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Feb 2017: interviewing the wonderful Marco Mendoza at Camden Underworld.

Interview with the Vampire

Read it on emptykingdom


* Did you want to be an artist as a child? If so, why?


Strangely enough, I wanted to be a comic actor when I was a kid. Now, people call me a “dark artist,” but I’m just using images instead of a psychologist! I just need to express myself.


* You’ve been working with digital art since 1998. Any other mediums you have used?


No, I’ve always been a digital “worker.” Started my first graphics work on the legendary Commodore Amiga with Deluxe Paint.


* Have you been to school for art or are you self-taught?


Self-taught. I’m really familiar with computers. My first one was an Apple II when I was nine years old. I remember tons of “syntax errors” to my inputs. Then I started with Applesoft Basic.


* Who would you consider your influences?


Hans Rudolf Giger and Dave McKean, on the graphic side. I get lots of inspiration from music. I listen to almost everything; from punk to classical. There’s also a lot of influences coming from B-Horror movies.


* What have you learned from them and how has it contributed to your style?


I just admire their work. Sometimes I read comments about my works like “That’s Giger-esque” and i just smile…


* You use digital tools to alter photography, but where do the photographs themselves come from? Do you take them yourself?


Some are mine, some are just stock photos. I don’t want “great shots” to start my works. Sometimes i start with crappy low res photos. I don’t have a set path for this.


* What equipment do you use?


It’s not so important. Nikon DSLR, sometimes Canon. I really don’t care about hardware. Photoshop is useful but I can do the same work with other tools.


* Describe your process


I usually start with an idea while listening to music. Then I try to find the right photo, the right texture, the right mood. That can take a few hours or a few days. Sometimes I find things in my trash that other people find wonderful.


* One effect in particular, that of flesh stripped away, revealing muscle and sinew is very impressive. Could you explain how you achieve this effect?


Just texturing, it is technically easy to achieve. Many layers with manual displacement of the texture. The real trouble is getting that kind of effect within a serious mood. I don’t want a comic vignette, horror is a serious thing. Realism is key.


* Your works often have text associated with them. Are they a part of the piece meant to describe or augment the work? Are they an afterthought or the inspiration?


All my works have lyrics related with something from my life. Sometimes it is not related to the work directly, sometimes I just need to cry with someone :)


* Where do you draw your inspiration and how do you pursue or develop an inspiring idea?


Sex, love, nature! And music, yes I can’t live without music!


* What’s next for you? How do you see your art changing, progressing?


My art is not changing, I’m always the same. I just don’t want to die without a few scars.


* What inspired you to use martial art film stills in the backdrop of your website?


I’m a superhero.



Okay, I’m not.


* What trends do you see in photography/graphic design these days?


Too many copycats. I hate it when someone asks how to reproduce a work of mine. I’m not angry but I don’t understand WHY. Try to find YOUR way, don’t follow the paths of others!


Be free!

The good folks over at were nice enough to interview me. Click on the Sprayblog link to see the final results!

Sorry I have been away. Hopefully you have all now seen Imogen's interview on YouTube, however if not its worth a watch, link below:

I was featured on as one of 5 "New Talents" to the Blythe World (having only been designing for Blythe for lest than a year!) It is a great interview and an honour to have been showcased!

Interview with a politican about education after a students demonstration

Interview at Kireii magazine.

Interview with Barry Geraughty


Jump Racing at Haydock Park - 22/11/2014

Feb 2017: interviewing the wonderful Marco Mendoza at Camden Underworld.


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... not on explore august, 21th, 2011

Interview and some of my INSIDE OUT images featured in

REFRACTION magazine, issue 2.

So me and my friends have started up a subculture zine called Blazed and Bemused. This is when we interviewed Keel Her for issue numero eins

This is an interview with Mercedes..


Name? Mercedes Magnifique Herdnandez

Favorite colour? Purple

Favorite dress? The one I'm wearing on the picture :)

Motto? I don't have one yet :)

In love? YEEES!:)

Best time of year? Summer. I loove the sun :)

Best in world? Flowers, green grass, peace and boys ;D

Worst in world? War! I hate it!

Dream?I have lots of money! Looots of money! >:)


This Shot Was Taken in Global Village

while Ex-shail Was interviewed by one of Cheez Members !



The thing in front of him is a Light hehehe :P


Model :Ex.shail ~ My Brother ~


"Photography is truth.”

Sorry I've been away so much lately.


With my camera going belly up and having to focus on this interview, I've had no spare time.


I'll keep you guys posted on how I went:-) Fingers crossed...I REALLY want to become a computer geek!!! ;-)


Q-Well Indy, how did you get your name? INDY- Mike named me after Indiana Jones, seeing as he was named after George Lucas's Alaskan Malamut. Q-- How old are you? INDY- I am 9, 10 on March the 19th. ( NOT the 25th, numeric typo, Sorry)

Q- Anything you want to say to your Flickr friends? INDY- Thanks for all your nice comments. Hugs and licks to you all

Business concept. Isolated on white

Karen T. La Beau is a Louisiana visual artist that resides in Shreveport but she is originally from New Orleans. She found her artistic voice after Hurricane Katrina and she is developing a series of work on the "blue crawfish." We have conducted an interview with her.

I've always loved Mademoiselle Blythe's interviews so I was thrilled as well as very honored to answer her questions :-D

The interview can be found on her blog:

A million thanks again Fanny, for your devotion but more than anything for your kindness! And another million thanks to all the doll lovers for making our Blythe community such a wonderful world...

Chillin.Iggy Pop my white bearded dragon.

Full interview HERE


• What is your full name? Do you have a nickname?

My legal name is Amelia Renee Duchane but don’t call me Amelia, my name is Amy.


