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sim: sim: Black Bayou Lake



Twain: [Hears someone singing]

Gianmario: 'To dream the impossible dream .. !!'

Gianmario:'To fight the unbeatable foe !'

Twain: [Walks over to listen]

Gianmario: [Looks up startled]

Twain: 'I'm sorry .. please continue .. that was beautiful !

Gianmario: I ... I had no idea anyone was around here ..

Twain: Where did you learn to sing like that ?!

Gianmario: [smiles]

Gianmario: My body is an instrument !

Twain: Your face is certainly outstanding !

Gianmario: My 'song' comes from here ..[moves his fingers to his vocal chords] ...

Gianmario: .. and from here !! ..

Gianmario: [moves his other hand to the depths of his belly]

Twain: [sits and nods in utter wonder]

Twain: How long have you been singing now ?

Gianmario: As a professional in the Theater ?

Twain: [just sits and nods]

Gianmario: Over Fourteen years now .....

Twain: Wow !!

Gianmario: [smiles]

Gianmario: My Father was a poet ....

Gianmario: My Mother a professional dancer !

Twain: .. are your hands classically trained ?

Gianmario: My hands ?

Gianmario: [Lets out a hearty laugh]

Gianmario: It's required years of practice and more practice to tune my vocal instrument !

Twain: [just nods]

Twain: Hm ? .. What key is your 'vocal instrument in ? G Sharp? Or ? ...

Gianmario: [Laughs]

Gianmario: When you have a body and a voice like mine all the women swoon !!

Twain: Hm? .. Is that a good thing ? ... Do they get sick ?

Gianmario: They all love me !

Twain: I really like your beard and facial hair and stuff ....

Gianmario: I groom it daily.

Twain: You have a lot of nice rings on your fingers

Gianmario: Yes. Many rings on my left hand ...

Gianmario: .. only one ring on my right hand ...

Twain: Oh ? Does it have super powers ?

Gianmario: No ...

Gianmario: It was given to me by none other than Bernadette Peters ... she was special to me

Twain: .. that woman in the movie with Steve Martin ... 'The Jerk' ?

Gianmario: [Head goes down and nods]

Gianmario: Yes .. I'd rather not talk about it ....

Twain: Well .. I should probably let you get back to your singing

Gianmario: I have a performance tonight at the stage on this sim if you'd like to attend?

Twain: Hm? .. Thanks .. but I don't have a Tux ...

Gianmario: Good Day then !

Twain: Yeh .. what you just said !

Gianmario: [Laughs and begins to sing again]

Twain: [Pops a Chiclet in his mouth and wanders on his way thinking little thoughts]




Outside Parliament on day of Brexit vote

After the interview, one of these four lovely ladies will take over the job of Press Secretary at the White House. Which one will it be? And will we ever learn what winning attributes she has that got her the job? Only time will tell.

Rio de Janeiro. The people are resourceful and who can make money as much as they can, and small monkeys, so cute, emboldened and run out into the street. Everyone tries to feed them.

Рио де Жанейро. Народ находчивый и кто как может зарабатывает деньги, а маленькие обезьянки, такие милашки-попрошайки, осмелели и выбегают прямо на улицу.

''Hitman 2''



•Ansel Range unlocker



Thanks to Gregory Laroche from BonPlanPhoto for letting me explain how I see and how I think. Thanks to all for reading!


Melanie Beck talks to professional wildlife and landscape photographer, Andrew Mason, who left his corporate...


The topic had to do with abortion rights . . .

circuit de Nogaro, Gers, France

Interview bei einer Demonstration auf dem Bremrt Marktplatz.


Melanie Beck talks to professional wildlife and landscape photographer, Andrew Mason, who left his corporate...


Matching red skirts

Parc La Fontaine, Montréal, Qc

Interview with a politican about education after a students demonstration

Read it on emptykingdom


* Did you want to be an artist as a child? If so, why?


Strangely enough, I wanted to be a comic actor when I was a kid. Now, people call me a “dark artist,” but I’m just using images instead of a psychologist! I just need to express myself.


* You’ve been working with digital art since 1998. Any other mediums you have used?


No, I’ve always been a digital “worker.” Started my first graphics work on the legendary Commodore Amiga with Deluxe Paint.


* Have you been to school for art or are you self-taught?


Self-taught. I’m really familiar with computers. My first one was an Apple II when I was nine years old. I remember tons of “syntax errors” to my inputs. Then I started with Applesoft Basic.


* Who would you consider your influences?


Hans Rudolf Giger and Dave McKean, on the graphic side. I get lots of inspiration from music. I listen to almost everything; from punk to classical. There’s also a lot of influences coming from B-Horror movies.


* What have you learned from them and how has it contributed to your style?


I just admire their work. Sometimes I read comments about my works like “That’s Giger-esque” and i just smile…


* You use digital tools to alter photography, but where do the photographs themselves come from? Do you take them yourself?


