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I watched this large bull bison as he waded along the banks of the Firehole River. With his face, he was pushing clumps of snow into the steamy water, hoping to find a blade or two of grass. It was 12 below zero and the water was freezing on his coat. When he was almost even with me, he turned to face me,and seemingly posed for my camera, before continuing upstream on his daily quest for survival.

I'm planning for a white crocus day today, just so you know :-)


The weather is fabulous here today, I'm inside for a quick look at flickr and to upload this shot from yesterday. I'm expecting to be interupted any minute by a little wild one waking up. So if you get half a comment on a shot, you know what happened :-)


Want some B l a c k M a g i c?


explore #195


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Have two versions of this shot one is heavily cropped , this beach has a lot to offer considering its next to port talbot steel works ;-) The sky was something special tonight shame security interupted my concentration !!!!

Osprey feeding at Flamingo, Everglades National Park. I interupted his meal so he flew off, around me twice then said the heck with you, I like this spot so he came back. After he came back, I thanked him and left him along lol.


This Image © Caphayes and/or Jose A. Hayes, all rights are reserved.

DO NOT duplicate or use any pictures without my written consent.


Sunrise and low tide at Lee Point, Northern Territory.

Seemingly endless beach but it only goes for just under 2km in this direction before being interupted by Buffalo Creek break interupted. Very nice viewed even larger.

True love is just like rain; it touches us all.


An advanced Electronic Warfare Platform for jamming enemy transmitions and generally messing up their play. Strahl forces called it the "Funkstörer", (radio interferer) which came to be recognised as the official callsign for captured Scramblers among Strahl Republik fighter squadrons. Merc pilots used the term "Funkster" to describe the Strahl captured-converted craft and to differentiate it from fighters of the same make on their side.


Seeing the other entries, most of which are quite good, I could not help but notice a lack of color. Sand green is the primary non-neutral color here, with other random colorful bits. I like to call that the "Gould Doctrine". Taste the rainbow or GTFO.


The more I look at it, the 1 x 4 striped tile looks out of place. If only I had the light grey version for the first-gen X-Wing set. Lament.


There are two *mega bloks* pieces in the spirit of the contest. They are the two bent antennas on the nose of the craft. Given Lego's quality lapses in color, it might as well be dark bley.

A general purpose machine gun, chambered for caseless 7.62x54mm.


Bullpup configuration to allow for a shorter length, and a non-reciprocating charging handle so the rounds are not interupted whilst being fed into the chamber.


Only known example is shown here with a reflex sight. Shortly after this photograph was taken, a large Austrian man burst into the building, screamed "NYUAGH.", and stole the weapon.


Credits to:

Amy for the screws.

Option for the SIA stuffs.

Diffused Chrome scan - converted to monochrome, somewhere.View On Black

This shouldn't be! I mean, Winter in Summer, Summer in Winter..... Should it? Winter is back in June, or should that be Autumn? Summer curtailed, perhaps or interupted by Northerlies and Easterlies, I mean Winter coats and winter caps, umbrellas and boots in June!

The landscape hasn't suffered though; more dramatic for Autumnal winds, lightning and Continental rainfall; darkness at 4PM and cars surging into pools of water and crashing into one another; the splay of car lights and a swollen Moon like fairground rides twisting in high winds.

The recession bites as Europe riles under artificial, fiscal mechanisms and the distraction of Euro 2012, tennis tournaments, the Queen's Jubilee and, to come the pinnacle of all events, the Olympics! The weather has no remorse nor empathy! Queen Elizabeth was sodden on the Thames but not relinquished! Even in the Ukraine footballers were hurried from the turf, evacuated from rude, electrical storms.... Is all of Europe being blasted by Winter in June? Perhaps us Brits can take some cold and sodden comfort from a continent in meterological turmoil. Perhaps another welcome distraction for politicians, Europe-wide, from another turmoil, yet more chaotic and blunt! Still, we shouldn't knock these "distractions", the arts and sport are noble where politics and business are weak and lacking pragmatism and courage. The Ancient Greeks knew this way before us and fortunately, we retain their intellectual and rich culture that may even protect us from that, that we have no control over whatsoever at all? The savage weather, or could these be thunderbolts from Zeus?


A colourful interpretation of a Windy Summer in UK!