• What is your hair color? Eye color?

My hair is auburn and my eyes are ... well, they’re pretty much the same color.


• What kind of distinguishing facial features do you have?

My gramma used to say I have almond shaped eyes, I think they look kinda sleepy.


• Do you have a birthmark? Where is it? What about scars? How did he get them?

I’ve got one on the back of my neck just below the hairline. Yeah, I’ve got a couple. The biggest one is on top of my right bewb - you’ll figure out how I got that if you read my story. I also have a few on my left hand from the time I put it through a window and one on the inside of my right thigh down by my knee. I got that one climbing over a chain link fence.


• Do you have any other distinguishing features?

I’ve got a koi tattoo on my right foot, a single earring in my right ear, a nose ring and a bunch of piercings in my left ear. I don’t remember how many.

• Who are your friends and family? Who do you surround herself with? Who are the people you are closest to? Who do you wish you were closest to?

My real father died in a car accident with my grandfather just after I was born so I never knew them. My mother remarried before I was even a year old and I had a sister before I turned two and my step brother moved in with us when I was fourteen. I’ve never considered any of them ‘family’. I tried to get along with Brenda but we were just too different. The only REAL family I ever had was my father’s mother. Gramma Rose. I haven’t had a ‘friend’ since she died and I stopped going to Bible Camp over the summer. I wish I were closer to my mother but before her accident, she was the type who lived for her man, I existed in the background and I was a reminder of the husband she lost. After her accident ... well, she’s retreated so far into her medication haze, she probably hasn’t even realized I don’t live there anymore.


• Where were you born? Where have you lived since then? Where do you call home?

I was born in nowhere Dunboro PA and I’ve lived there my whole life. I’ve never traveled more than forty five minutes in any direction


• Where do you go when you’re angry?

Downstairs to workout. I live above a street martial arts studio.


• What is your biggest fear? Who have you told this to? Who would you never tell this to? Why?

My biggest fear is I’ll never get out of this town; I’ll never amount to anything and I’ve never told this to anyone. And I never will, people have a nasty habit of using your fears against you.

• Do you have a secret?

Unfortunately yes...

• What makes you laugh out loud?


• When have you been in love? Had a broken heart?

I had a crush on a boy when I was in ninth grade but his brother was best friends with my stepbrother ... When the rumors started, no guy was interested in me unless it was to make crude suggestions or propositions.


this is an interview i did for the ukrainian portal AZH.


The site:


english versions:


here on flickr:


on my tumblr:


Thanks a lot Alexandr for Everything :)

Interviews of Oedipus, family and friends.


Heres the link to the whole video! ENJOY!

I was interviewed by Marc Barkowski (publisher) for the german street magazin. First time for me, so another new experience ;-)

It can be read online here


Also thanks to Reiner Girsch who is the second publisher !!


Have a great weekend and best regards -db

Got the interview questions from Hagigii; thought it might be fun to flesh out these guys a bit for everyone. Kino will be next.


1. What is your name?

Illyana Howell


2. What is your nationality/ethnicity?

Albanian by way of Kosovo & Wales (it’s complicated).


3. When were you born/how old are you?

I was born on February 14th, and I just turned 21.


4. What is your race (human/demon/angel)?

Human of course.


5. Are you single or taken? Who is your lover/crush?

I think I’m taken at this point. Alice and I haven’t talked about it, but we’ve been together for a couple months now.


6. Are you straight/gay/bi/trans?

I’m actually trans, though that’s not something I normally bring up. Um, I’m bi-romatic I guess? But I like girls generally.


7. Favorite hobby?

I like swimming and boating. Actually, I was a competitive kayaker in my teens. ^^; I like music too of course.


8. Favorite food & drink?

Pasta! And I drink coffee constantly; my favorite is with a bit of milk, but I drink it however I can haha.


9. Do you have a job?

I’m a professional musician. I was trained in violin from the age of 3, but I also play guitar.


10. What is your favorite animal?

Ravens; you know they play practical jokes?


11. What is your bad habit?

Probably my coffee addiction. I’m also pretty uncompromising which makes relationships hard. I tend to do whatever I please.


12. What's your favorite hangout?

I like quiet places where no one is demanding anything of me haha; so anywhere I can get some peace and quiet. I’ve been known to escape to the woods or a local church or temple if necessary.


13. Do you have a favorite holiday?

I like Winter Solstice, mostly because of the spiced drinks haha.


14. Dolls (from other families) you'd like to meet?

Sue’s Ollie, Aki’s Rodart, Sakura’s Kiyoshi & Mariko, Turbow’s Ria


15. Would you briefly tell us your background?

My mother was a classical pianist from Kosovo; she moved to the UK for work (and political reasons) where she met my father–another musician–who then proceeded to be absent off-and-on until her death when I was 12. After that, he grew up a bit and at least took me with him when his wanderlust kicked in, but I still identify with my mother’s heritage (even though I’ve kept my dad’s name), and I’m bilingual. I do like traveling still, something I guess I got from both parents, which is good since travel is part of the deal when you make music for a living. Anyway, I never finished high school (so of course no A-levels) due to all the moving, so I’m something of an autodidact by necessity. I was lucky enough to get sponsored for my kayaking, and my dad saw to it that I kept up with my music.

I was recently featured in Zupi magazine


To read the full interview and see more pics, click HERE

I was being interviewed for an article in 'SL Art Couture - KULT' magazine this eve..... not sure if my interview technique needs some work :p


HBLYS - Cube'a'cow - is being sold at the Help Japan event :D

i did a small interview this morning for a local news station (about Commercial street and my new loft) and this is what i wore :D.


Chillin.Iggy Pop my white bearded dragon.

Chillin.Iggy Pop my white bearded dragon.

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