Some are mine, some are just stock photos. I don’t want “great shots” to start my works. Sometimes i start with crappy low res photos. I don’t have a set path for this.


* What equipment do you use?


It’s not so important. Nikon DSLR, sometimes Canon. I really don’t care about hardware. Photoshop is useful but I can do the same work with other tools.


* Describe your process


I usually start with an idea while listening to music. Then I try to find the right photo, the right texture, the right mood. That can take a few hours or a few days. Sometimes I find things in my trash that other people find wonderful.


* One effect in particular, that of flesh stripped away, revealing muscle and sinew is very impressive. Could you explain how you achieve this effect?


Just texturing, it is technically easy to achieve. Many layers with manual displacement of the texture. The real trouble is getting that kind of effect within a serious mood. I don’t want a comic vignette, horror is a serious thing. Realism is key.


* Your works often have text associated with them. Are they a part of the piece meant to describe or augment the work? Are they an afterthought or the inspiration?


All my works have lyrics related with something from my life. Sometimes it is not related to the work directly, sometimes I just need to cry with someone :)


* Where do you draw your inspiration and how do you pursue or develop an inspiring idea?


Sex, love, nature! And music, yes I can’t live without music!


* What’s next for you? How do you see your art changing, progressing?


My art is not changing, I’m always the same. I just don’t want to die without a few scars.


* What inspired you to use martial art film stills in the backdrop of your website?


I’m a superhero.



Okay, I’m not.


* What trends do you see in photography/graphic design these days?


Too many copycats. I hate it when someone asks how to reproduce a work of mine. I’m not angry but I don’t understand WHY. Try to find YOUR way, don’t follow the paths of others!


Be free!

Sorry I've been away so much lately.


With my camera going belly up and having to focus on this interview, I've had no spare time.


I'll keep you guys posted on how I went:-) Fingers crossed...I REALLY want to become a computer geek!!! ;-)


My first interview on p. 86!!! :)


Thanks Mafalda Diesel <3

This Shot Was Taken in Global Village

while Ex-shail Was interviewed by one of Cheez Members !



The thing in front of him is a Light hehehe :P


Model :Ex.shail ~ My Brother ~


"Photography is truth.”

this is an interview i did for the ukrainian portal AZH.


The site:


english versions:


here on flickr:


on my tumblr:


Thanks a lot Alexandr for Everything :)

.. on vadodara VNM channel, during judging of a photo contest.


see my fav. images here.

My latest interview has been published! Thank you so much, Patricia, for the great interview and for all of your hard work and dedication to the Blythe community! <3

cité par Nicole Vedrès dans sa chronique du Mercure de France , avril 61 .

Two new interviews View of reality and a Spanish Interview on Amarelo Trafico

I've always loved Mademoiselle Blythe's interviews so I was thrilled as well as very honored to answer her questions :-D

The interview can be found on her blog:

A million thanks again Fanny, for your devotion but more than anything for your kindness! And another million thanks to all the doll lovers for making our Blythe community such a wonderful world...

Mein Interview für "Netzwerk Fotografie" ist jetzt unter folgendem Link online:


Netzwerk Fotografie / Nikon-Community zählt zu den größten Foto-Communities in Europa mit weit über 120.000 Mitgliedern weltweit.

French students interviewing people on the streets of Peterborough. I didn't catch the conversation but guessed it would be about the upcoming referendum.

Entrevista comigo no site Tattoo Designs


I was interviewed for the website Tattoo Designs

This is an interview with Mercedes..


Name? Mercedes Magnifique Herdnandez

Favorite colour? Purple

Favorite dress? The one I'm wearing on the picture :)

Motto? I don't have one yet :)

In love? YEEES!:)

Best time of year? Summer. I loove the sun :)

Best in world? Flowers, green grass, peace and boys ;D

Worst in world? War! I hate it!

Dream?I have lots of money! Looots of money! >:)


It’s amazing the things that go on in Albert Square, Manchester.

This outside film crew; who work for the ‘Manchester Evening News’, were interviewing passers by asking them to sum up in three words what ‘Home’ meant to them. Pete and I were too far away to get this young lady’s response. We had been sat there for quite a while, (over an hour), just people watching when the young lady on the right approached and asked us if would like to take part in the interview, we both declined, and then she said thank you anyway and walked away. I don’t think she was too impressed with Pete’s real answer when he said we were too busy; she did smile though….!


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this was an interview

for a TV channel

that fell through

bollywoods most wanted

was willing

fate withdrew

so as a memory

lost in the wilderness

I bring it to you

vintage wine

in a bottle new

its in Hindi

cryptic on cue

shot at my house

by a friendly

camera crew

giving a devil

his bejeweled

sartorial due


Interviews with Illinois titleholders at Tiara Magazine/Live Out Loud's Model Casting Call in Wheaton, IL

I am happy to be the first photographer interviewed by Velvet Eyes, a new promising photography website.

A big thanks to the curator team, Laura Uslar and Stanley Bloom

Love the site design! Check it out! Great stuffs in there.


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