keep it natural as there wasn't really much of a sky on the day) also endless tweaking with the colours.


I will send off for a print of it to see how it looks.

Shots from earlier in the year processed during the lockdown.

This morning's blue hour at the mouth of the River Deben in Suffolk.

A similar shot to the previous version but in B&W and taken with the 105mm setting. In this the turbines out in Aberdeen Bay are clearly visible. Taken around the same time as the previous joiner this taken a few minutes later. Colour version available if anyone would prefer to see it but as it is so similar to the previous shot I have not put it up.

Slightly different version to an earlier shot

The view from the top of Arundel Park is very special indeed and on this day it had the extra ingredient of the low lying mist below me

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