Simon (Words and Art)


It has been a very long time since I have touched my camera. My studies have taken priority, and unfortunately I can spend little time, on this hobby of mine. To all my contacts and friends I apologies for my absence. I do hope you understand.


Best of luck and regards.


My photographic "on hold" was to be interupted on a very special day. A day with a beautiful sunset.

I was taking a bulb long exposure shot of this jetty when something frightened off all but one of the seagulls (top left) so I aborted the shot early, but didn't delete it. When I was reviewing the shots I really liked the soft colour of this underexposed shot and the ghostly gulls. (Image has been brightened from the RAW file.)


© Craigh Marsden 2011 All rights reserved.


Canon 5D Mk II

Canon EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM @ 54mm

Exp 27 seconds, F16, ISO 400

B+W ND110 filter

Color Efex Pro 4

Viveza 2


Yesterday afternoon, as I checked the weather conditions, I had a hunch that this morning would be ripe for low fog conditions. I woke up at 6am and looked out the window, and sure enough, I could see the tops of the bridge towers.


I jumped in the car, headed over to the headlands, and parked below the locked gate. I was a bit surprised to see only two other cars parked up there, as usually it is a party on low fog days. I suspect that this low fog caught most people off guard.


I hiked up to the top of Hawk Hill, and really enjoyed watching the sunrise. I've been trying to find new compositions around Hawk Hill, and while this has probably been photographed before, I thought it was a beautiful vista. I lined it up so that the back side of Conzelman Road leads into the sea of fog below. As I fired off several photos, I couldn't help but smile as I listened to the utter silence, which was only interupted by the waves crashing below and a distant fog horn. :-)

Orion and the winter stars rising pre-dawn on Sept 23, 2014, as shot from the Maskinonge viewpoint at Waterton Lakes National Park. Clouds interupted the trails and added sky colors.


This is a stack of 78 images, each 50 second exposures with the 16-35mm lens at F/2.8 and Canon 6D at ISO 3200, plus a final exposure a few frames later layered in for the stars at the ends of the trails. Stacking with Advanced Stacker Plus actions.

Trichelle and Remi enjoy Sunday afernoon together, as Remi plays the guitar and sings to Trichelle.


Soon to be interupted by a visitor.


I was tagged by Marvel dolls. Thank you!


Show us how your dolls spend a lazy Sunday.


Consider yourself tagged!!!

It's pretty amazing just driving in to a place like this but as we climbed up the first ascent the layers of landscape all began to come in to view. Tussock Grass, glacial lakes, moraine walls, glaciers, icebergs, mountains and the rest.


That moraine wall, formed by the Mueller Glacier, which would have at some stage carved its way across this shot from left to right, well, it is enormous. It is hard to have an appreciation for scale in these shots though. The big lake in the foreground had a couple of kayakers in it but I don't think they can be seen in the shot because they are so small.


For such a big landscape it was pretty quiet though. The only consistant sound was that of the river which echoed through the valley and was only interupted occassionally by the odd ice fall and of course our heavy breathing as we forced our way up the mountain.


It is much easier though to just keep on walking when surrounded by all this view. It can tend to take the mind off the track to some extent and with time on our side we soaked it up.


Katana Wings and Naida Pasties by Lyrical Bizarre for Love Interupted Event

Aleena hair by Doux

Colette Lingerie by Erratic

iPod Touch

Paintbook App

<=15 minutes

Freehand from a photo


I meant to get into this in more detail but something interupted me and I didn't get back to it that night.


As I exited the narrow alley that left the Fall Festival at Big Thunder Ranch at Disneyland, I stopped for a moment to tie my shoe. I placed my camera to the left of me, my bags to the right, knelt down and began the slow tedious act of tieing my shoe.


Up and over, round and round .... wait a minute, thats not right. Over and under, up and down ... that can't be it either. A tap on my shoulder broke my concetration as my other half told me to hurry, I was blocking the way and people couldn't get through.


With added pressure, I tried again. Make bunny ears, twist and turn ... my laces fell to the side of my shoe like over cooked spagghetti. Another tap on my shoulder interupted me as I was told once again to hurry, people where building up behind us and were now wall to wall.


Sweat hung from my brow as I leaned over once again. Loop, flip, flop, pull. I could hear wood cracking as the fence began to feel the weight of people pressed against it. Turn, circle, wiggle, snap. Moaning of people as they began to pile up higher and higher behind me. Yank, push, curl, circle. More cracking of wood as the fence hit its limit. Loop, circle, under, pull.


I did it!!! As I stood to get out of the way, there was a big snap, followed by a crackle, then a huge pop as people and Fall Decorations from the festival area flew in every direction!


And that is how Disneyland got its Fall Colors


This lovely arrangement fell right in front of me. Along with a shoe. Not mine.


View on black or I'll tie my shoe in front of you. Not in hurry are you?



It's a pleasant morning here in Longmont, CO as everyone goes about their usual activities on this sunny Friday. The silence is interupted by a southbound Great Falls, MT to Denver, CO Manifest train that is seen running down Atwood Street at a temporary speed restriction of 10 MPH.

just finishing a late lunch

The combination of low sun and blue cloud created an eerie atmosphere, intense colors and wonderful shadows on the hills. The temperature that morning read 23C and 8 hours later 6C. The warmish air was interupted by a freezing and howling wind that made me think, "why don't I have my gloves".


The drastic temperature change was unexpected and the wind made a shot challenging.

Strapping my camera to a fence post helped hold it still. I really wanted that tiny bale to be in the top third with the large one in the bottom third. Some farmer must have known a photographer would come.

Here was the big blockbuster that we did and where we got interupted in the middle by a drunk guy in pyjama's holding a brick.




As in the end their probably wont be any video as the footage we have are shit I've decided to go on and publish some of the pieces I did from the Wuhan trip a couple months ago.

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it's just life..sometimes it scratches the sky

sometimes it irritates the soul

2011-06-25 5239-P1T1


The weekend that wasn't...I had big plans for this past weekend but was interupted by me being sick. I got the chance to go out on Saturday morning and see the Great Horned Owlets but that was about it. Sunday I was down and out with just a beat down feeling. Slept a good part of the day and am feeling much better this morning.


Here is a shot from the archives.. this was the first time that I visited this park, almost 2 years ago and was treated by some great Bald Eagle activity. I went back and looked at some of the photos from that day and can't believe what a great day that was. With all the recent flooding along the Grand River it may be weeks before I get back to get a good view of them.


Hopefully your weekend was better than mine.

She can't be bothered while watching cookie monster.

The unmistakable sound of a Warship could be heard for quite a while before the loco came into view interupted by the popping and banging of a misfiring Maybach engine as D821 Greyhound climbs past Thomason Foss NYMR on 14th September 2013 with the 1428 Grosmont to Pickering service.

Hit L to view on black. These rocks aren't named on the White Peak OS map and are on open access land in the vicinity of Gibb Tor and Baldstone. Looking south, this is a northerly view, it is quite apparent that they are a continuation of the Ramshaw Rocks ridge which is interupted at Lower Stake Gutter. Shutlingsloe and Axe Edge Moor are visible on the skyline.


Did not Straightened my hair today,

wash and go ..

Today went out to a little old church to see what i could get for photo was interupted eventually didnt even have time to set lighting or have much fun,, so i left.

Little Lisbeth... Interupted while "powdering her nose".

A perfect reflection in a spring fed pond is changed by the ripples created by a trout swimming to the surface.

The first two times we entered at Twilight and traversed over to Memorial Bowl. This time we entered at Gold and enjoyed a lovely combination of excellent snow for turning interupted by sketchy hard pack.

The processing of the photos from my last walk in the woods got interupted by cats ;)


This is wood anemones, somewhat an icon for the swedish spring. The photo taken with the sun below the horizon and the light provided by the reflecting sky.

Being in a beautiful place like this on just about the right time, I try to make the best shot I'm able to make.But what I fail to include, is the feeling of the cold morning breeze on my face, the silence, only interupted by the mooing of a cow in the far distance, the "banal" discussion I had with a local farmer about the weather! That's what I would like to add to that same photo. But I can't. So..some complain that Flickr is becoming more and more of a social medium! Sure..but it is! If it was only about the technical aspects of photography, wouldn't it be boring? Isn't it great that we all share the same passion and feel united by it? Besides that, we reveal more and more of ourselves with each photo! If it wasn't for Flickr I wouldn't know as much about photography as I do, and wouldn't have my Flickr friends! Some of which I've seen, and most of them I will surely never see! But what is life without desire..boredom too,..right?

HEY! WAIT! I've got a new----


Hello? Dude! You just interupted my live set...oh. okay, later. Bye.

--complaint, forever in debt to your priceless advices....


(if you fav,please comment)

"Are we there yet?"

Yorrick asked with an annoyed tone as he followed Dour through the forest. They were crossing the border between Whiterun and Falkreath,heading east towards the Lake.

"We should be coming into their camp any minu- oh shit"

"What is -" Yorrick wad interupted mid sentance. Before them,on a small raised landscape was stanfing a tall,hooded man. From what little he could see,Yorrick managed to deduct his race. He was a Breton,and a pure one at that. Clad in leather armor,with a brown furr cloak,he wielded what seemed to be a throwing dagger.

"Hail,Bronn! It's Dour!"

"For Talos' sake lad,next time identify yourself" Another man dropped from a large pine tree. He was a Nord,military stature,blonde hair that ended just above his shoulders. Clad in Stormcloak armor,he slowly put his axe down "Valkyria is waiting for you at the campfire" He spoke in a strong Cyrodillic accent. As they walked along the path leading to the camp,Yorrick looked around. The camp was set within a ruined Fort. Not much was left of it,aparot from the remains of a wall,wich were already surroinded by Skyrim's natural flora.

They were greeted by two women,A Nord and a High Elf

"Dour,what took you so long?"

The crimson haired woman slowly glanced at Yorrick .

"So,this is the Dovahkiin?"

"Aye. Name's Yorrick Whitheound"

"Oh,by the Nine,where are my manners. Valkyria Signus Castiel,at your service"

She shook Yorrick's hand,making eye contact as she slowly released her grip. The two men men who stood on watch now walked back and joined the rest of the party.

The Nord was the first to greet Yorrick

"Jon Axe-Wielder. "

"Yorrick Whithehound"

"Stormblade? It's an honor sir."

"Oh,wait. I remember,you from Whiterun. I believe you were there when we assaulted Dragonsreach,correct?"

"Aye,I was in the 2nd Wolfpack division. We scaled the walls while the main assault force attacked the front gate. I take it you were one of the officers in the vanguard?"

"No. Special Forces." Yorrick pulled his helmet of,pointing at a small tattoo of a bear on his neck "We stormed fron the sides,before regrouping with the main assault platoon"

Jon smiled,patting Yorrick on the shoulder "It was a good day for a fight. Care to join me for a drink later,Captain?"

"Of course mate"

As the two soliders finished their conversation,the Breton cleared his throat,before he pulled his hood down 'Grem Blackwater.Expert in stealth and unarmed combat,at your service" He clutched Yorrick's hand firmly "Pleased to meet you,master rouge. "

Jon and Grem strode off to the campfire,while the fourth member slowly apporached the Dovahkiin.

She tilted her hips side to side as she walked,wich reminded Yorrick of someone he knew long ago. The memories brought a lump to his throat,making it hard to respond as the woman talked "Layla Ael'shae. Proud citizen of the Summerset Isles."

"I take it you're part of the Rebellion against the Thalmor"

"And what gave me off?" The High Elf spoke in quite a soft and relaxed tone,a rare thing among her kind.

"Well you don't wear their uniform,you travel with a Talos worshipper and your accent is more Cyrodillic than that of the Isles"

"Correct. Very nice assumption skills,if I may say so myself. As for the accent,I studied at The Imperial City before the Great War. I decided I would use my skills to heal the wounded,and after I saw what the conflict did to the common folk,I joined the Rebellion. However,my skills were needed elsewhere. Dour contacted me and offered me a spot in the unit,and,I'm still helping people,one way or another."

Yorrick nodded,taking a seat by the fire as darkness slowly descended from the sky.

"We attack at first light. Val,you will be leading the team. Split up,and engage together. Yorrick,you and I will flank from the sides,make sure no vampire gets away. We clear?"

"Aye,it is" Yorrick slowly ran a chisseled stone over the edge of his axe. For better or worse,this will be the beggining of his new life

AN: So,hello! I know the photo is kinda meh,and the bricks inside the trees are light nad dark grey,but I didn;t have themy in any other color. Anyway,fav,cooment and all that good stuff! also,I got my Chapter 1 posted on Crazy Mocs on Facebook,so I'd like to thank you peeps for all the support. See y'all later,and have a good day!

This vehicle was part of a collection of abandoned cars at a long closed garage near the Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway. With the hood up, it appears the mechanic was interupted in his work. I doubt he will return to finish the job.


Texture by Elne', green 34